Barcelona with a disability - Information and advice

Barcelona with a disability - Information and advice
Barcelona with a disability - Information and advice

Barcelona is not the easiest place to visit.

With so many attractions and visitors, you will unfortunately run into some obstacles, and a considerable lack of resources for them. disabled visitors, the problems may get worse.

Whether you are looking for disabled access in Barcelona, ​​wheelchair access, assistance for the visually impaired or any other type of disability that requires special assistance, here I have listed all the information you need to main attractions and discounts Possible.

Have a special request that you can't find here?

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Visiting Barcelona with a disability

Sagrada Familia


People with handicap of 65% or more enter for free with an assistant.

Unlike in previous years, in 2020 it is now possible to buy tickets online at the "disabled" rate for all entrance options to the Sagrada Familia (single entry, audio guide, audio guide + visits, etc.).

Basic admission can only be purchased online if you purchase theaudio guide application for € 4 (instead of € 8 normally).

At the time of purchase, 2 disabled people must be indicated as a quantity (one for the interested party and one for the companion). Don't forget that only basic entry is free.

You can make your reservation directly online from the official website of the Sagrada Familia, to avoid queues at the site.

To use the tickets, you must present all documents related to your disability status.

Disabled Access

The entrance for disabled visitors is in the Sardinia street.

Here you can request special attention from any of the employees, including a wheelchair.

General information

For visitors with disabilities, I highly recommend that visit someone else because there are a lot of ramps in the church. Some can be quite steep so it can be a bit strenuous.

Unfortunately, visitors with reduced mobility cannot visit the towers.

For the visually impaired, you will be happy to know that there is a braille card or of course an audio guide.

The Sagrada Familia is equipped with Bathroom out of service.

For more information, see my article dedicated to the Sagrada Familia.

Parc Güell


For disabled visitors, entrance to Park Güell is free even if you have to "buy" your tickets at the counters. Your guide will have to pay € 7,00.

To save time, these two tickets can be purchased online directly from the official website where you will need to select a ticket for disabled person and if you need a ticket for your guide.

The two tickets are glue cutters.

Disabled Access

There are several possible entrances, some more suitable for people with reduced mobility than others.

For wheelchairs I suggest entering through the Carmel Road 23 - this is where bus 23 will drop you off at Plaça Catalunya.

General information

The park, built on top of a hill, is quite dangerous terrain even for visitors without disabilities. Along the way you will find ramps and even some escalators, but I still recommend that you arrive with a guide.

In the park, at the foot of the main staircase, there is a toilet for the disabled.

The blind will find braille signs at the entrances to Carrer Olot and Carretera del Carmel streets. The tourist coach parking located in Carrer del Carmel 18 has 3 special places for the disabled.

Visitors with special requests can contact Park Guell customer service at

For more information, see my article dedicated to Parc Güell.

Batlló house


Unfortunately, as it is not a public building, you will not get a discount on admission here. Visitors with reduced mobility must pay the Final price to € 25,00.

You can buy tickets online directly from Ticketbar to get a free video guide and skip the lines.

Disabled Access

The main entrance is at Passeig de Gracia 43.

Here you will find a series of stairs that can be easily avoided with a small ramp.

General information

Casa Batlló has a 1,20 m by 1,0 m elevator that allows visitors to navigate the building with relative ease. If your wheelchair is too large, you can ask the staff to use one of their models that is perfect for the building.

Unfortunately, the terrace and the famous inner courtyard "water space" are not accessible for wheelchairs.

The companions of visually impaired visitors have free access to Casa Batlló.

It is even possible to have the audio guide text in braille. Inside you will also find a three-dimensional reproduction of the building's famous façade, where visitors can understand its shape and ornaments.

Unfortunately there are no toilets for the disabled at Casa Batlló.

For more information, see my article on Casa Batlló.

Quarry (Milan House)


For visitors with handicap of more than 33%, the ticket can be purchased at reduced rate of € 16,50 (audio guide included). These tickets can be purchased directly online, avoiding the queues.

Visitors with disabilities with motor skills or handicap over 65% enter for free, like his assistant. In this case, access is free by presenting directly on the site with documentation related to disability.

Disabled Access

The main entrance is easily accessible at Carrer de Provença 261-265.

General information

To allow wheelchair access, the building has two elevators, one for the inhabitants ("the noble elevator") and another of recent construction that allows access to the rest of the floors of the building, including the terrace.

Unfortunately, due to the uneven terrain of the terrace with many stairs, this part is not recommended for visitors with disabilities.

But do not worry! La Pedrera added a small observation deck 2m by 2m which allows you to enjoy a panoramic view from the terrace and its famous chimneys.

The ground floor of the building has two bathrooms adapted for people with reduced mobility.

For visually impaired visitors, La Pedrera is very suitable. You'll find a ton of braille signs, palpable three-dimensional reproductions of the building and the classic audio guide.

