Beaches of Barcelona

Beaches of Barcelona
Beaches of Barcelona

National Geographic called him best seaside city in the world And yet all I hear is locals complaining that it is crowded, dirty, and expensive.

Can they be right about best beaches in barcelona? It is up to you to decide.

Let's find a stretch of sand for you.

Beaches of Barcelona

Barceloneta beach

It is the most popular beach from Barcelona due to its location near the Barceloneta metro station, but you should be able to get there in 20-30 minutes on foot from anywhere from the old town.

Barceloneta beach is at the foot of the old fishing district of the same name. Is a lovely authentic neighborhood where you will find the best paella in Barcelona.

The crowds here naturally result in a large number of street vendors, tourist traps and waste. Buy sunscreen, water, food, and anything else up front or you'll pay 20% more.

  • Close to all downtown attractions.
  • A great place to eat seafood.
  • There are too many departments to name.
  • It's easy to meet people from all over the world.
  • The boardwalk is a great place for a morning stroll near the hotels.

After Barceloneta beach, I recommend that you go to the famous Bar Leo (Carrer de Sant Carles 34) where you can take your beers to the street with a plastic glass and even attend a free spanish guitar concert.

It is also one of the best beaches in Barcelona to eat. Then go Binnacle (Carrer de Balboa 1, quality Spanish tapas) or somorrostro (Calle de San Carlos 11, fruits of modern espagnols).

Bogatell beach

You will arrive at Playa del Bogatell from the Llacuna metro stop (yellow line L4) after approximately 10-15 minutes of walking.

Here you will find an optimal place for families, as the travel time from the center is shorter and you will find fewer young people playing music and drinking beer than on the other large beaches in the city.

You will also find a cleaner water (in comparison) during peak season.

At the northeast end of the beach you will find many free fitness equipment. If you don't like sand, you can also use the concrete armchairs offering an impressive view of the port.

You can buy cheap food and drinks at gas stations. Repsol o mcdonald's.

  • It is less crowded than Barceloneta but it is still central with the same services.
  • Close to a nice accommodation in the emerging neighborhood of Poble Nou.
  • There are chiringuitos (beach bars) at reasonable prices.
  • Swimmers with a weak level will like shallow water of about 50 meters.
  • You can rent umbrellas and deck chairs at a reasonable price.

The restaurant bar Escribà (Av. Del Litoral 62), located on the beach, is unbeatable. The specialties are paellas and sunsets.

I also suggest getting on the Rambla del Poblenou for its bars and restaurants with terraces.

Make sure you stop at Uncle Che (Rambla del Poblenou 44) to enjoy an ice cream or a horchata Refreshing milk and ice drink from Valencia made with tigernuts.

The Somorrostro beach

This classic Barcelona beach is in the most energetic place from the promenade.

If you look at the sea, you will find the Playa del Somorrostro immediately to the right of the two iconic skyscrapers on the seafront: can be reached from the Ciutadella Vila Olimpic metro station.

This beach could be called the Barceloneta cousin (it was part of it until 2011): it is full of tourists and young people who want to have a good time.

There are many sellers, including club promoters, and maybe you can get a good deal.

In fact, it is home to some of the best clubs in Barcelona specialized in electronic music such as Opium, Pacha and Catwalk.

There is also a nice corner with crossfit equipment free.

  • Lots of young people looking to have fun.
  • Cleanest central beach (it's relative, still not that great!).
  • Great restaurants on the beach.

Due to its prime location along the beach, it won't be cheap to eat at Water (Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta 30), but you will find quality seafood and a good sangria.

You may want to cool off with a drink at the legendary Ice Bar.

The plage of Nueva Icaria

This Barcelona beach is located northeast of the two skyscrapers. Get off the metro at the Ciutadella Vila Olimpica stop on the yellow line; from there you can also walk to the Parque de la Ciutadella.

Here you will find tons of beach volleyball courts, restaurants, tapas bars and the famous casino.

There are fewer vendors here, which is a bonus. But the water is not the cleanest in the area. She is there too Further inside Than other beaches, so be careful with children.

Going down the stairs near the boats is an area full of seedy tourist clubs. Club parties are generally limitless and cater for the crazy looking tourists - watch the dancers in the bars.

  • Many places dedicated to volleyball.
  • Close to the best beach bars in Barcelona such as Opium or Pacha.
  • It is a great place to meet members of the opposite sex.

Playa Mar Bella

Get off at the Llacuna metro station (yellow line) and walk 15 minutes to a hidden area behind a huge sand mound.

Even though it's a beach nudist and gay friendly, it's a bit like "come as you are". There is no pressure to fully undress! In fact, I've been there a dozen times in my usual beach outfit.

Unlike many other nude beaches, the crowd is quite eclectic and is not limited to a group of naughty men in their late teens. ?

This beach is a little less exposed so expect something choppy waves on windy days it is naturally the most popular spot for surfing or windsurfing (rare).

The advantage is that there are almost no vendors.

  • Here the water is much cleaner.
  • You won't have to deal with constant interruption from sellers.
  • You will see beautiful naked bodies (and others not so much!).

Playa Nova Mar

Among the best beaches in Barcelona, ​​we finally come to my favorite: Nova Mar.

