Visit Lyon and where to sleep in Lyon, the city of lights

Visit Lyon and where to sleep in Lyon, the city of lights
Visit Lyon and where to sleep in Lyon, the city of lights

Looking for information for visit Lyon ? Do you know what to do in Lyon? Where to go out where to sleep in Lyon to make the most of your stay? This article is made for you.

So much to outline what the beautiful city of Lyon is like. I always find it nice to have a simple representation of a city before visiting it. On the left you have the Saone, on the right the Rhone.

Hurry ?! In the menu of this article, 5 parts. Then go directly to the part that interests you:

  • Visit Lyon in 3 days
  • Where to sleep in Lyon
  • Where to go out in Lyon
  • Join Lyon from the train station / airport
  • Visit the vineyards near Lyon
  • If you want to rent a rental car, go to private (therefore more accommodating) / li>
  • Do you want to do an activity in Lyon? A guided walking tour, a tasting, a bike ride, a tuk-tuk… and get in touch with the Lyonnais organizers!

Do you often look for advice on what to do on weekends in France? In this FREE guide (to be sent directly to your mailbox), I have put together a short list of really nice places to do. Do not hesitate, it is a gift and you will receive it directly in your mailbox!

1) The historical minute before visiting Lyon

Situated between the central massif and the alpine massif, Lyon begins its history in the XNUMXst century BC

Lyon is a very old city (founded by the Romans), then it was called Lugdunum, which would mean Hill of Light or Hill of Crows (currently the Fourvière Hill).

Lyon has managed to preserve its important architectural heritage throughout its history.

Therefore, many places are inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list, such as the districts of Vieux Lyon (at the bottom of the hill, next to the F mark below the title , Comment visit Lyon), from the peninsula, the slopes of Croix-Rousse and the Fourvière hill.

It was during the Renaissance that Lyon developed considerably and became an important European commercial city. We also find a resemblance to Italian architecture.

Then came the wars of religion that put an end to this "golden age", a large part of the merchants and bankers fled permanently. Lyon will remain from then on as an average city whose main wealth is silk work (which in fact has its fame).

It is thanks to Napoleon that Lyon will climb the slope. Support for silks will be the starting point for a new economic and industrial boom.

For the historic minute, dear travelers, let's move on to visited her from Lyon!

  • Do you want to do an activity in Lyon? A guided walking tour, a tasting, a bike ride, a tuk-tuk… and get in touch with the Lyonnais organizers!
  • If you want to rent a rental car, go to private (therefore more accommodating) / li>

2) How to visit Lyon (Rhône side)

Well, to start our hike, I'm going to start with a walk on the Rhone (east side), and trust me, they have a lot to do! Opt for the side of the barge that is more pleasant and practicable

For my part, I started my hike from point A, just to give you a reference point;)

Therefore, it is best to rent one of the bikes (called Vélo'V, if that's not cute!) That is offered to you at their many Vélo'V stations.

The 24-hour ticket costs € 1 (keep it in a safe place because it has the code that will allow you to change your bike). The first half hour is free, then it drops to € 50 for the second half hour, then to € 1 for the other half hour. Clearly, they can pluck you really fast!

The ideal, therefore, is to leave your Vélo'V at the station before exceeding half an hour, then remove it ...

El cicloPolitero:

Another great idea that has been gaining momentum for a year now is the CycloPolitain, they offer many great options: half a bottle of champagne, macaroons, bouquet of roses, sweets, coloring for children (which you will wait on board the scooter). There are even frames for the cold.

The pilots will show you the city, they will tell you little historical and extravagant anecdotes, they will share their tips (restaurants, outings) while they show you the emblematic places of the city. In short, it may be a good idea to go for a walk!

Back to our beautiful ride!

Continue on this side of the river and do not hesitate to enter a kind of mini forest. It is accessible by bicycle, and you can even rest for a while on one of its mini “beaches”.

Then join the Parc de la tête d'Or (at B on the map), take an hour to discover it. You can't miss it, it's really worth the trip!

You can row a boat on the great lake, or go see their outdoor zoo to see lions, red pandas, monkeys, leopards ... If that's not class, that!

Do you want to do an activity in Lyon? A guided walking tour, a tasting, a bike ride, a tuk-tuk… and get in touch with the Lyonnais organizers!

