Visit the island of Ischia, where to stay in Ischia

Visit the island of Ischia, where to stay in Ischia
Visit the island of Ischia, where to stay in Ischia

During your stay in Naples, you would like visit the island of Ischia, one of the beautiful islands of the Gulf of Naples, here I tell you everything: How to get to Ischia, where to stay in Ischia, what to visit on the island of Ischia, and I give you some good and pleasant addresses!

Here is the plan to make your life easier:

  • Some notions of geography, it's for your good!
  • How to get to the island of Ischia.
  • What to see and do during your visit to the island of Ischia
  • Where to sleep on the island of Ischia
  • Ischia beaches map
  • Read my article - Visit Procida

1) Geography of the island of Ischia

L'Ischia island It is with Capri (and with the small but adorable Procida) one of the magnificent islands in the Gulf of Naples, it is also the largest of the 3 (47 km2, 10 km from east to west and 7 km from north to south, 34 km of coastline):

It is located in the north of the gulf opposite Pozzuoli, Capri is in the south of the bay, opposite Sorrento.

Due to its population, 62.000 inhabitants, it is the third Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia.

It is really worth the detour because this volcanic island, highly populated since ancient times, offers magnificent landscapes, magnificent Mediterranean vegetation, olive groves, orange trees, vineyards, beautiful coves, numerous beaches without counting its spas. climatic thermos, with naturally hot water, among the most famous in Italy ... well, what happiness!

It is an island where you can stay without any problem, see below "Where to sleep on the island of Ischia".

Considering the size of the island of Ischia, it is good to have a means of locomotion, the scooter is ideal. It has rental agencies (car and scooter) in the 3 main cities (Ischia porto, Ischia Forio, Casamicciola).

2) How to get to the island of Ischia


  • In season, you must book your ticket in advance, friend advice! I give you a nice link so that you have your quiet ticket, with the cheapest company, DirectFerries (but if you find better do not hesitate to comment).
  • On the other hand, there are 3 ports of arrival on the island of Ischia: The largest in the east Ischia Porto, Ischia Forio in the west. And the third, to the north, Casamicciola that takes you directly to the Sea Baths. That is why I will give you 3 areas to know where to stay in Ischia.

The trips are made with the companies SNAV (the only ones that allow the crossing of your car), Alilauro, Mednar.

It also has Caremar from Naples which serves Procida and then connects Ischia; it can be nice.

  • Arrive in Ischia from Naples: there are departures from the ports of Beverello or Margellina several times a day, journey of about 40 minutes to Ischia Porto and Ischia Forio
  • Get to Ischia from Pozzuoli: with the Medmar company, count 1 hour of crossing and 10 daily connections from Calata Porta di Massa. Via Procida con Caremar, direction Casamacciola.
  • Get to Ischia from Capri: in season (Easter to October 30), 3 daily crossings in AR, about 40 min.
  • Reach Ischia from Sorrento: only with the Alilauro company.

Remember to book your ticket in advance, in season, it is a hassle, it is best to go to the DirectFerries site that seems super, easy and comparative between the different companies:

Another quite nice and cool solution is to book this transfer from your hotel in Naples to your destination in Ischia, AR rate, not bad, not too expensive and zen! Otherwise, you can take a look at this link.

3) Where to sleep on the island of Ischia

LIschia islandLess touristy and jet set than its neighbor Capri, it can make you want to spend 1 or 2 nights there, I understand you, you have beautiful and numerous beaches, very nice hotels, great spas with springs. hot water to pamper yourself ... what else !!!


  • As I said, there are 3 ports of arrival on the island of Ischia: The largest in the east Ischia Porto, Ischia Forio in the west. And the third, to the north, Casamicciola that takes you directly to the Sea Baths. That is why I leave you here 3 areas to know where to sleep in Ischia.

Here are some good addresses if you want to know where to stay in Ischia:

Where to stay in Ischia Ville, in the east of the island (for those arriving at the port of Ischia):

  • Casal San Domenico: here is a very nice address from € 54 to € 70, apartment with kitchenette, terrace, barbecue, a few kms from the Poseidon thermal baths.
  • U Campagnuolo guest house: very good value for money (€ 70) 15 minutes walk from the ferry dock, beautiful view, good restaurant, free parking, free wifi
  • Villa Hermosa: elegant hotel in the heart of Ischia, 4 minutes from the beaches and the port, excellent breakfast! perfect for 2.
  • Hotel Pagoda: a little more expensive, but with a great location right on the water, with pool, jacuzzi, private beach, nearby bus to travel around the island of Ischia.
  • Two young people, facing the sea and many times they offer discounts, so notice that it is really great, it is the Parco Aurora Therme and the Ullise.

