Breakfast in Barcelona - 17 tasty places

Breakfast in Barcelona - 17 tasty places
Breakfast in Barcelona - 17 tasty places

Many people have asked me where to have a breakfast in barcelona.

If you are looking for coffee and pastries, a full English breakfast, smoothies, classic cereals with milk, vegan options or a typical Barcelona breakfast with Mediterranean ingredients, I have grouped them here.

Any good traveler should probably try all of this! Then let's get started.

Spanish breakfast

la Pubilla

€€ - €€€ | Quartier: Grace | Freedom Square 23 | Metro: Fontana (L3)

This classic from the Gracia neighborhood is very popular with the locals; You will find it just outside the Mercat de la Llibertat, a charming food market in a modernist building.

Sit at the long wooden bar, settle into the lively atmosphere and taste the classic fork breakfast, which is simply: a "breakfast on a fork".

You will get a plate ofscrambled eggs with bacon or sobrasada (typical Mallorcan charcuterie with pork tenderloin and paprika), as well as a delicious Spanish omelette that would end the biggest hangover.

Hours: Monday to Saturday (8:30 am-midnight) and closed on Sundays.

Viader farm

€€ | Neighborhood: Ramblas | Carrer d'en Xuclá 4-6 | Metro: Liceu (L3)

If you've ever read articles about local classics of churros con chocolate, consider adding this version of fried donut sticks popular to list. Granja Viader is my favorite among all the breakfast places in Barcelona to feel like a child again.

This is thedated atmosphere pastry shop your grandmother used to take you to. It has been there since 1870. It was originally a dairy store and in fact they still make their own yogurt.

If you're looking for traditional sweet breakfast Composed of Catalan cream (a type of crème brûlée), mel i mató (a type of ricotta with walnuts and honey) or ensaimadas (a sweet spiral brioche), you have come to the right place.

An authentic local, like few in the city.

Hours: Monday to Sunday (9:00 am to 13:15 pm).


€€€ | Neighborhood: Ramblas | Carrer de la Rambla 89 | Metro: Liceu (L3)

When people claim the best authentic breakfast from Barcelona, ​​I tell them to sit down to eat at a renowned restaurant that stocks what some call the best food market in the world.

It is the ideal place to savor traditional Catalan cuisine, sitting in a bar in the heart of a bustling market, greet the waiter for a latte as a local.

A safe bet is another delicious Spanish omelette, but opt ​​for chickpeas and blood sausage. Make sure to get there early or you will fight for a seat.

Hours: Monday to Saturday (6:30 am to 16:XNUMX pm) and closed on Sundays.

French breakfast in Barcelona


€€ | Neighborhood: Camp Nou | Calle de Bassegoda 56 | Subway: Badal (L5)

When I had to write this article I asked myself "What is a typical French breakfast ..." and then I yelled "croissants of course!" "How about trying the best croissant in spain? I'm not even the one saying it.

Sant Croi by Albert Roca pastry shop won the last edition of the contest for the best artisan butter croissant in Spain. And you are lucky because it is located in Barcelona!

Come and taste their croissants, either in their original or revised form. You will find chocolate, garnished with pastry cream, and even in salty version.

Hours: Monday to Thursday (08:30 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. and 16:30 p.m. to 20:30 p.m.) And from Friday to Sunday (08:00 a.m. to 20:30 p.m.).

Madeleine Mon Amour

€€ - €€€ | Neighborhood: Poblenou | Rambla del Poblenou 117 | Metro: Poblenou (L4)

I think you have it with the name, here the muffin they are in the spotlight. You will never see so much Madeleine as here. You will find it in a multitude of flavors: chocolate, lemon, coconut, pistachio, hazelnut, ... and even salty versions!

The employees of this restaurant, located near the museum of modern art, are always very cozy. If you're (already) nostalgic, come and recharge your batteries here.

Why eat muffins for breakfast when you serve them? all day?

