Where to sleep in Naples, in which neighborhood to stay in Naples

Where to sleep in Naples, in which neighborhood to stay in Naples
Where to sleep in Naples, in which neighborhood to stay in Naples

Searching where to sleep in Naples ? Where to stay in Naples? How to get to your hotel in Naples from the airport? Nice and well-located hotel addresses in Naples, information on transport in Naples and the main sites in the area, ideas for fun excursions on the Amalfi Coast, in short, this article is for you.

For very detailed information on Naples and the Amalfi Coast, see my articles "Visiting Naples" and "Visiting the Amalfi Coast".

Don't miss the Hop on Hop off sightseeing bus tour that will show you (ticket valid for 24 hours) the main sites to discover in the wonderful city of Naples.

To make it quick if you're in a hurry, this is where to stay in Naples (purple zone).

If you are more than Airbnb, look in the same area.

1) Where to sleep in Naples

Important question!! Here is a map of Naples with the main districts to discover during your stay in Naples:

In order, I will say that you have to visit the Spaccanapoli district, the Spanish districts, the monumental center, then Chiaia and the Vomero hill. That is why I advise you to sleep first in the Spanish and Monumental Quarter of Naples (it is not far from the Spaccanapoli neighborhood) and you will really be in the magnificent Neapolitan atmosphere.

Here is the opinion of a guide who lives in Naples:

“Indeed, it is one of the best places to stay in Naples: in our opinion, it should be in the historic center or in the immediate vicinity, and close to the Museo-Cavour-Duomo-Dante station, where it has both SUBWAY LINES AND MANY BUS LINES.

In this way, it is easy to visit the center on foot and then go everywhere by transport.The L1 line allows you to be well located because it also stops at the Muséo station! We booked into the Hotel Napoli Class, which was in a great location and unbeatable value for money. We booked into the SuperGarage car park (link) which was right next door (5 minute walk).

So here are some other great tips for sleep in naples in the Spanish and Monumental Quarters that are perfect:

  • The Napoli Class hotel is ideally located, so I gave it a try and will return there as long as the location and the price / quality ratio are perfect. 
  • Hotel Vico Tre Re a Toledo apartment: very good value for money (€ 50), located on the Place du Plebiscite, a few minutes walk from the historic center and the port.
  • Always well located, the Renaissance Naples Hotel, very interesting if you want to visit the islands, again this small hotel with an intimate and quiet atmosphere, with an excellent value for money.
  • Aurore's recommended hotel, the Moka Suite Spacca Napoli, ideally located in this lively and authentic SpaccaNapoli district.
  • If you are more than Airbnb, look in the same area.
  • The Grand Hotel Oriente is also very well located. Easy access for being close to the metro.

Also pleasant is the idea of ​​staying by the sea in Naples, in the Chiaia district; Why this choice?

Because it is a beautiful neighborhood and you can get to the city center quite easily by metro (or even on foot, in 15 minutes).

It is close enough to the historic city center where you can walk, close to the port to take the ferries to Capri, Procida or Ischia and close to the Toledo metro to get to Pompeii central station. Here are some directions:

  • Relais Piazza Vittoria, good value for money.
  • Rex Life Style Hotel very well located also on the seafront.
  • Casa Chiaia, very well located Via Chiaia, in this very lively area at night, near the sea, the port and the historic center. Fabulous bedding according to Joëlle, and a warm and friendly welcome from Kumar.
  • If you are more than Airbnb, look in the same area.

Should you sleep near the Naples train station?

Although I really do not recommend staying near the Naples train station, you will find very low prices there, proximity to car rental companies in Naples and the Circumvesuviana train direct to Pompeii.

You have the metro that takes you in just 10 minutes to the historic center ...

Also, if you have to take the train early in the morning, it can be interesting to stay close to the Naples train station. With that said, here is a very interesting address:

  • Anna's Family Terrace B&B, 136 Garibaldi Square, Naples Central Station:

So here are some great ideas for you. stay in naples And make the most of your stay in Naples!