For more information, see my article dedicated to La Pedrera.

Camp Nou Stadium


Disabled and wheelchair visitors pay 17,00€. These tickets can be purchased exclusively on the site, at the counters located at door 9 of avenue Jeanne XXII.

Disabled Access

The main entrance to the stadium has an easily accessible ramp.

General information

For structural reasons, due to the different stairs present in the stadium, a visit to Camp Nou is not not very suitable for people in wheelchairs and with reduced mobility.

If you are a big football fan and still want to visit it, the easiest parts to access are: the museum, the trophy cabinets, the area dedicated to Leo Messi and the panoramic view of the stadium from the upper deck.

There is the possibility of using a elevator between floors, but once you get there there will be a lot of stairs and uneven surfaces. It is just a warning.

Visitors with disabilities will find adapted bathrooms throughout the stadium.

For more information, see my article dedicated to the Camp Nou.

Magic Fountain


The Magic Fountain of Barcelona show is free for all visitors.

General information

For wheelchair access you will find a ramp to avoid the difficult climb if you arrive from Plaça Espanya. You will find this ramp right in front of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion.

For more information, see my article on the Magic Fountain.

Castillo de montjuic


Possiblefree access at the Castle of Montjuic buying your tickets directly at the box office. In this case, a companion is also admitted free of charge.

General information

People with reduced mobility will not be able to access the terrace because the terrain is uneven and difficult to handle.

For more information, see my article dedicated to Montjuic.


Here you will find the most current information for people with reduced mobility who use the main means of transport in the city.

Remember that in 2010 Barcelona undertook to become the city with the most suitable public transport system for people with reduced mobility in Europe, so it should be up to the task.


The Barcelona metro network is considered an excellent benchmark among European cities due to its unmatched accessibility. Across the network, you will find stations equipped with elevators for people with reduced mobility.

Unfortunately there are No reduction for disabled users.

Anyway, I suggest you get a discounted transport card like the classic Hola Bcn; This includes unlimited transport throughout the Barcelona network and allows you to save a little money, especially if you buy the reduced-price version online.

The metro stations that are not yet equipped with elevators are:

  • Red line L1: Plaza de Sants, España, Urquinaona te Clot.
  • Ligne verte L3: Spain te Vallcarca.
  • Yellow line L4: Maragall, Verdaguer, Urquinaona, Jaume 1 and Ciutadella / Villa Olímpica.
  • Blue line L5: Virrei Amat, Maragall, Verdaguer and Plaza de Sants.

For the visually impaired, you will find assistance through the ground paving which will allow you to understand the main parts of the stations such as stairs, lockers, escalators (with braille captions) and platforms.

You can find a map of the Barcelona metro here.


Barcelona's bus network is fully adapted people with reduced mobility.

Each bus is equipped with a ramp allowing wheelchair access. On board, you will also find visual and hearing aids for the visually and hearing impaired.

No No reduction for disabled users they have the same prices as for the metro.

Tourist bus

The most comfortable option for tourists with reduced mobility. Here you can make a complete itinerary of Barcelona without lifting a finger.

All tour buses are equipped with a ramp allowing access to disabled travelers. However, there is a limit, as it is only possible to sit on the ground floor of the bus and not upstairs.

For people with hearing problems, it is possible to request an audio amplification device at the official Barcelona tourist office (you must leave a deposit of € 200 in cash or with a credit card).

Tourist bus service offer a discount for disabled visitors with a handicap of 33% or more - the price is € 25,00 for one day of access and € 35,00 for two days.

To get your tickets in advance online, Click the button below:


You can use the European Union Disabled Parking Card in public parking lots. Of course, only in designated spaces. You will notice them because they have the international symbol.

In the central areas, you can also park your car on the green and blue lines, with no time limit, as long as you leave your disabled parking tag visible.

All underground parking lots must have places reserved for disabled drivers and elevators that reach the street.

Some public car parks, even with the disabled symbol, require a license plate number; in this case, it is a private car park and you will not be able to park there.


The Spanish railways offer a special pass called Gold Card disabled travelers over 18 years of age. This pass offers many reductions depending on the route taken.

It is possible to obtain the Golden Card in all seasons and Renfe travel agencies at a price of € 6,00.

People with disabilities greater than 65% can obtain this card that includes a companion or, rather, that allows the companion to get the same discount.


  • Long distance trains and TGV (AVE): 25% from Monday to Thursday, 40% from Friday to Sunday
  • Medium-distance trains: 40%
  • Fast medium-distance trains (Before): 25% from Monday to Friday, 40% Saturday and Sunday
  • Short-distance fast trains (Cercanías): 40%
  • Trains to mileage: 50%

These tickets can be purchased at ATMs or ticket counters.

Spanish railway services offer the service Context which offers support at various stations for boarding and leaving trains.

You can book any of these services through the “Renfe Atendo” application or by phone at (0034) 902 24 05 05.

