Visit los Laurentides - Quebec

Visit los Laurentides - Quebec
Visit los Laurentides - Quebec

Do you want to go to visit the laurentians!? Where to sleep in the Laurentians? To know How to get to the Laurentians from Montreal!? See the great wilderness of the Laurentians, enjoy their nature and go hiking? In this article I tell you everything you need to know to discover the wild beauty of the Laurentians.

Here we go, here is the action plan from this article to save time:

  • What to visit in Laurentides
  • How to get to the Laurentians from Montreal
  • Where to sleep in the Laurentians
  • Rent a car to visit the Laurentians

1) How to get to the Laurentians from Montreal

First of all, know that in Montreal, many people own a chalet to go “north”, and this north is precisely the region of the Laurentians. Not to mention, there are also many people who rent a chalet in the Laurentians with friends for the weekend. All this to tell you that you still have to start early if you want to sleep in the Laurentians.

That's not all, you have to know that there are not 36 roads to go there, suddenly there are many traffic jams to leave Montreal (it is not the fair because there are more people in the other direction but still). Therefore, it is better to go during the week.

It would be a shame to go there just for one day, with the return travel time you risk not enjoying the Laurentians at their fair value. So go sleep in the Laurentians at least one night!

From Montreal to Mont Tremblant Park, wait 2h30 by car. For my part I wanted to know where to sleep in the Laurentians for 2 nights, and it is right next to Mount Kaaikop where I found my happiness. It took me 2 hours to get there.

To get there, take Route 15, very pleasant for its landscapes. I advise you to go to Saint-Agathe on Highway 15 (wait 1h30 from Montreal).

On the way back, take Route 117, it is more atypical and passes through very pretty towns. Make a stop at St-Sauveur for a bite to eat.

2) Visit the Laurentians

As you can imagine, you have several Towns / Natural Parks to see / Mountains to see.

You can take excursions from Montreal (link) to explore the Laurentians, but I highly recommend visiting this site to rent your car, that's what I talk about in this article: Montreal Private Car Rental.

/! Do not forget to bring insecticide if you go between May and September, and keep in mind that in June it can still be a bit cold.

  • The North River Regional Park in St-Jérome (Wilson Falls)

You have the north river regional park in St-Jérome (less far), where you can walk through the forest along the river, but you won't see much. That is why it is good to stay there at least one night, that is to say 2 days in the Laurentians, and thus be able to go further inland ...

  • The Valley of the Holy Savior
  • Santa Águeda

Nice too, but you can't do everything. If you are going to visit the Laurentians for 3 days then yes, go to Saint Agathe, but otherwise opt for Saint Sauveur.

  • Le Mont Kaaikop

A more authentic, wild and, suddenly, less touristy area. This is not where you will find bars and restaurants, so be sure to shop first!

Personally, I stayed near Mount Kaaikop. Despite everything, it is still at 2 am, so it is not far.

Also, I highly recommend the Mount Kaaikop hike. You'll be leaving Lac Legault ($ 10 to go up, but it's mostly for maintenance, so play along ...).

It is really beautiful and the view from the top is worth the climb (it can be a bit difficult but you don't need to have an athletic form…). We have met people of all ages.

  • Mont Tremblant

Very touristy, more expensive but that doesn't take away from the beauty of the landscape! It depends on what you want, or you want something more authentic and then you choose to stay near Mont Kaaikop (you will not find any town in this area, however, you are really in the middle of nature) or you choose Mont Tremblant (there you will find bars, restaurants, spas, shops…), each one to your liking.

Mont Tremblant is one of the 25 best ski towns in the world, it has more than 600 ski area arches, a very good golf course, a beautiful national park and a casino. In any season you have many events, such as the Blues Festival (from July 7 to 17 - more information here) and Wanderlust (from August 24 to 27, find out anyway), a festival under the theme of Yoga not that ( more information here).

 In short, you got it, Mont Tremblant is a bit like our Chamonix, la Plagne, Tignes… So you have everything you need.

If elige Mont Tremblant,.

  • Route plan to visit the Laurentians in 3 days

Day 1: Depart Montreal at 9 am for shopping, then go to Saint Sauveur. Stop and eat something. Then return to your chalet / apartment.

Day 2: Hike through Mont Tremblant or Mont Kaaikop

Day 3: Visit and hike Mont Tremblant and then join Saint Agathe if you still have the strength.

What to do in the Laurentians during winter.

If elige Mont Tremblant,.

In winter in Mont Tremblant:

What to do in the Laurentians during the summer: Canoe, Kayak, Quad in natural parks, festivals ...

3) Where to sleep in the Laurentians

Here are some addresses I was able to find here and there for where to sleep in the Laurentians, but it's mostly thanks to a friend, Julie, who is Québécois and who gave me these good addresses, but also search Airbnb like I did! For my part, I booked a chalet in Lac des Canards.

Where to sleep in Mont-Tremblant (great all year round):

  • The Mont-Tremblant hotel, well located (blue circle on the map below), not very expensive, in short, a good address to see (9 minutes by car from the center of Tremblant - orange circle on the map below)!
  • The Auberge I-Mont-Tremblant is located right next to the Mont Tremblant hotel, so it is also very well located, they often offer discounts for viewing as well.
  • The hotel la porte rouge is still in the same circle as the last two, so it is cheaper, but still very nice.
  • A good address closer to the orange zone and therefore 4 minutes from downtown, Auberge Sauvignon.
  • If you want to be in the center of the city (orange zone), you should know that it will cost you more. You have the Tours des Voyageurs hotel, which is one of the cheapest.
  • Where to sleep in the Laurentians:

Treat yourself by renting a chalet in Laurentians on Airbnb. This is where I stayed at Laurentians (Duck Lake):

Account € 100 / night. So it is not so expensive to find yourself in a dream environment!

You can take a look at the apartments offered by individuals on AirBnb. I often use this type of site because it allows you to stay in a really small apartment, suddenly you have a kitchen, there is no time ... In short, I advise you to take a look!

Otherwise, you also have or TripAdvisor. Take your time to compare.

4) Rent a car to visit the Laurentians

  • Rent a car between individuals to visit the Laurentians

For my part, I stopped by Turo, a private car rental site. I prefer to go between individuals, because it is always more flexible, simpler and more accommodating… This photo was taken in Île d'Orléan, located 30 minutes from Quebec City. I rented a car to visit the Laurentians and I highly recommend that you do the same!

I tell you a little more clearly in my article - How to rent a car rental between individuals in Montreal.

  • Power adapter

In Canada the plugs are different so you will need an adapter to charge your devices. Does it look like this:

But you can get one before you go to Amazon:

5) Visit the other wild regions of Quebec

  • Visit the Laurentians, the eastern municipalities, La Mauricie

You have three natural spaces around Montreal, Laurentians, Eastern Townships and La Mauricie. You absolutely have to do at least one, spend 2 nights and enjoy the great wilds of Quebec, you will love it!

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to visit the Laurentians in 2 days as it should be

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

See you soon!


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