Feel free to give me your good addresses, sharing is good!

2) Arrive at your hotel in Naples from Capodichino airport

From Capodichino airport, 7 km north of Naples, you have several solutions to get to your hotel and to the center of Naples:

  • Get to Naples from Capodichino Airport by bus (to reserve your ticket)

Alibus (airport shuttle bus): this is the cheapest way to get to the center of Naples (central station, Place Garibaldi, then Castel Nuovo, near the Molo Beverello pier (the terminal). €, to take on the bus, free for children, for the return, € 6 at the kiosk (to reserve your ticket).

The Alibus ticket can be used for a connection (if you use it within 90 minutes) with the metro or another bus. Good to know! Departure every 20 min. Allow 35 minutes for the trip; Sometimes you have to wait because the shuttles are crowded depending on the period!

Please note that this shuttle only operates from 6am to 23pm, so if your plane arrives after 23pm, you will need to take a private shuttle or taxi.

  • Get to Naples with a private transport service:

You can use buses that do this all day and therefore drop you off at strategic points in Naples (at least without a headache ...

  • Get to Naples from Capodichino Airport by taxi

Taxi: interesting especially if you are several (up to 4, price including luggage), 20 euros to the Central Station, 26 to the same terminal as Alibus (molo Beverello). In general, discuss fees with the driver before getting on.

  • Get to your hotel in Naples from Capodichino Airport in a rental car

In this case you need a parking lot.

Super Garage (to reserve), in the San Ferdinando district, has become a benchmark for all locals as well as tourists. This car park in Naples is served by metro line 1, Toledo stop, and offers a bicycle rental service. It is possible to reserve your place online (to reserve).

It is easy to find and is very well located in the center of the city without having to go through the prohibited areas.

This car park was a stone's throw from my Napoli Class hotel, which was actually in a great location and unbeatable value for money.

4) Useful information for transport in Naples.

One tip that I always use: the Hop On Hop off tourist bus, ticket valid for 24 hours, which stops at all the sites and monuments of Naples, you get on and off whenever you want, look at this link and don't hesitate to take a ticket without queues.

The Naples ArteCard: combines transport and entrance to museums and archaeological sites, € 21, 3 days.

  • Remember these 2 metro lines:

Metro line 1 (in blue, called Art Line!), The most interesting because after Garibaldi station, it serves the entire historic center (Municipio station), the Spanish neighborhoods (the sublime Toledo station), Spaccanapoli (Dante station) , the Archaeological and Contemporary Art museums (Museo station), Vomero hill, the Cartuja de San Martín and Sant Elmo castle (Vanvitelli station)

Metro line 2 (yellow) that takes you from Garibaldi station to the districts of Chiaia and Mergellana (by the sea) and then out of western Naples, to Pozzuoli and Phlegrean Fields with Cumana and Circumflegrea (trains to Montesanto)

  • It has 2 important connection areas where lines 1 and 2 intersect:

The Garibaldi central station or the Alibus shuttle service runs from the airport (to reserve your ticket), and from where the Circumvesuviana train leaves for Pompeii and Vesuvius.

Second major junction for public transport: Cavour / Museum station, north of the old town.

  • Buses: not very reliable for timetables! they are frequent at night, it can be interesting for returns home !! take Unico Napoli tickets (kiosk, tobacconist) per unit (€ 1,20), or per day (€ 3,60).
  • Funiculars: interesting to reach the magnificent hills of Vomero and Pausillipe, they are the same tickets as for the bus and the metro.

For the Vomero hill, 3 possibilities: the Centrale funicular (Augusteo station in Via Toledo), the Chiaia funicular (near the Piazza Amedeo station on line 2) and the Montesanto funicular, near the Piazza Dante MonteSanto station from line 2 .

For Pausillipe hill, take the Funicular to Mergellina.

5) Some good ideas for excursions

Why not take a tour of Naples by hop-on, hop-off bus, which allows you to see all the essentials 24 hours a day and at your own pace with just one ticket. Take a look at this site for information;

A must see is of course Pompeii and Vesuvius which you absolutely must visit, see my article "Visit Pompeii" for accurate information (transportation ...). You have the possibility of taking very exciting guided tours in this very moving site.

