February 2020 in Barcelona - Traditions, Carnivals and Love

February 2020 in Barcelona - Traditions, Carnivals and Love
February 2020 in Barcelona - Traditions, Carnivals and Love

The month of February rhymes with winter holidays, if not he does not like the ski slopes, come and enjoy Sun rays of Barcelona and its revelry for calentarte!

Another advantage of visiting Barcelona in February is that the city is quite neglected by tourists, much to your happiness. Forget the August shorts and thongs and warm up with a good chocolate with churros on Calle Petrixol?

Wondering what to do in Barcelona in February? You will not be bored, let's go to the main events of the month!

Keep an eye out for this article as it will be updated as you go into 2020.

Barcelona Weather in February

Yes, it is sometimes cold here too ... February is the sweetest month of the year in Barcelona. Temperatures during this period can drop to 5ºC, with a mean 10ºC, it is not the north pole and even more pleasant than some regions of France.

Keep in mind that even if the temperatures are low, the weather is usually good. Therefore, it is very possible to take a walk on the beach with the eternal sweater around you, or eat a good paella overlooking the sea.

Check the article on the different beaches in Barcelona to find your happiness, knowing that none of them will be crowded during this month.

Important: For those planning to visit Barcelona in February, I recommend that you book your tickets online if you don't want to find yourself queuing in a freezing wind.

Where to stay in February in Barcelona?

Before you start choosing your accommodation for your February holidays in Barcelona, ​​I suggest you check our article to find out the best area of ​​the city for you?

Once you have chosen your neighborhood, according to your needs and your budget, you can consult our articles on hotels with the best value for money, 4-star hotels, luxury hotels or the best youth hostels in the city or even the best apartments in rental!

Are you lost in the mass of options? No problem, leave me a comment at the end of the article or send me a message and I will help you find your accommodation in Barcelona. Don't forget to tell me: the dates of your stay, the number of people, your needs, your budget, etc.

Santa Eulalia

First you have to understand that Barcelona has two To the boss:

La Mare de Deu de la Mercé (Mercé for close friends) is the patron saint of Barcelona District, celebrated on September 24, is the biggest summer festival.

Much less known, Santa Eulalia is the Patroness of Barcelona (and other cities like Perpignan for that matter), celebrated on February 12, is the biggest winter festival.

In 2020 the festivities took place February 7, 8, 9 and 12.

During Santa Eulalia, we find popular traditions:

  • Castles: Human pyramids several meters high made up of dozens of people who train all year round. The strongest are placed at the base of the structure and a boy climbs to the top. These pyramids are the symbol of the old saying "there is strength" and it is really impressive. You will find them in Sunday, February 9 at 11 a.m. in Plaça Sant Jaume.
  • correfoc: A parade of artists disguised as demons who roam the streets with remote fireworks and sow panic on the Via Laietana. If you want to see them up close, I do not recommend that you wear your favorite shirt! Appointment in Plaça Sant Jaume on Saturday February 8 at 18:XNUMX p.m..
  • giants: A parade of giant papier-mâché statues roaming the city, be careful not to get run over. A parade will take place on Sunday, February 9 at 10:30 a.m. from Plaça Reial and there is a dance and fire show at 17 p.m. at the Palau de la Virreina.
  • Sardane: Catalan popular dance. The truth is that it is not a very technical dance and it would be like a succession of steps that turns in a loop like the madison but with an aspect of communion, since all the participants form a circle. Appointment in Sunday, February 9 at 17:XNUMX p.m. in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona.

On this occasion, many establishments and attractions open their doors for free, such as the Monjuic Castle, the Picasso Museum and a multitude of places and museums. Find all the information and participating establishments here.

You can check all the details of the 2020 event on this website.

Barcelona Festival of Lights

Together with the festivities of Santa Eulalia, the festival of lights of Barcelona is organized: the bcn light (A February 14-16 2020). As in France in Lyon, many buildings and courtyards in the old town are Illuminated by artists.

This event transforms the streets of the Poblenou neighborhood into a unique outdoor experience! Light is used by artists around the world as a creative tool to design public space.

You can get an overview of the event by viewing the photos on our Facebook post in the 2018 edition.

Check the full program of the 2020 event in this page.

At the same time, the Off Llum BCN event is organized for the second consecutive year. A circuit of small-format installations organized by the Poblenou urban barrio. The goal is to stand out local proposals of the experimental art of light.

Valentine's Day in Barcelona

The Catalans are no exception to this global commercial celebration that Saint Valentine represents.

First of all, if you want to spend this party with your other half, read the article on romantic things to do in Barcelona to find some interesting ideas.

Some restaurants on the list of our favorite addresses offer Special menus For Valentine's day. If you want to discover Catalan culinary specialties for two, choose any of the restaurants on this list so as not to go wrong.

However, the Catalans prefer to celebrate Sant Jordi (the equivalent of Valentine's Day) on April 23. In this festival, according to tradition, women receive a rose while men are offered a book.


