What to do in the evening in Rome? The top places you must go out

Don't know what to do at night in Rome? Whether you are a party animal or a quiet night owl, lover of bar, pub, concert and club and all kinds of lively places, what better than a night out in Rome to feel the atmosphere of a neighborhood where it is good to go out. 

VHere is my selection of the best places to have a good evening.

As the day begins to wane, something magical begins to spread throughout the Eternal City. The terracotta palaces, in the colors of burnt orange, take on hues that are sometimes ashy, sometimes ink, and the lampposts awaken from their daytime sleep, draping the ancient ruins with a soft glow. Bars and restaurants in Rome are preparing to welcome the nocturnal crowd, made up of people of all ages, who take to the streets to enjoy a night out in the most beautiful city in the world.

Rome offers its visitors countless opportunities to enjoy art, history, culture and gastronomy. Night is no exception. As you explore this ancient city by night, you'll discover another side of the Italian capital, and if you're lucky enough to stay there in the summer, you'll be amazed at the amount of seasonal events that will continue to keep you entertained afterward. the closure of tourist sites.

Here are some of my favorite things to do if you want to go out in Rome and don't know what to do at night.


1. What to do in the evening in Rome? Take a walk in the moonlight

Don't know what to do at night in Rome? Stroll the streets in the evening. Even if you have already been impressed by the historical monuments of Rome during the day, discovering them at night will give you a whole different experience. The spectacle then becomes even more remarkable, once the buildings are bathed in a light and soft light.

Walking around the city in the dead of night, when the temperatures are cooler, will be a pleasant experience for you, much less exhausting than walking the same route during the day.

Do not hesitate to stay in the city center for your evening stroll in Rome, you will have your share of places worth a look, without spending too much time or money.

Depart from the Pantheon, one of Rome's most impressive ancient monuments, towards Piazza Navona, which is a short walk away. You can relax there, in the heart of a magnificent Baroque decor.

Stop in front of Bernini's masterpiece, the Fountain of the Four Rivers, and enjoy the spectacle of local artists, busy selling their creations, while the voices of buskers fill the air with their sweetness melodies.

Then head to the banks of the Tiber, where you will see the silhouette of the imposing Castel Sant'Angelo, and end your journey in St. Peter's Square, to admire other works by Bernini.

2. Where to go out in Rome at night? Try the panoramic bars (rooftop)

You don't know where to go out in Rome at night? Discover the rooftop bar and admire the view. Well known as the “city of seven hills”, Rome can claim a number of picturesque sites, from which you will enjoy spectacular views of the city.

Admiring the cupolas, ancient buildings and other historical monuments, a drink in hand, will make your evening unforgettable. So, when dusk comes, do not hesitate to push the door of one of the many panoramic bars installed on the roofs of the city.

To admire a breathtaking view of St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican, head to Roof Garden Les Étoiles, the bar at the Atlante Star hotel. The elegant setting, the décor adorned with flowers and a fairy tale of twinkling lights, make the establishment a popular spot for couples in search of romance, while the prices, rather reasonable, attract both tourists and locals. If you prefer to spend a relaxing evening there, on a balmy summer evening, blankets are however lent by the house if you stay there in a cooler month.

3. Night tour of the Colosseum in Rome

The most emblematic monument in Rome, the Colosseum is a must-see place that you can also visit in the evening. The imposing amphitheater, the largest ever built, almost 2000 years old, welcomes more than 6,5 million visitors a year, fascinated by its macabre and bloody history.

So don't be put off by the hordes of visitors with whom you will be forced to share your experience.

If you are not an aficionado of tourist crowds, we suggest you take a more intimate and exclusive tour of the monument. Once the doors are officially closed, you will be ushered inside the hypogeum.

This underground level, with its cells, its tunnels, its hatches which once housed the machinery necessary for the performance of the shows, is also the place where gladiators and wild animals awaited their sad fate. In the moonlight, you can also walk the sandy parterre of the arena.

Do not hesitate to ask your guide, who will be happy to tell you about the life of the ancient Romans. He will delight you with his anecdotes!

4. Evening activity in Rome: the open-air cinema

When the long, hot summer nights arrive, if the storm does not darken the sky, open-air cinemas are popping up all over the Eternal City. From family blockbusters to classics, including of course the cult films of Italian cinema that you think you know, wrongly, all spectators will find what they are looking for.

The Isola Film Festival, which takes place on the Tiber Island throughout the summer, offers spectators a wide choice of films, thanks to its three projection screens. The emphasis is on independent films, selected from a wide range of genres, some shown in English, others in Italian.

Across the river, the free Trastevere Rione Film Festival takes place in Piazza San Cosimato during June and July. The program can include retrospectives of great directors, for example Stanley Kubrick or David Lynch, but also Disney classics, or even horror films, in screening of midnight - there will be something for everyone!

The Casa Del Cinema (or “Maison du Cinéma”) is set in the gardens of Villa Borghese. It is very popular with Roman moviegoers all year round. During the summer, their outdoor screen also attracts crowds of tourists.

Admission is free, but seats are expensive, so try not to arrive late. Also be careful to check the language of the broadcast on the Internet!

5. Top trendy cocktail bars in Rome: discover the "Speakeasies"

A trend you may not have known existed, “speakeasies”, amazing cocktail bars in Rome inspired by the old American underground bars of the 1920s, hide behind the most ordinary doors of Rome.

These underground establishments will offer you some of the most inventive cocktails in the area. If you're looking to spend a gin and jazz evening away from prying eyes, read on!

The most famous of these bars, the Jerry Thomas Project, pioneered the genre, when it opened in 2010. Reservation and password are required, but once through the door you will immediately be transported to the midst of the Roaring Twenties. . Make yourself comfortable in the back of a leather Chesterfield, while the bartender carefully concocts your favorite beverage.

For an equally “speakeasy” atmosphere while being less stuffy, the Spirito in Pigneto is the ideal place. If you accidentally forgot to book online before your visit, borrow the retro phone from the nearby sandwich shop. The bar staff will then be happy to welcome you, within the limits of available space.

You can also fall back on the Niji, in the Trastevere district, the Race Club near the Colosseum, and the Club Behind, not far from Piazza Navona.

Hope this list of my favorite places gives you some ideas for going out if you don't know what to do at night in Rome. If you have any other suggestions for bars, restaurants etc. to have a good evening, please let me know in the comments.

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