Hours: Wednesday to Thursday (11:00 am to 22:30 pm), Friday (11:00 am to 23:00 pm) and Saturday to Sunday (10:00 am to 23:00 pm).


€ | Neighborhood: Eixample | Calle de Lauria 114 | Metro: Diagonal (L3 / L5)

Everything here revolves around another classic beloved by French gastronomy: the chous. Repollo, éclairs, Paris-Brest and incluso chouquettes! Well you can also find croissants, fruit cakes, brownies, cookies, ...

Located near the Casa de les Punxes, this pastry shop offers breakfast formulas: a cabbage + a hot drink + a fresh homemade juice for € 6.

Hours: Monday to Friday (08:30 am-19:30pm) and Saturdays (09:30 am-17:00pm).


€ | District: Barceloneta | Baluarte 38-40 | Metro: Barceloneta (L4)

Un bakery full of locals that make some of the best breads and croissants in Barcelona. While you wait for your order, watch the bakers at work and even feel the heat of the oven.

There is no seat, but who's complaining? You can have your pain au chocolat and juice and be on the beach in 5 minutes.

Hours: Monday to Saturday (08:00 to XNUMX:XNUMX).

American breakfast + brunch

Brunch and cake

€€ | Neighborhood: Eixample | Calle Enric Granados 19 | Metro: University (various)

My American friend says this place looks a lot like California. This modern place offers classic breakfasts like freshly squeezed orange juice, œufs Benedicte and smoked salmon bagels. Then they offer delicious cakes.

The pancakes They are also very popular here: opt for the Nutella or banana matcha versions and try the best coffees in Barcelona.

The colorful and modern presentation here is really impressive.

Hours: Monday to Sunday (08:00 am to 21:30 pm).


€ | Neighborhood: El Raval | Parliament Street 20 | Metro: Poble Sec (L3)

Have you ever considered going to a Dunkin'Donuts for your coffee and breakfast? Stop right there! American pastry chef Richard Bies offers a delicious alternative those donuts.

You will find this cafe in one of the most fashionable streets from Barcelona with Flavors 12 On the menu that changes daily. Some examples? Apricot and pistachio, chocolate and violet, lemon curd with raspberry, grapefruit and ginger and vanilla frosting.

If your mouth doesn't water at the sight of these beauties, something may be wrong.

A good place for a cheap breakfast because the prices vary from € 3,00 to € 3,50.

Hours: Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.) and Saturday to Sunday (9:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.) Or while stocks last.

El Flako

€ | Neighborhood: Born | Calle del Parliament 20 | Métro: Jaume I (L4)

The idea of ​​pouring a pint of milk into a large bowl of my favorite cereal and gorging myself is really something to do at home in my pajamas for a Sunday breakfast. Then I went to the first cereal cafe in Barcelona.

Since March 2017, it's been love at first sight for cereal lovers in this cozy place, with a retro atmosphere, that serves more 150 types of cereals. You just have to choose your cereals completely Customizable, add the dressings and pour in the regular or flavored milk.

An ideal place if you visit Barcelona with children.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday (16:00 p.m. to 20:30 p.m.) and Saturday and Sunday (10:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.).


€€€ | Neighborhood: El Raval | Calle del Pintor Fortuny 31 | Metro: Liceu (L3)

The high ceilings, the comfortable armchairs and theindustrial atmosphere This trendy brunch spot looks more like London than Barcelona, ​​perhaps because of the Anglo-Australian couple who run it.

Here you'll find revised classics like Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict and French Toast with Ricotta and Fruit Compote. Other favorites include avocado on toast, Huevos Rancheros, and a full vegetarian lunch.

Taste their famous tea chai latte (an espresso combined with chai tea and milk) or a craft beer.

Hours: Monday and Tuesday (9:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.), Wednesday to Friday (09:30 a.m. to midnight), Saturday (10 a.m. to midnight) and Sunday (00 a.m. to XNUMX p.m.).