Barcelona Carnival 2020

In 2020 the Barcelona carnival takes place from 20 to February 26 and we look forward to a lot of events for young and old.

This event dates back to 1333 in Barcelona, ​​when the carnival ran from All Saints to Easter. Today more limited, the carnival is structured around key moments perpetuated each year: the arrival of the carnival king, the mill ball et burial of sardines.

Here we are not talking about Mardi Gras but Fat thursday (Thursday Ladero in Spanish, Dijous gras in Catalan) that kicks off the festivities, February 20, 2020The last day is Ash Wednesday, this year on February 26.

These are the highlights of the festivities:

  • Fat Thursday: As its name suggests, it is the day dedicated to gastronomy, the markets are decorated and various events such as omelette contests are organized, and various ephemeral stands, offering culinary specialties, flourish in the city. Here pancakes are neglected for the omelette, butiffara (Catalan sausage) and sardines, in all their forms.
  • The arrival of the carnival king: It usually takes place on the Friday following Carnival Thursday and the arrival of the king of the festivities to the town is celebrated. He is the most important character of the carnival, he represents the dark side of power and he takes responsibility for all the bad things that have happened this year. On the last day of the carnival, he publicly announces his last wishes before being "executed."
  • The streets of the carnival : Parades that take place in the streets of the city. Each district organizes its own parades and popular events such as concerts, stands, contests, etc.
  • Naranjada (our photo): It is a tribute to one of the oldest Catalan traditions that consisted of a giant battle of oranges ... Today oranges have been replaced by balloons and confetti, ideal if you visit Barcelona with children.
  • The dance of the pinwheel (le bal du Moulin): It is a masked ball (ohé ohé?) That takes place in the Born Cultural Center under the soft music of a philharmonic orchestra. During the dance, Queen Belluga introduces herself to the public accompanied by her seven ambassadors representing the seven municipalities that make up Barcelona.
  • The burial of the sardines: It takes place in various places throughout the city and symbolizes the end of the carnival festivities.

For more details on the festivities, see our article dedicated to the 2020 Barcelona Carnival.

Sitges Carnival 2020

300 people meet every year, 000 minutes from Barcelona for theone of the biggest carnivals in the world: the Sitges carnival. It is one of the most popular carnivals in Europe, and we have dedicated a complete article to it, available here.

With its 100 years of history, its costumes, dances and parades, this carnival is a real must!

The Sitges Carnival 2020 will take place from 15 to February 26, you can consult the complete program on the official website of the city of Sitges.

Barcelona Half Marathon 2020

laeDreams Half Marathon of Barcelona 2020 will take place on February 16 with 21.097 km from the main points of the city, including the historic center.

The start of the race will be whistled at 08h45 ave Paseo de Pujades (Stop L1 Arc de Triomf), next to the Parc de la Ciutadella.

You can register now on the official website of the event, you have until February 4, 2020 to do so or when the maximum number of participants is reached (19). (update 000/28/01: the maximum number of participants has been reached)

More information in our article dedicated to Barcelona races here.

Matches FC Barcelona February 2020

Barça will play several home games during the month of February 2020. If you are a football fan (or not), don't miss the opportunity to see the famous Camp Nou with your own eyes!

Camp Nou Matches February 2020

  • FC Barcelona - Levante UD: Sunday, February 2, at 21:00 p.m.
  • FC Barcelone - Getafe CF: Saturday, February 15, at 16:00 p.m.
  • FC Barcelone - SD Eibar: Saturday, February 22, at 16:00 p.m.

Please note: As long as a date is not confirmed, it can still change.

Concerts in February in Barcelona

In February you can have the opportunity to attend the following concerts:

  • Jonas Brothers - February 17 at 21:00 p.m. - Palau Sant Jordi - More information
  • Via Probability - February 17 at 21:00 p.m. - Razzmatazz - More information
  • Friday at sea - February 22 at 23:00 p.m. - Razzmatazz - More information

For more concerts in Barcelona in February, click here.


  • The world's largest mobile telephony congress is held from February 24 to 27 in Barcelona. This could be a problem in your search for accommodation, start early! Add to that the crowded transportation and the difficulty of finding a taxi ... (update: 2020 Congress has been officially canceled).
  • It will surely be hotter in Barcelona throughout the month of February than in your hometown, but you must not forget your sweaters, jackets, scarves, etc. at home ?
  • To avoid queuing in front of attractions in this rather cold weather, I advise you to purchase your skip-the-line tickets in advance online.
  • Also reserve your table in advance at the best restaurants in Barcelona.
  • Gain strength and warm up with a good chocolate with churros between two visits to Petrixol Street?
  • Take advantage of your stay to taste the traditional calçots, huge chives cooked on the grill with a spicy sauce called romesco, delicious!

More tips in the comments.

Voila, this month of February is quite rich in events ... As usual, if you have any questions or want clarification, leave me a comment!

Also, don't be afraid to join the discussion about events in Barcelona on my Facebook group called “For City Lovers”. Here you can ask questions, voice your complaints, chat with other travelers and more - anything goes!

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