  • If you want to rent a rental car, go to private (therefore more accommodating) / li>

3) How to visit Lyon (Saone side)

On this side, you will discover the old town of Lyon. In fact, the construction of the city of Lyon begins from the top of its hills. Also, once you are at the top of the old town, you will see the architectural difference of the city.

For my part, I started at A, then went straight to the top to have a beautiful view of Lyon. On the other hand, watch out for your calves, the climb is really tough!

Then I went to visit the Ancient Roman Theater. This is where many open-air concerts take place (Fourvière noches), The acoustics are really cool! It would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Then head back down and join pretty rue St Jean. This street is very touristy, it is nice to have a drink or even have a small restaurant before continuing the visit.

Do not hesitate to enter the small alleys, stroll along the river ... It is very easy to visit Lyon, especially by bicycle, do not deprive yourself of it! The banks of the rivers are very well laid out.

Take a stroll through the Chartreux garden, located on the slopes of Croix-Rousse. Suitable for lazy afternoons or an aperitif outdoors. During the summer, some afternoons are reserved for small festivals that brighten up the nights (Everyone out of the festival).

So the little advice is not to start from the bottom, on the docks of the Saône, where there is a large staircase that leads to the flat part of the park. These steps are horrible! Go through the Jardin des Plantes, it is less steep.

From this garden you will have the opportunity to have a breathtaking view of Fourvière y el viejo Lyon, perfect for lovers;)

I invite you to also visit this site that collects the good plans of Lyon.

You can also take a tour of: Discover Lyon: sightseeing routes and practical tips

  • Do you want to do an activity in Lyon? A guided walking tour, a tasting, a bike ride, a tuk-tuk… and get in touch with the Lyonnais organizers!

4) Lyon's neighborhoods of bars, restaurants and brunch

After a good day of sightseeing, what could be better than partying a bit?

Lyon is famous for these restaurants: its famous Lyonnais bouchons and its many starred gourmet restaurants. You will also find many barges on the Rhône offering very interesting menus, you will eat in very pleasant surroundings.

  • If you are looking for an activity, a concert, a particular event, I can only advise you to take a look at this page: What to do in Lyon. All the information is up to date and the site is pretty well done. If, on the other hand, you want to know where to go out at night in Lyon, here you go:

Here are the coconuts for you: Neighborhoods, alleys, paths and nooks, do you want some, here are some, to spend the night as it should be? :)

  • A: Rue des Marronniers: small alleys full of restaurants
  • B: Rue de la République: It is a tourist street (full of shops), very pleasant to walk around before starting the night. This street will take you to the bar district (at D).
  • C: Le Berthom Bière (happy hour 18-20: 20pm), a very nice bar, so feel free to go 30 minutes before hostilities to make sure you find a seat (great variety of beers). There is a second Berthom in old Lyon with a terrace. (I recommend the Karmeliet);)
  • E: Rue Mercière: the best of the best for finding a good restaurant or bar. Tried the grocery store: Bistrot à tartines, a true sandwich institution. Good atmosphere, not expensive, what a joy! :)
  • F: A great sight to see!
  • G: Stroll along the tracks of the red cross, you will find many bars in the squares and the atmosphere is really special.

Here are some nice and good addresses:

  • Green Fairy: Absinthe Bar
  • Ramblers (cheap bar where everyone sings and dances)
  • 42 (after Scize Stone Docks)
  • Ayers rock (Australian bar - safe bet)
  • Flinigans (rue du griffon): Irish bar from dos plantas.
  • Le Plein Sud - Pub bar
  • Cafe Leon

Directions for the sympathetic brunch in Lyon:

  • Pain & Compagnie - 13 Rue des Quatre Chapeaux - 04 78 38 29 84. Spreads and jams, croissants and pain au chocolat, freshly squeezed fruit juices, eggs, jumbo salads, yogurts, hot drinks. € 21. Brunch days: Saturday and Sunday
  • The Polo Club - 9 Rue des Quatre Chapeaux - 04 78 42 83 10. Brunch: domingo (octubre a abril), 34 €
    Menu: Savory pies, cakes, quiches, smoked fish, cold cuts, various salads, soups, pankakes, cheesecakes, waffles, cakes and pastries, scrambled or boiled eggs, teas, coffees, fruit juices and a glass of champagne
  • Burger & Wine, 14 Quai Antoine Riboud, 04 78 62 08 27. Brunch day : Domingo de 11:30 a 15:XNUMX h.

