Luggage storage in Lisbon

Luggage storage in Lisbon
Luggage storage in Lisbon

Are you looking for a luggage storage in Lisbon, a place to leave your suitcase in the center of the city of Lisbon while you wait to leave them at your hotel? Your check-out is at 10 am and your flight leaves at 16 pm and you are looking for a place insurance to put your bags in Lisbon, Here for you

Before I jump into the article, here is my Lisbon guide to receive FREE and now in your mailbox.

There you will find the map of the visits to be made, a color-coded map to have an overview of the districts of Lisbon: The historic district, the commercial district, the hotel ... and the restaurant / bar district ... Also I put the map of addresses of bars and restaurants, a map to visit Sintra and Cascais, and it is ready to be printed. Do not hesitate, it is cadeau, And it gets delivered straight to your mailbox!

1) Luggage storage in Lisbon

Why would you want to use a left-luggage office to store your bags in Lisbon? There are several cases found that I received by email, here they are:

  • Check-in Check-out (entering / leaving the hotel room or Airbnb)

You are looking for a safe place for your bags during the latency period before check-in (or after check-out from Airbnb or hotel room). This allows you to enjoy the city as soon as you arrive on site without having to carry your bags (to reserve a luggage box in Lisbon).


  • You do not have to go through your hotel again before leaving for the airport.

Although staying in a hotel you are in a hotel located in Alfama, your hotel leaves at night and you want to visit the Chiado / Baixa area without having to return to your hotel.

In this case, using a luggage storage may allow you to go directly to the center, leave your luggage in the center of Lisbon close to the metro line that allows you to reach the airport, visit it, go directly to Orly (without having to go back to the Alfama district to collect your luggage).

In addition, some hotels do not have enough space to store all the luggage of their clients and recommend our services on their own.

  • Business trip

Travelers in transit or business travelers (to reserve a luggage storage in Lisbon).

2) How much does a suitcase box cost in Lisbon?

The price is not really excessive since it is around € 6 / day per suitcase. However, reservation is mandatory but cancellation is free, which is great!

Storage centers are located in shops and hotels.

  • What if I want to add a backpack?

This rate is applied per piece, so to add a backpack you must make a specific reservation.

  • If I book for 2 days, how much is it?

If you book for more than 24 hours, the price increases to € 4 per piece of luggage for every additional 24 hours.

3) Where to leave my luggage after transfer to Lisbon airport

You will likely reach Rossio Square (see the map below) if you take the taxi to get to Lisbon from the airport. More information in my article "How to get to Lisbon from the airport".

For information, you will have about € 16-20 by taxi to get to the city center during the day. Remember, because many taxis tax tourists even if you speak Portuguese.

If you don't know where to find your luggage storage in Lisbon, I advise you to look in the area above (purple area). But the best thing is anyway to find a left-luggage office near your hotel, also here are good hotel addresses in my article “in which district to stay in Lisbon”.

If, for example, you are staying in Alfama and check-in is at 14 p.m. and you are in Lisbon at 10 a.m., it is best to take a left luggage office in the Baixa / Chiado neighborhood, to walk around, to eat in this neighborhood, then around at 13:30 pm collect your bags.

4) A point on the bus / metro from Lisbon airport

With the subway, wait 40 minutes for the trip with a single change. There is only one line, so you can't go wrong. The station is called 'Aéroporto', it is the first station on the Red line.

It has around 15 metro stations to go through, and a line change will have to be made. So to go downtown you will have to make a change in Alameda and then take the green line. Airport -> Alameda -> Rossio. The Lisbon metro runs from 6 to 30.

And of course you also have the option to take the bus, transport 44 and 83 from the airport to Lisbon. Of course, they are slower than the minibus, but cheaper.

You have the shuttle bus which can also be interesting because there is one every 20 minutes.

The last station is in Cais do Sodré, which is a stone's throw from the Plaza del Comercio, that is, in the Chiado / Baixa district.

  • in schedules and here to enlarge this GoogleMap - Bus Airport Lisbon Transfer

Well here it is, I think you've got all the keys in hand to find luggage storage in Lisbon.

  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page! Sharing is good;)

See you soon!


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