Quad tour from Marrakech: Agafay desert and Lake Takerkoust

Quad tour from Marrakech: Agafay desert and Lake Takerkoust
Quad tour from Marrakech: Agafay desert and Lake Takerkoust

You want to do quad bike in the desert near Marrakech (30 minutes from Marrakech)? Spend half a day away from the Marrakech frenzy? Well, I have the quad tour from Marrakech that you need! This quad bike ride through Lalla Takerkoust and the Agafay desert is what you need!

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  • Bonus: excursion to the Ourika valley

1) Quad tour from Marrakech (lake and dessert)

Ah, you want to get some fresh air, get out of the frenzy of Marrakech, its endless souks, find yourself in the fascinating Morocco, magical desert, I have what you need. I did this excursion in January, temperature 17 degrees, very pleasant. The jacket and scarf were enough for me.

This excursion (from Marrakech) by quad bike in the Agafay desert and around Lake Takerkoust takes 4 hours. There are 2 time slots per day, one at 9 in the morning and another at 14 in the afternoon, it is the latter that I opted for.

But let's get to the point, here are some videos of what awaits you, you will be surprised, I highly recommend it!

Excuse the quality of the videos, I'm not a video pro, but it will show you the nice "vibe" of what to expect.

  • And why not do something quad in the Palmeraie of Marrakech ?

Well, simply because the Palmeral has lost all its charm, everyone will tell you. You can book a quad tour at Palmeraie, but have been warned there is no charm. It used to be a true oasis, but not anymore.

The trails for quad riding are not very good… In short, I do not advise you to ride a quad in the Palmeraie in Marrakech.

There are also buggies!

There are day trips by quad + dromedary ...

2) How to get to the quads agency from Marrakech

Well, you have two solutions, or you go by your own means, that is, with your car, or by taxi. Or the agency takes care of picking you up directly from your hotel or Riad, but don't bother and take the transfer back, it is often included in the price of the activities.

  • Yes, but my Riad is really lost in the souks of Marrakech, will they come anyway?

Good question young adventurer! Well, for my part, I was staying in Riads that are not easy to find in the Medina (Riad Al Miral and Riad Palais des Princesses, two very good addresses near Jeema El Fna square).

So I gave the address of the Riad and its phone number. For the quad tour, I was picked up directly from the Riad. For the second excursion to the Ourika valley, they called my Riad to explain where the meeting point was (for information, I am using the maps.me application which allows you to use the GPS without an internet connection).

In short, there is no problem to find them in both cases, so don't worry about that. Therefore, I advise you to stop by the agency.

3) Excursion in the Ourika valley

Another excursion that allows you to get out of Marrakech a bit is a walk through the Ourika valley located 1h30 from Marrakech, so not very far. You will climb to the top of the mountain, to see two waterfalls, but don't panic, wait 20 minutes to climb and the climb is not difficult.

Someone will pick you up around 8am to arrive around 15am in Ourika valley. You will leave the valley around 10 pm and return around 30:16 pm

They use 6-person cars (not including the driver).

Here are some videos that I made to show you the landscape, personally I preferred the quad excursion to Takerkoust from Marrakech (desert and lake), but I do not regret at all having made this visit to the Ourika Valley.


Here is a second video taken during "the ascent of the Ourika valley":

Source video. But it is not only for the source that we go to the Ourika valley, but for the landscapes, for nature, to see something more than the souks of Marrakech. Once you get down, you will be given an hour to go eat by the river. Couscous and Tajine will always be on the menu.

4) What to do after the excursion from Marrakech

Here you are with a lot of great images in mind, you are a bit frazzled and you want a bit of calm, with a beautiful view without paying too much. I suggest you eat at "l'Adresse", located in Jeema El Fna square. You will tell yourself that it is a tourist trap with its big sign, and well, you are very wrong.

You can go blindfolded, it's very good, it's not expensive and the staff is very friendly.

But you may also want to have a drink while the sun goes down. I suggest you go to the rooftop that is located in Jeema El Fna square, it is the "The great balcony of the glacier cafe".

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to make a Quad bike tour of the desert and the lake near Marrakech.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • Did you do any activity from Marrakech?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share? An activity to recommend from Marrakech?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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