Where to sleep in Ischia Forio (for those arriving at the port of Ischia Forio):

  • Ring Hostel - This youth hostel is a great address, not too expensive (€ 50 max), With shared kitchen, free wifi, free parking, bike and scooter rental on site, 10 min walk to the beach, a 500 m from the port of Ischia Forio.
  • Residence Villa Tina: excellent address with frequent promotions below € 50, kitchen, balcony, swimming pool with jacuzzi, free parking, free wifi, 8 minutes beach
  • Hotel La Ginestra: Here too, excellent value for money with frequent discounts of € 65, a magnificent view of the Bhaie d'Angelo, a swimming pool, a restaurant with breakfast for all tastes (vegetarian, gluten-free ... what does it matter !), free wifi, free parking
  • Le Albatros with its pool overlooking the sea, a very good place to see!
  • Hotel Terme Tramonto d'Oro: Here is a great address if you want to pamper yourself: large outdoor pool, covered thermal pool, gym… and low prices (€ 60);

Accommodation on the island of Ischia - Casamicciola side (for those arriving at the Port of Casamicciola):

  • Villa Luna di Miele: Very nice for a stay for 2 in this family pension, at low prices (from € 54), excellent breakfast included, sea view, near the Negombo thermal baths.
  • Hotel Antares on the Beach: Charming address, with a refined restaurant and very close to spas and hot springs, located on the seafront, 5 minutes from the beaches, really excellent prices!

4) What to visit on the island of Ischia

Here is a little video for you to want visit Ischia :

The island of Ischia is large (10 km out of 6), you need a means of transport:

  • Or take your car by ferry (only SNAV does)
  • Either you rent a car or rather a scooter, that's really nice and easy on the spot, be it in the port of Ischia Porto, or at the bus terminal in Ischia Porto (Piazzale Trieste) or in Ischia Forio.
  • Or use the public EAV buses that cross the island (unico campani tickets can be bought at tobacconists and kiosks, cheaper than on the bus!): The terminal (capolinea) is located next to the Ischia Porto church, in the jetty.
  • Sylvia, an internet friend from Marseille, told me about a guided tour of the whole island of Ischia, upstairs, in 3 hours, in a really nice minibus, and not too expensive (around € 20), here is the link, check it out.

Now you are ready to visit Ischia:

To give you a quick look at what I recommend, here's a Google map of the essentials of Ischia.

  • Villas Ischia Ponte:
  • The main city with its 2 districts:

Ischia Porto with its port and shopping streets

Ischia Ponte, cool with its narrow streets and the Aragonese Castello on an islet off the coast, a must see!

  • Monte Epomeo:

In the center of the island, magical view from its 790 m over Procida, after 60 minutes of walking! Start from the south, that is, from San Angelio.

  • Sant'Angelo and its bay:

A sure heart beat, in the south of the island, and its magical sunset.

It is a really nice fishing village, without cars, with here also thermal baths quite frequented by tourists, walks to the beautiful Maronti beach offered by taxi boats, a marina and pleasant terraces to laze around ... and admire its wonderful sunset Sun.

  • Forio :

Ischia's second city to the east, very authentic with its historic center and its white church on a promontory.

  • The gardens of Mortella

An absolutely charming 2 ha private park, with fountains, 1 rare plants. Also, if you come from Sorrento, I found an excursion from Sorrento to Ischia with a visit to this fabulous garden as well as the rest of the island.

  • Lacco ameno, northeast of the island of Ischia:

It is the largest spa on the island. In its bay, you will see the famous "Fungo", a rock shaped like a mushroom.

  • Negombo Park:

enough to spend a great day in this famous hydrothermal park between sea and mountains, 13 pools, multiple spa treatments, beach, sunbed ... well, the entrance is a bit expensive, € 30 (- expensive after 14pm), but it's a great time.

  • Casamicciola:

To the north of the island, famous for its many thermal baths, its marina, its terraces

Next to Casamicciola you have a magnificent thermal park-garden (among the most beautiful in Ischia), the Castiglione Thermal Park, enough to spend a dream day! go see the description of this park, it's worth the trip !!! / p>

/ P>

5) The beaches of the island of Ischia

They are all the more beautiful as the coasts of the island of Ischia are heavily indented.

  • Maronti beach to the south towards Sant'Angelo bay: magnificent and very long (3 km!)
  • San Francesco beach, Citara beach, Cava dell'Isola beach on the west coast. Scannella beach
  • Little known, the beach of Cava Grado. Baia di Cartaromana Beach
  • Boat trips: Here is a great moment, the tour of the island by boat, (Ischia Sea company) for 3 hours, with a stop in Sant Angelo, has € 19. Look at

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to visit the island of Ischia as it should be

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And what did you like the most about Ischia?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share? A restaurant, a bar, a hotel?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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