Transfer to Milan airport - Bergamo

Transfer to Milan airport - Bergamo
Transfer to Milan airport - Bergamo

How to do get to Milan from Bergamo airport (Orio al Serio) ? What is the easiest way to Milan Malpensa airport transfer ? The bus, the taxi, the train? Here are my comments.

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1) Arrive in Milan from Bergamo airport (Orio al Serio)

You will find many low cost flights to Bergamo airport, but keep in mind that once you arrive at this airport you will have to travel to the city center of Milan from Bergamo airport. Wait 1 hour 15 minutes by bus and 1 hour by car without traffic jams ...

There are many buses that leave from the arrivals hall at Bergamo airport. You can buy bus tickets at one of the small collection points located inside the arrivals hall. It has several companies including Terravision (link to reserve) or Autostradale (to reserve your tickets) ...

Count € 7 or € 8 / person depending on the season (to book your tickets)… The bus located in the parking lot right in front of Bergamo airport will drop you off at Milan station in, count 1 hour by road.

You have buses every 20 minutes, the machine is well oiled ...

Once you have your tickets in your pocket, you can exit the aisle and arrive directly in front of the buses. There are several companies, so you just have to show your ticket to one of the agents (with an orange jersey) that are near the buses and they will tell you which one to take.

The buses are clean, nothing to say:

  • Count € 7 or € 8 / person for the bus ticket (to reserve your tickets) ...

2) Transfer between Milan airport and Bergamo or Malpensa

If you don't have your tickets, know that you will find many small shopping points like this one located in the place where the bus left you during the transfer Airport -> Milan Station. That is here (googlemap link).

The big problem with the Bergamo special low-cost airport is the return transfer. It is much worse managed than for the outward journey (Bergamo-> Milan). Leave well in advance so that you can get back on board a bus on time.

Our flight back to Bergamo airport was at 19pm and luckily we left early. This is what awaits you:

  • How long does it take to avoid missing my plane?

Well, in my case the flight back to Bergamo was at 19:30 p.m., knowing that I need 1 hour and 15 minutes by bus between the station and the airport, 20 minutes between the Navigli district and Milan station, 40 minutes to buy and enter a bus, which already gives us 2h10.

In my case, therefore, I left at 16pm or 30 hours earlier, we could have left at 3pm, so leave 17 hours and 2 minutes before your minimum flight so as not to be too stressed. Otherwise you still have taxis but you will get them for € 30, bite a bit ...

  • If I take the tickets directly on the Internet, will I be able to cut this line to take the bus?

And no, sadly, that's what I did and we can't skip the line. You will simply save time by not having to purchase the ticket at any of the ticket purchase points.

Count € 7 or € 8 / person for the bus ticket (to reserve your tickets) ...

  • How much does the Milan airport taxi cost?

For the taxi between Milan and Bergamo airport, count between € 100 and € 120. If you take a taxi from the train station directly to the airport, you will get it for € 100 and from the Navigli district for € 120. It's expensive, but you're over an hour's drive anyway ...

3) Get to the Navigli district from Milan's airport and train station

You have finally reached the station Milan from Bergamo airport, the trip is not over if you have taken a hotel in the center of Milan or like me in the Navigli district.

You won't have a problem finding a taxi, but if you opt for the metro, here's the process. Enter the magnificent Milan station:

Go down the escalators:

Look for the subway sign, take a ticket through the terminals:

The station metro station is called "Central FS", see the red box on the map below.

Yes, getting to the Navigli district from Bergamo airport Or rather from Milan station it is not necessary to change, go in direction “Abbiategrasso” or “Assago” (see purple box) and stop at Genova station (red box). The line (green in our case) is direct, it is not necessary to change it:

Allow 20 minutes by subway.

There you go, I think you have all the information you need to get to the center of Milan from Bergamo airport.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And how did you manage to get to Milan from Bergamo?
  • What means did you use to get to Milan from the airport?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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