By metro, get off at the Selva de Mar stop on the yellow line and walk 15 minutes.

It's much further, then it is naturally calmer and the sea is very clean. It is the perfect place to relax if you want to escape the crowds while soaking up the sun.

For those looking for the best shops in Barcelona, ​​the Diagonal Mar shopping center is just ten minutes from Avenida Diagonal 3.

  • The cleanest beach in Barcelona.
  • The best plan for peace.
  • Nearby shopping possibilities.

How to get to the beaches of Barcelona

If your hotel or hostel is located along the yellow metro line (L4), you are in luck. All the beaches listed here are served by this line.

Must walk 10-15 minutes from the indicated stops, but with a bright sun and many attractions along the way to make you happy.

There are transportation alternatives. For starters, there is probably no better way to visit Barcelona in summer than by renting a bike: it's cheap and the promenade is designed for that.

You can also play it 100% Mediterranean and rent a scooter to maximize the effect of the wind on your hair, with the added benefit of being able to pass people who come only by subway or bicycle.

From March to October, the green line of the Tourist Bus serves the beaches of Barcelona.

Barcelona beach map

Tips for the beach in Barcelona

  • The bathing season is between mid-May and the end of September.
  • Walk into town to buy drinks at 50% cheaper shops / markets.
  • Alone? Rent a secure locker at the beach gym for your valuables.
  • Ask your hotel if they provide beach towels (some do!).
  • Go around 18pm to avoid the crowds and sunburn, it's still lovely.
  • Don't pay more than € 1,50 for beer / water from street vendors.
  • Buying an umbrella is cheaper than renting.
  • Always negotiate the price when buying souvenirs; you can get up to 25% discount.
  • Bring a windbreaker outside of hot weather.

The best beaches near Barcelona

Barcelona's beaches are pale compared to those that are usually a short bus or train ride away; If you have time to spare and want a true beach vacation, seriously consider getting out of town.

If you like wide and long beaches, take the train and go to Casteldefells, Sitges, Vilanova i la Gertrù or Calafell.

If you like small beaches at the foot of the rocky coast, head north and visit the Costa Brava.

There are postcard decorations everywhere.

The beaches of the Costa Brava

For the best beaches near Barcelona without a car, head to Tossa de Mar. Take a roundtrip bus from Estaciò del Norte for € 24,50 (€ 12,25 one way). It takes 1h20 to travel.

However, don't stop there. From Tossa de Mar bus station you can take a bus to Cala Llevadò. There are beautiful coves and few of them are reserved for naturists.

There is also the very popular place of the large hotel complexes and the party center: Lloret de Mar.

Frequently asked questions about the beaches of Barcelona

Is it possible to swim in the sea in Barcelona?

All the city's beaches are suitable for swimming, especially between May and September. The best temperatures for bathing and most services are between June and August.

The rest of the year, swimming is very rare.

What metro station for the beach of Barcelona?

Most visitors get off at the Barceloneta metro station that serves the main beaches.

Others can be reached from the Ciutadella i Villa Olimpic, Bogatell, Llacuna, Poble Nou and Selva del Mar metro stations, on the yellow line (L4) of the Barcelona metro.

Where can I eat on the beach in Barcelona?

If you are thinking of eating, the best thing to do is go to Barceloneta beach and then walk along Passeig de Joan de Borbo street, where you will find a large number of Spanish seafood and tapas restaurants. .

Bitacora, La Cova Fumada and Somorrostro are nearby.

You can also sit on Bogatell beach and then walk the 100 meters to Xiringiuto Escribá to enjoy an incredible paella.

Can you drink on the beaches of Barcelona?

Legally it is not allowed, although the law is rarely enforced, so do not hesitate to bring your alcohol to the beach, as long as you act responsibly and collect your cans and bottles.

Otherwise there are also tons of lateros (can sellers) who will sell you a can of beer for around € 1,50; they refuse to pay more than that.

How far is Barcelona beach from Las Ramblas?

From the bottom of Las Ramblas to the nearest beach of Barceloneta, it is a 1,8 km walk that will take you about 25 minutes.

Is it safe to visit the beaches of Barcelona at night?

As a general rule, you can sit on the beach as late as you like. However, in the event of an interruption, the police or security personnel may ask you to move. They usually sweep the beach around 3-4am and no one can be there during that time.

Just watch out for pickpockets and things like that.

Is it possible to surf in the sea in Barcelona?

There are moderate waves off the coast of Barcelona between October and March, which is ideal for occasional surfers and people taking lessons. The best beaches are Bogatell or further down the coast in Sitges.

Where can I take surf lessons?

The most famous place would be the Espai de Mar de la Barceloneta aquatic center.

When was the beach in Barcelona built?

The coast was largely industrial until a massive revitalization project that created the beaches in conjunction with the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Take a dip in the comments below.

If I forgot something, let me know in the comments below. And don't forget to write me if you have any questions, no matter how ridiculous, about your vacation in Barcelona.

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Also, don't be afraid to join the discussion on my new Facebook group called "For City Lovers." Here you can ask questions, voice your complaints, chat with other travelers and more - anything goes!

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