And a nice image (to enlarge this image):

5) Where to sleep in Lyon?

Aaah the famous question, but where to sleep in Lyon, where to stay in Lyon!? First of all, feel free to take a look at the AirBnb site. Many people offer their own accommodation at prices that are often very interesting, so why do without! ;)

Well, for my part, I slept on the Lyon peninsula (the second district). Ideally located, this district sits between the two rivers, allowing you to find your way around.

Here are some well located and not too expensive hotels that Internet users have advised me over time and that will be able to answer your question, where to sleep in Lyon:

  • Here's the first: the Republik hotel located a stone's throw from the famous Place Bellecour.
  • You have the Bayard Bellecour Super well placed too!
  • The Hotel du Dauphin is a good address.
  • In short, I advise you to stay in the reddish area (to enlarge this map):
  • And the last: the Hôtel du Théâtre.
  • Comment from Sandrine who has found a good address, well located with private parking (otherwise it is 4 *…): We are going to spend a long weekend in Lyon at the beginning of May. I booked a family room at the Mercure Lyon Center Saxe Lafayette in the XNUMXrd arrondissement. We needed parking for our car.
  • You can also take a look at the apartments offered by individuals like Airbnb.

I don't know if they have parking, however the prices were affordable.

Feel free to share your good addresses for where to stay in Lyon!

6) The Festival of Lights

Every year Lyon celebrates the lights, and I advise you, if you can, of course, spend your weekend in this city during this festival, it is really magnificent. Needless to say, this type of plan is in my top 5 for romantic weekends.


This year, like every year, it takes place at the beginning of December. From December 5, 2019 to December 8, 2019. More information in the article: The festival of lights in Lyon.

8) The vineyards near Lyon

Capital of gastronomy with its many corks, Lyon also benefits from an ideal location, a few tens of kilometers from renowned vineyards.

For those who plan to come by car to Lyon, I advise you to go through the Beaujolais vineyard, or the one in the north of the Rhone Valley, depending on its origin.

North of Lyon, Beaujolais is a vineyard with very mountainous landscapes, and which concentrates many small producers, often unknown, but who produce a wine of very good value for money.

  • If you want to rent a rental car, go to private (therefore more accommodating) / li>

To schedule visits to one or more Beaujolais properties, I recommend the Rue des Vignerons website, which brings together a selection of properties and allows you to book the activity of your choice in a few clicks.

If you are looking for a small producer that is welcoming and friendly at the same time and produces quality and accessible wines, I highly recommend Domaine Frédéric Berne. It is also certified organic. See the tours

Just about thirty kilometers south of Lyon, you can visit the vineyards of the north of the Rhone Valley and, in particular, the Côte Rôtie appellation.

The Garons have a long family history in viticulture, the first known winegrower was born in 1475. True enthusiasts, they strive to better express the terroir of the Côte Rôtie in their red wines. They are very good wines to preserve. See the tours 

  • If you want to rent a rental car, go to private (therefore more accommodating) / li>

7) Lyon airport, train stations and tram stations

To go from Saint-Exupéry airport to the center of Lyon, I advise you to use the Rhônexpress. It connects Lyon airport with the center in less than 30 minutes.
The stations it serves are:

  • Centro de negocios Lyon Part-Dieu
  • Estación terminal Rhônexpress Lyon Part-Dieu
  • Lyon historic city center
  • Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie de Rhônexpress station + Metro line A connection (stop: Bellecour)
  • And all the transport infrastructure in the metropolitan area of ​​Lyon: Lyonnais public transport network (subways, trams, trolleybuses, buses), TGV stations. and TER ...

To know the prices, I invite you to visit their site and also book on their site to save money.

But if you arrive from the station, here is a pdf that will allow you to have an overview of the metro, tram, train stations and the airport.

(The Perrache station is located at A in red, on the left of the map.)

Well, this is where this visit to Lyon ends. Of course, there are many other places to visit, so feel free to add your discoveries to the bottom of the page.

See you soon!

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