Bo Lisbon and Oporto?

Bo Lisbon and Oporto?
Bo Lisbon and Oporto?

You wonder if you need something better go to Lisbon or Porto? You go with friends, you want to party, but also visit, shop, sit on a terrace and go out ... You wonder if it is better to go to Porto or Lisbon for your bachelor party / girl? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

Why am I doing this article? Go to Porto or Lisbon?

Well simply because not a week goes by before I get an email asking me what is best to do, Porto or Lisbon? It's always a bit tricky because these two cities are yet to be done!


Here is a video of two wonderful guides, Ricardo and Carlos. In addition, you can take guided tours with them, to contact Ricardo and contact Carlos.

1) Going to Oporto or Lisbon?

Here's a question from Céline that I got on the Facebook group: For City Lovers. By the way, to watch the discussion or ask your own question:

With my friends, we go in September for 4 days, but we hesitate between port or Lisbon !! Knowing that we like to visit, shop and go out at night.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Here is the response from members of the Facebook group For City Lovers:

Marie-Pierre : Hello I couldn't tell you, I will visit Lisbon in July… I think that by all your criteria you will find that in Lisbon
Céline : I did not do port, but Lisbon did and everything is huge. I have Portuguese friends and they all say Lisbon without hesitation.
Francine : I don't know Porto, we really liked Lisbon and the Sintra region.
Charlene: I prefer Lisbon!
Leopold doll: ¡Lisboa!

Cath Pe: Lisbon without hesitation! Go have the "party" on the docks
Carine: Lisbon without hesitation having done both ...
Dorothy: I think Lisbon corresponds better to your expectations ... although I really liked Porto ... but quite small.
Marie-francoise: Having done both and taking into account your criteria: I say Lisbon
Catalina: Yes Lisbon, you'll love Porto it's nice, but do Lisbon first!
Sylvie: In my opinion, after going to Porto and Lisbon, Lisbon will be the most suitable city for you. Both in the discovery and in the shopping and the atmosphere in the streets at night!

Claudie: Lisbon without hesitation. It is not comparable ...
Catalina : Hello, I don't know Porto but Lisbon is not bad !!
Amelie: I really liked both, but Lisbon is a more dynamic city.
Veronique Truel: For shopping, a large mall open until midnight. Top at night.
Aurore Ducros: I confirm to have done the 2 as well, Porto is very small and there are not too many stores, etc. On the other hand, in Lisbon you will find what you are looking for!

Well I think it answers the question "Porto or Lisbon".

Here is a video of two wonderful guides, Ricardo and Carlos. In addition, you can take guided tours with them, to contact Ricardo and contact Carlos.

2) Hen party in Lisbon or in Porto?

For this question, if you have to choose between Lisbon and Oporto, and once again it is Lisbon that wins. You will have many more activities and options for excursions in Lisbon.


A very good place to have a drink with an unbeatable view is the best RoofTop in Lisbon, the Park. The prices are expensive but well worth it. More info here. Address: Calcada Do Combro, 58, Lisbon, Portugal.

A good place to start the festivities:

  • The Time out market right next to Cais do Sodre station. A place where you can eat everything, a very nice concept with many kiosks, different cuisines, the dishes were originally prepared by chefs. You ask, we give you a light box, you will sit down and when the box lights up you will find your plate, and you will eat at a large convivial table.

Going out in Lisbon - Bairro Alto neighborhood:

  • The Bairro Alto district is very nice to go out in Lisbon, you will find beautiful alleys, nice squares, restaurants and trendy bars.
  • A great address: the bar / restaurant of the Decadente hotel, São Pedro de Alcântara 81. A fashionable address, with delicious and inexpensive cocktails and dishes.

To get your bearings, here are the districts (to enlarge this GoogleMap):

Going out in Lisbon - The Alcântara neighborhood:

  • Alcântara (nerve center of bars / pubs / clubs in Lisbon, and a very commercial area)
  • The port with the Docas de Santo Amaro and Rua da Cintura do Porto
  • Further on is the Costa da Caparica beach. You will find many places to go out at night.

You will find a lot of cool boxes (if that's what you are looking for). On the Costa da Caparica, it is time to party almost every night.
Also, the beaches are really huge and magnificent.

Ideas for activities in Lisbon:

An electric bike ride in Lisbon (:

A surf session (:

Go see the dolphins (:

A good idea is to take a boat trip.

Here are some opinions:

  • Idea of ​​activity in Porto:

Do you want to take a guided tour with a French / Portuguese? I advise you to contact Ricardo or Mélanie.

Also, you can find Ricardo in this nice documentary by Échappées Belles (25 minutes).

Here is a video of two wonderful guides, Ricardo and Carlos. In addition, you can take guided tours with them, to contact Ricardo and contact Carlos.

3) A hotel address?

  • An address in Lisbon

I wrote an article about Lisbon with a section "where to stay in Lisbon". All addresses are well located and have an excellent quality / price ratio.

  • An address in Porto

I wrote an article about Porto with a section "where to stay in Porto". All addresses are well located and have an excellent quality / price ratio.

If there are a lot of you, you better stop by Airbnb.

Otherwise, you also have or TripAdvisor. Take your time to compare.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And you, what do you prefer Porto or Lisbon?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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