Barcelona Water Parks - Guaranteed Refreshment

Barcelona Water Parks - Guaranteed Refreshment
Barcelona Water Parks - Guaranteed Refreshment

It's summer in Barcelona, ​​it's 35 ° C and the list of necessities is simple: a refreshing shade and a very cold beer.

The children sound the alarm. Things heat up and sweat quickly flows into your son's mental logic, who is determined to find an exciting alternative:

Why chill all day by the Mediterranean when you could slide down a big plastic tube at 40km / h?

Let's answer that with my list of best water parks in Barcelona.

Illa Fantasia water park

Tourists love Illa Fantasia for all the water parks near Barcelona it is the closest to the city. It is also the park with the highest number of amenities

Ce 70,000 m2 water park it offers 22 attractions, 3 giant swimming pools and a huge picnic area.

Attractions are adequate to children and adultswhether at slow, fast or extreme speeds.


  • Magnificent slides like Kamikaze, Torpedo, Ràpids and SuperTobogan.
  • Few or no queues.
  • Huge pools that give you plenty of space.
  • 9 restaurants (burgers, pizzas, ice creams, coffee shops, etc.).
  • 900 outdoor picnic tables.
  • Mini slides for children from 2 to 10 years old.
  • Free transport from Barcelona buying your ticket.

How to get there

For those who have a car: the exact address of Illa Fantasia is Finca Mas Brassó, in the town of Vilassar de Dalt. It is located approximately 25 kilometers northeast of Barcelona.

There is a free transportation to the water park from various points in Barcelona.

There is only one shuttle service daily at 10am.

The most central stop is at 5-17 Round University next to the metro station University.

You will find a pdf with the stops following this link.

You can also take a train minutes 15 from Santos Estacio to Premia de Mar, then take a free shuttle bus in front of the station; in this case, you can buy your tickets at any ticket office in Sants station.


Illa Fantasia prices are based on the height of the visitors, if you are not sure you will be measured at the entrance!

  • Adults> 1.20 m - € 28.00
  • Children> 0.90 m - € 17.00
  • Children <0.90 m - Free

The East It is highly recommended to buy your Illa Fantasia tickets online because queues can last up to 30-40 minutes, especially at the beginning of the day.

You can buy your tickets on the website of the Barcelona tourist office by clicking on the blue button below:

Portaventura Caribe water park

The most visited amusement park in Spain has not wanted to be left behind and offers a 50,000 m2 water park cuyo Caribbean theme near Barcelona in the city of Salou.

Combine the latest roller coasters with the biggest declines in Europe and here are 16 water slides with dizzying descents and a dream come true for both adults and children.

It is especially convenient for people who land at Reus airport.


  • Probably the funnest space in all of Europe.
  • Try your luck on King Kahuna, the highest slide in Europe.
  • Wide variety of attractions for the little ones including the Woody Woodpecker area.
  • Enhanced security (presence of rescuers).
  • Shows and music of a much higher level than in other parks.
  • On-site hotels with attractive package deals mean fewer trips on longer stays.
  • Recent opening of the Ferrari Land amusement park.

How to get there

The exact address of the Caribe Aquatic Park in PortAventura is De. Pere Molas, km 2.

Under normal traffic conditions, count approximately 90 minutes trip from Barcelona.

Port Aventura is so big that it has your own train station served by the company's R16 train Suburban Rail. The name of the stop cannot be invented, “Port Aventura”, and it is located between the Tarragona and Salou stations.

Trains depart from Barcelona França station, Passeig de Gracia and Sants station and the trip lasts between 80 and 90 minutes. The trip costs € 8.80 one way and € 17.60 round trip.

You can find all the train schedules by following this link.

A service of bus It exists both from El Prat airport (one hour) and from Reus (15 minutes) and can be booked here.


The following prices are not just for the water park and does not include the PortAventura theme park or Ferrari Land.

  • Adults (11-59) - € 42.00
  • Seniors 60+ - € 32.00
  • Children (4-10) - € 32.00
  • Children under 4 years - Free
  • Person with reduced mobility - € 16.00

Again, the lines can be very long, make sure buy your tickets in advance on your website to take advantage of discounts.

If you are staying in Barcelona and looking for a day ticket, buy a combined water park + bus ticket through the tourist office by clicking on the following button:

For those who want to visit several parks in the 3 and 7 day packages exist, more information click here.

Water World Lloret water park

The best park near Barcelona only ranks third on my list because it's not that close. In fact, you will have to go to the Costa Brava to get to this 140,000 m2 kingdom.

