Get to Ostia Antica from Rome or from the beach

Do you want get to Ostia from Rome? Know how to get there Ostia in Rome? Which train to take from Rome to Ostia? This article is made for you. Or maybe you want get to the Lido beach from Rome !


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1) Ostia Rome

Ostia is part of the municipality of Rome. In addition, it is a real wealth for Rome, because only 30 km away, Romans and tourists can bathe AND visit the site of Ostia Antica, a remarkable ancient site.

Ostia (Ostia) was originally the port of ancient Rome. It is still excavated today and is of course open to visitors who wish to take a dip in Ancient Rome.

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2) How to get to Ostia from Rome

If you want to take a walk along the coast to discover the Beaches of Rome Here is what you need to know:
La beach nearest Rome and Ostia, but know that it is not the most beautiful. Here is a little video about him Playa de Ostia Rome.

It is usually crowded on weekends and it seems to me that you are paying (€ 8 a day). And I'm not talking about traffic jams ... That's why it's better to take the train!

You can get there by taking the train from the Piramide station in the south of Rome (see the GoogleMap below). Take the Roma / Lido di Ostia line and get off at the last Cristoforo Colombo station, Lido di Ostia (wait 45 minutes). to see the schedules (put departure from Roma Piramide and arrival at Ostia).

You can also take the Ostia-Lido train that departs from Eur-Magliana station or from Porta San Paolo train station, which is a stone's throw from Piramide station.

The train runs every 15 minutes depending on the time and day. to know the schedules.

But simply put, the train times for Lido beach from Rome They are from 05:30 am to 22:30 pm The Roma-Lido line operates until a little later, with the last train leaving at 23:30 pm

There is a train every 15 minutes. On the other hand, if once you arrive at the Cristoforo Colombo station you take bus 07 (Mare), it will allow you to get away from Ostia and head towards the beautiful beaches of Cancelli (located between Ostia and Torvaianica). During the summer months: 4 buses / hour, € 1.
There are 7 stops before reaching Torvaianica.

Don't stop at the first one, as the beach is often crowded. The last bus leaves Torvaianica at 20pm.

If you are looking for a driver to take you to Ostia Antica or Osti Beach, you can contact Daniele.

3) Ostia Rome reviews

Pascal's comment:

Ostia Antica is definitely worth a visit. Allow 2 hours of visiting and go in your place in the morning. There is a small self service in the middle of the site, so it is good to eat at noon and then go to the beach in the afternoon.

Ostia beach is not the prettiest and there are quite a few spa establishments along the promenade, suddenly there are only a few pieces of free beach left but it is armored.
A few kilometers away there are other free beaches, such as “dei cancelli”. There are many restaurants, sun lounger rental for the day (€ 12).

Before leaving, here is the minute weather information:

When you go to book your weekend to RomeDon't forget to also see if a religious event is planned! Prices go up during these dates and there is a crazy world ...

Here is everything you need to know to join the beaches of Ostia (Rome).

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