Petitbo Farm

€€ - €€€ | Neighborhood: Eixample | Paseo de San Juan 82 | Metro: Verdaguer (various)

Nestled along one of Barcelona's prettiest pedestrian avenues and within walking distance of the legendary Sagrada Familia, is the super-modern, American-inspired hipster brunch fresh off Friends.

Don't be scared off by the mix of modern foreigners and locals - breakfast here is delicious. the homemade juices They are as cool as a June beach dip. Try the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or the chocolate banana pancakes.

The Mimosas They are as good as in one of the best bars in Barcelona.

Hours: Monday to Friday (09 am to 00:23 pm) and Saturday and Sunday (30 am to 10:00 pm).

English breakfast in Barcelona


€€ | Area: Gothic | Plaza Joaquim Xirau | Metro: Shipyards (L3)

Whether you call it English breakfast, Irish breakfast, or whatever, it is suitable for people who want real classics: two sausages, bacon, blood sausage, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes. hash browns and baked beans.

This Irish pub is a great place to have breakfast or a few drinks and then dive into the afternoon football - it's one of the best sports bars de la ciudad.

You will not pay more than 10 euros, drinks included.

Hours: Monday to Sunday (09:00 am to 02:00 pm).

Milk Bar and Bistro

€€ | Area: Gothic | Carrer d'en Gignàs 21 | Metro: Barceloneta (L3)

By a a bit more refined approach From the classic English breakfast, look no further than bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms, chips, tomatoes, and toast. One of the classic menu items. brunch de fitness.

You also can't go wrong with the smoothies, the chorizo ​​mince, or the burger with smoked bacon and eggs. Tourists were delighted with the Bloody Mary, a good way to get back together for a new night at a disco.

Hours: Monday to Sunday (9 am to 00 am, Friday to Saturday until 02:00 am).

Healthy breakfast in Barcelona

Flax and kale

€€ - €€€ | Neighborhood: El Raval | 74B Street | Metro: University (various)

This place is very popular with food lovers and is among the best restaurants in Barcelona. It is located in the heart of the Raval, among skaters, hipsters, tourists and kebabs.

A common point to all this is a tasty and healthy breakfast. So, dive into the acai bowls (or one of the "healthy bowls"), quinoa pancakes, and cold-pressed juices.

A great option for gluten-free consumers.

Hours: Monday to Friday (09:00 am to 23:30 pm), Saturday to Sunday (09:30 am to 23:30 pm).


€ - €€ | Quartier: San Antonio | Ronda de San Antonio 63 | Metro: University (diverse)

I would be sure to add a vegan breakfast option to the list. This small cafe located just outside the Plaza Universitat serves delicious food without animal products.

I suggest having a cake (especially the vegan croissant de chocolate) and a fresh fruit juice or vitamin water to start the day. There are also Greek-style lunch options, including a vegan burger and a kebab in saitan.

Hours: Monday to Saturday (8:30 am to 20:30 pm).

Ethnic breakfast

Can Dendê

€€ | Quartier: Eixample | Calle de la Ciudad de Granada 44 | Metro: Llàcua (L4)

If you are looking for a Latin flavor, this place will immediately appeal to you. If you are a fan of Brazilian cuisine such as pão de queijo (delicious fried cheese balls) or yuca, you will also find a more traditional brunch made with Nutella pancakes and Eggs Benedicte.

The interesting thing here is that the waiters are lovely and cheerful - something quite rare around here. If you are late for breakfast there are always vouchers burgers and salads on the lunch menu.

Hours: Monday and Thursday (09 am to 00 pm), Friday (16 am to 00:09 pm) and Saturdays and Sundays (00 am to 16:30 pm).

More information in the comments below.

As always, if you have any special requests, I would love to find you the perfect place to have breakfast in Barcelona, ​​what are you looking for?

And if you've had good or bad experiences, feel free to share them below! I'm also here to help if you have any questions about your Barcelona vacation in general?

Also, don't be afraid to join the discussion on my new Facebook group called "For City Lovers." Here you can ask questions, voice your complaints, chat with other travelers and more - anything goes!

Good breakfast!

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