21 attractions present, of which 3 for the smallest, 11 for families and 4 more serious for adults.

It is a great idea to take a walk around the festive town of Lloret de Mar.


  • The largest water park near Barcelona and one of the largest in Europe.
  • Modern facilities.
  • The famous Speed ​​Furious and its capsule.
  • Numerous restaurants (pizza, BBQ, kebabs, etc.) and other bars.
  • Free transport from different places (not Barcelona).
  • Picnic area, so bring your own food.

How to get there

The address of Water World is Carretera de Vidreres, Km 1,2.

With optimal traffic conditions it can be reached in 80 minutes from the center of Barcelona.

The other option is to take advantage of the many free shuttle service I propose by the park. The STOPS are Lloret de Mar, Malgrat de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Pineda de Mar, and Blanes.

From Barcelona the most practical is to get to Blanes taking the R1 train from Sants or El-Clot Arago station. The trip lasts between 75 and 90 minutes. A one-way ticket costs € 5.40.

Again, it is quite remote and can be a complement to a holiday on the Costa Brava or Lloret de Mar.


Water World Lloret rates vary by size, with some exceptions.

  • Adults> 1.20 m - € 33.00
  • Seniors 65+ - € 19.00
  • Children from 0.80 m to 1.20 m - € 17.00
  • Children <0.80 m - Free

There are many Water World ticket discounts available on their website (10% discount for online purchases, 4 tickets for the price of 3 with a 25% discount, etc.).

For a complete list of all their offerings, visit their website.

Come back for only 5.00 ! By presenting the receipt of a purchase at the counter, you can return to the park the next day for 5 euros (valid once per person and per season).

Marineland Catalunya water park

This association of a dolphinarium and a water park offers a wide range of activities, ranging from relaxing pools or to ascending slides that will lift your heart.

If you take a ticket, attend glasses diaries of dolphins, exotic birds and sea lions. Eat in one of the three restaurants or cool off in one of the many glaciers.

Adults love the thrill of Black hole and the speed of the slides of the Speed ​​boat.


  • Easy access from many cities, accessible by train from Barcelona.
  • More diverse than other parks.
  • Meet the famous Boomerang, a 15-meter half-pipe.
  • Nice educational side for the little ones through animal shows.
  • Better value for money if you buy your tickets with online discounts.

How to get there

Marineland Catalunya is located in the town of Pallafols the exact address is Ctra. Despite Palafolls s / n.

It is quite close to Barcelona, ​​it counts anyway one hour trip in optimal traffic conditions.

For those who do not have a car, they should take one of the shuttles (For 1€ also) from many places on the Costa Brava. There are stops in Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar, Lloret Fenals, Blanes, Callela, Pineda, Santa Susana and Malgrat.

The closest city to Barcelona with a free bus service is Callela.

To learn more about the shuttles, you are here.

Another interesting option is to take the train R1 Barcelona to Santa Susanna - there are free buses that leave from the station.

For more information on the Santa Susana option, follow the free transfers.


Unlike other parks, Marineland's prices are based solely on age.

  • Adults (+ 10 years) - € 29.00
  • Seniors 65+ - € 19.00
  • Children (5 to 10 years) - € 19.00
  • Mini (from 3 to 4 years old) - € 12.00
  • Children under 3 years - Free

Please note that these prices are those charged at the counters: Buying online you will save up to € 4.00 on a ticket, so it is highly recommended.

For a full list of prices like 2-day passes, group discounts, etc., check out their website.

Tips for Barcelona's water parks

  • Make sure to buy your tickets online to save money and time (blue buttons above).
  • All parks have picnic areas, so bring food to save money.
  • Check the schedules of the free transfers to avoid any mishap.
  • Buy sunscreen before leaving (or outside the tourist areas of Barcelona) to pay for it at the right price.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes before the doors open to secure lockers and loungers of your choice.
  • Bring flip flops because the hot concrete and artificial grass will burn your feet!
  • Bring your ID cards to check the ages, they are very strict.

Swipe the comments to get more information.

If you still don't feel knowledgeable enough about water parks, ask me about it in the comments below.

Also, don't forget that I'm here to answer your questions about your Barcelona vacation or to improve the blog based on any constructive criticism you may have.

Also, don't be afraid to join the discussion about Barcelona attractions on my new Facebook group called “For City Lovers”. Here you can ask questions, voice your complaints, chat with other travelers and more - anything goes!

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