Here are information and ideas that can help you make your decision.

  • You also have GetYourGuide (link with guide) which is less qualitative but offers many activities of all kinds.
  • Y Ticketbar.
  • Remember to look at the reviews

The other favorite is of course a day on the Amalfi Coast with Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, it is truly one of the most beautiful panoramas out there, check out this link or this one for more information.

Feel free to read my specific article "Visiting the Amalfi Coast", and come back and stay there!

  • Another favorite, a boat trip to Capri and Anacapri ... there are also unforgettable moments of beauty (.

6) Where to go out in Naples near your hotel

The month of May is very pleasant because it is the May of Monuments with exhibitions, concerts, guided tours, it is very beautiful! (equivalent to our Heritage Days). See the program on the site.

I recommend for your nights out, the historic district and Spaccanapoli (place Cavour), very lively, authentic, quite popular, as well as the promenade (Quartier Chiaia) a little more chic but super lively and festive too.

Here are some good restaurant addresses, at good prices:

In the historical center:

  • The trattoria Da Carmine, via de Tribunali, authentic and popular.
  • Pizzeria Giuliano: très bon, pas cher, descenso Trinita Maggiore.
  • Pizzeria Sorbillo, well known (via dei Tribunali), excellent.
  • Two excellent restaurants on the San Giovanni Maggiore side: Pizzeria Palazzo Petrucci and Resto Ecomesara

Irene's comment:

If you are staying in the Vomero district on the hill, have dinner at Da Fofo on 22 Via bernini tel: 347 241 09
It's a very simple little restaurant but the pasta is to die for: tagliatelle with artichokes and delicious prawns and caprese ravioli to die for, pasta dishes around 10/12 euros.

Around the Archaeological Museum (not far from Piazza Cavour):

  • Lombardi, quantity and quality from 7 to 14 euros, via Feria.
  • Catherine's comment: I would like to point out a very nice restaurant in front of the archaeological museum: the Vitto Pitagorico. Vegetarian, vegan and raw food restaurant.
  • The Starita pizzeria, via Mater Dei.

Along the docks:

  • Succession of more chic restaurants with less cool prices but here is an address that I tried near the Château de l'Oeuf (Castel dell'Ovo), in Borgo Marinero, La Scialuppa, super romantic at night, with correct prices for the sector .

Chiaia and Mergellina promenade:

  • There are many small kiosks where we eat “taralli caldi” in the shape of a crown, a little snack!
  • Very frequent wine bars in the Chiaia district (Piazza San Pasquale, Piazza dei Martiri), allow you to eat copiously in exchange for a glass! Very inexpensive (it's the Italian appetizer, but you might already know that).

To party:

/! I advise you to get "Napoli Zero", the monthly top in Naples, for outings of all kinds (in shops, tourist offices).

  • In the Spaccanapoli district (Piazza Cavour), it is really nice, a very young atmosphere, beer in hand, invading the sidewalks at night, on the side of Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Piazza del Gesu Nuovo.
  • I preferred to spend my afternoons in the Chiaia district, in the Borgo, that's where it happens, it's the meeting place for Neapolitans (hey! Hey!) From 20 to 35 years old; Friday and Saturday night, there are a lot of people! Successive bars, guaranteed atmosphere, festive and chic at the same time. Go around Piazza del Martiri.

You already have all the information to find accommodation in Naples, do not hesitate to share your good addresses!

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And you, in which hotel did you sleep in Naples?
  • Do you have a parking lot to recommend?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


Upon my return I created a guide. In this FREE guide (which will be received directly in your mailbox), you can find googleMap maps of the visits that will take place in Naples, and it is ready to print, + I'll tell you how to get to Pompeii or Vesuvius from Naples, + a plan of googleMap to go out in Naples. Do not hesitate, it is a gift and you will receive it directly in your mailbox!

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