Where to stay in Florence - Where to stay in Florence

Where to stay in Florence - Where to stay in Florence
Where to stay in Florence - Where to stay in Florence

You want to know where to sleep in florence ? In which neighborhood to stay in Florence to visit Florence easily? Are you looking for a hotel that is good value for money but well located to be able to go out at night and enjoy the nightlife of Florence? This article is made for you.

For those in a hurry, this is where to look for a hotel in Florence.

1) Where to sleep in Florence

You should also know that Florence is a city where accommodation is expensive, so the earlier you book your hotel in advance, the more you will find hotels with good value for money in Florence.

As usual, I like to use Google Maps to show you where to visit a certain site during your stay. This allows you to see very quickly how the city is organized and therefore allows you to understand why it is necessary. stay in a certain area of ​​Florence instead.

Remember to book your hotel in advance so you can take advantage of the best deals. Florence is a very touristy city and you will understand why.

If you can book the hotel Paris, a great address, very well located with a very very good value for money:

Another good address very well located is the Hotel Montreal, if you come by car to Florence, you should know that this hotel takes care of parking your vehicle in a convenient parking lot!

So yes, who says a hotel with a good quality / price ratio in a city like Florence, also says that you will not necessarily have a room with a magnificent view, so look at the reviews ...

A good little address located between the bridges, on the Oltrarno side, is the Vespucci guesthouse:

Another well located address with an interesting quality / price ratio is the Hotel De Lanzi, they usually offer discounts, see the reviews.

2) In which neighborhood to stay in Florence

Please note that Florence is a small city, so it is better to stay in the city center of Florence, that is in the Santa Maria Novella / Duomo / Santa Croce district, not outside (or just after the bridges, that is, at the beginning of the Oltrarno district).

The Oltrarno neighborhood is a very lively neighborhood and also close to everything and very authentic.

You also have the beautiful Santa Croce neighborhood, but as you can see it is a bit further away ... especially from the train station and I think it is important not to go too far to save time.

In summary, I highly recommend that you stay in the orange and green zones to be well located in Florence! More exactly in the purple area below.

3) Arrive at your hotel in Florence from Florence airport and Pisa

Finding accommodation near the train station is a good option, as this is where you will arrive. In fact, to get to Florence from Peretola airport you have a direct train that will leave you at Santa Maria Novella station:

  • Arriving from Pisa Galileo airport?

In the same way, you have a train that goes directly to the Santa Maria Novella station. Allow 1h20 by train.

Staying in the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood is, therefore, a good compromise because you are directly in the center and, above all, you can put your bags quickly without having to take other public transport.

These are some addresses of hotels in the Gare de Florance district.

4) Accommodation in the Santa Maria Novella district of Florence (a stone's throw from the train station)

Try to find accommodation in the purple area below which is 500 m from the station and not in a hotel just outside the station.

Here are some good-value hotels in the Santa Maria Novella district, where the Florence train station is located:

  • La Santa María, a beautiful address very well located.
  • A youth hostel, the Plus Florence, to see because it is not very expensive and is well located.
  • Hotel Lorena, in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from the popular San Lorenzo neighborhood
  • Not far from Pont Vecchio, the Soggiorno. Sometimes they offer discounted prices, to see!
  • A B&B near the station, the Marzocco.
  • Take a look at Airbnb too!
  • Le Berna, right next to the station.
  • The Collodi, more expensive but really very elegant, with a Florentine style.
  • You also have the Relais Firenze Stibbert, it is a little further but it is a good address.
  • Martine's address: Hotel Tourist House. Comfortable room, good sleeping arrangements, large bathroom with toilet. Its location places it practically close to all the visits. Unsurprisingly, prices fluctuate seasonally. We booked in early February. The train station is 300 m away, you can do almost everything on foot.

If you cannot find what you are looking for because you were a little late, you will find addresses of hotels in the Santa Croce district:

6) Where to sleep in Florence, Oltrarno district

Located by the river, the Oltrarno district is quite an expensive district, so it is not easy to find good deals. Anyway, here are some hotel addresses that I was able to find for you. I let you compare the prices:

  • A stone's throw from the Vecchio bridge, a surfer recommended the Castelli to me, I don't find it cheap, but there is something for everyone. I looked and they offer good prices compared to the industry. To have!
  • One of the most romantic addresses, the Pitti Palace, right next to the Ponte Vecchio. The price is also high but sometimes they offer discounted prices.
  • You also have La Scalata, very well located, to see!
  • El Salterreli, a stone's throw from the Oltrarno neighborhood.
  • Take a look at Airbnb too!
  • The B&B Stupido Hotel is a good address with good value for money.

7) Where to sleep in Florence to be able to go out in Florence

Here you have good addresses to go out at night and as you can at night, these addresses of bars are in the area that I recommend you to find accommodation in Florence.

Florence is not only a city-museum, it is also (beware of appearances) a city that moves and has fun.

Let's start with the Aperitivo (19pm to 21pm):

The aperitif is one of the best Italian traditions. We had a drink and enjoyed all kinds of specialties at the buffet for free. Something to calm the stomach for little money and / or start a festive evening ...

Take a walk in the afternoon, at aperitif time, in the Oltrarno on the San Frediano side, in the piazza Santo Spirito and piazza del Carmine. There you will find a good number of bars, as well as young revelers after dark.

  • Café Giubbe Rosse, which at the beginning of the last century was the favorite meeting point for literati.
  • A bar à vin: Cantinetta da Verrazzano via dei Tavolini, 18. Quartier du Duomo
  • Do not hesitate to take a walk towards the Ponte Vecchio
  • Un descanso - fine épicerie: Olio Convivium, via di Santo Spirito, 4. Quartier Santo Spirito
  • Un bar: Negroni, via dei Renai, Quartier de San Niccolo.
  • Otros lugares para probar el aperitivo del Negroni (via dei Renai, en San Niccolo), la Dolce Vita (piazza del Carmine) or el Caffè Sant'Ambrogio (piazza Sant'Ambrogio).
  • Anyway I know; on both sides of the Arno: San Frediano and San Niccolo, where the night owls are.

Directions to make Apéritifs (given by Stefania-guidee in Florence, to contact her)

  • Moyo - Via dei Benci, 23 / r - Monday to Sunday - aperitif and dinner 18.00-23.00 - count € 10 for a drink and the free toast… TripAdvisor link
  • Lounge Bar Cabiria, piazza S.Spitito € 8,00
  • Galería, 30 Via dei Benci
  • Colle Bereto p.zza Strozzi € 15,00
  • Westing Excelsior piazza Ognissanti € 20,00
  • Il Rifrullo, Via di S. Niccolò 8 €
  • Café literario le murate Piazza della Murate (mercado S. Ambrogio
  • Link GoogleMap - Apéritivo Florence directions:

Well, here we are at the end of the article. I hope I have given you all the information you need to know where to stay in Florence.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, sharing is good.

And what do you prefer in Florence? An address to share?

See you soon!

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