Wheelchair accessible taxis

Taking a taxi in Barcelona is a great option for those who want to get around in absolute comfort, and you can find them for a fairly decent price.

Friend taxi is a company that has custom made cars for disabled travelers and that has specialized in this service for years. Thanks to its great cars and its special access ramp, you can move around the city without any problem.

The number to reserve an Amic taxi is (0034) 934.

application Free now has also recently expanded its fleet with taxis adapted for people with disabilities. Prices start from € 14 each way and you can book your taxi on your phone

In our taxi article, you will find detailed information on how to use FreeNow and links to download the APP for Android and iOS. The only thing you should also know is that when they ask you to select the vehicle you will have to choose the one called "Accessibility", recognizable by the logo with the little one in a wheelchair.

Accessible transportation from El Prat airport


To get to the city center, this method takes 30 minutes at a cost of € 5,90 each way (€ 10,20 round trip).

I always suggest buying your tickets directly online to avoid having to queue at the airport. This bus is equipped with a ramp allowing access to passengers in wheelchairs or with other disabilities.

The stops will be announced by the bus driver (the main ones are Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya).


En terminal station 2 from El Prat airport, the "Atendo" service is unfortunately not available. What you can do, however, is apply 30 minutes in advance at the counters.

Once an hour, a train should come out with a ramp to help you get on board. For more information about the schedules of this train, you should contact Atendo's customer service at 902 24 05 05 (24 hours a day).

bus 46

As I have already mentioned, all bus services are perfectly adapted to users with reduced mobility.

Bus 46 leaves from any of the airport terminals and takes you to Plaça Espanya. Buses leave 20 minutes each and every trip should last 50 minutes.

The night buses available are the N16, N17 and N18.

Disabled access to cruise port

If you arrive at the Barcelona cruise port, please note that the shuttle is equipped with a wheelchair ramp. If you get to Attached dock (terminals A, B, C and D), this is mandatory due to the distance.

Outside all terminals you will find the cruise bus (or T-3 Portbus) that will take you to the end of La Rambla.

The price is € 3,00 (€ 4,00 round trip).

You can buy your tickets in advance online through our partner Ticketbar by clicking the blue button below:

Wheelchair rental in Barcelona

Here are some solutions for wheelchair and electric rental in Barcelona.

First of all you can rent a folding wheelchair at the Barcelona Tourist Office. The model is the one in the photo that you will see when making the reservation and the price varies from € 20 for 1 day to € 133 for a week's rental. They are delivered to your accommodation.

If you want to be taken to El Prat airport, we do not recommend it because you have to take the chair into a taxi. Their advice is to use the means made available by the passenger assistance at the airport and have the wheelchair delivered to your hotel.

Another solution is the AMIGO24 store, which offers different models of electric and non-electric wheelchairs, as well as scooters. They also deliver to your hotel and prices vary depending on the model and length of the rental.

Accessible housing

To complete the organization of your holidays, we have decided to recommend accommodation. suitable for disabled travelers.

The following information has been provided by the hotels themselves. To reserve we suggest you call the structure directly to request more information.

Grand Hotel Torre Catalunya

90/120 € | Av. De Roma, 2-4 | Metro: Tarragona (L4) | Website | +34 936 006 966

This hotel is located near the Barcelona Santos Estacio station and it is one of the best equipped for people with disabilities. With a total of 4 accessible rooms, the Grand Hotel Torre Catalunya is one of the best solutions in Barcelona.

The hotel has several ramps They allow you to access the hotel and each one is equipped with a railing. There are 4 lifts, but they do not have the verbal announcement of the floors and the buttons are slightly raised.

The rooms have a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a railing next to the toilet.

Hotels auditor illunion

120/130 € | Calle de Sicilia, 166 | Metro: Arc de Triomf (L1) | Website | +34 932 437 600

Located in the heart of the Eixample, the Hotel Illunion Auditori is an establishment adapted to welcome people with reduced mobility and the blind. The hotel is 5 minutes from theArc de Triomphe in a very quiet area and ideal for accessing the different attractions of Barcelona.

Un ramp perfectly designed with railings will allow you to access the entrance hall, lifts and in the restaurant / bar area of ​​the hotel.

The rooms are very spacious, with the presence of a system braille and the light and air conditioning switch to one ideal height for those in a wheelchair.

The private bathroom with shower on the floor, as well as the mirror have been placed lower. With 6 fully accessible rooms and a staff trained to receive disabled visitors, the Hotel Illunion Auditori is one of the best establishments in Barcelona.

Come discuss in the comments below.

Again, if something is missing and you need more information, be sure to message me below.

You can also check the official website of the Barcelona Tourist Office for the reduced price version online. In any case, your questions about your holidays in Barcelona will be answered as soon as possible.

Also, don't be afraid to join the discussion on my new Facebook group called "For City Lovers." Here you can ask questions, voice your complaints, chat with other travelers and more - anything goes!

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