The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona
The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Call it a trend, an awareness of the flesh, or just the love of Delicious dishes.

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona have really taken off recently, and I must admit they have even attracted meat eaters like myself.

So since I've already given you mind-blowing culinary tips on the best restaurants in Barcelona, ​​I think it's time to do something for everyone. Vegetarians.

The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona


Neighborhood: Eixample | Calle Aribau 125 | Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5) | website

It's delicious gourmet tapas restaurant, famous for its "new classics»Tops the list because most of my readers want a balance between Spanish tradition and contemporary style.

Season restaurant offers dishes from high quality totally vegetarian, but also solutions for meat and fish lovers.

On the restaurant menu, the main dishes for vegetarians are vegetable ceviche, the vegetarian couscous with coriander oil, the asparagus balls and the vegan tacos.

But the real news is that Season is the first restaurant in Barcelona to offer the Beyond the meat, a type of meatball with an appearance and texture similar to meat and fish, but composed exclusively of components ofvegetable origin.

Bill Gates and Leonardo di Caprio are the creators of this product and they invest in this type of projects mainly oriented to provide a sustainable alternative to animal meat. Approve!

To reduce the number of last minute cancellations, a deposit of € 2 per person is required. In case of cancellation at least 12 hours in advance, the full amount of the deposit will be refunded.

El Hortet

Neighborhood: Raval | Calle del Pintor Fortuny 32 | Metro: Liceu (L3) | website

It is like eating directly in a garden, this pearl of the Raval combines top quality products with a kitchen innovative and healthy. the menu at € 10,95 that is offered for lunch is one of the best in Barcelona.

In low season, the soup of the day It is always there and in summer I choose it salad buffet. The highlight here are the nachos, frittatas and cheese croquettes.

La sweet potato beer at 7,5% it is also perfect for the curious.

Ale & Hop

Distrito: Born Ferries of San Pedro 10th | Subway: Arc de Triomphe (L1) | Web

Although technically a bar, it is on the list because in addition to serving asexcellent craft beersThey offer exclusively vegetarian cuisine.

So combine good beers with light and delicious dishes prepared from vegetables of the season collected in the Catalan countryside.

Whether it's the location (the plaza outside is beautiful) or the original combination of craft beer with vegetarian food, this place has become a favorite.


Neighborhood: Gotique | Escudellers 54 | Metro: Drassanes Egg Lyceum (L3) | Web

Although it is a small chain, Vegetalia's philosophy is based on the pillars sustainability and respect from the earth. The result is easily one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

You will try la simplicity and freshness vegetables from Montserrat, a mountainous region a stone's throw from Barcelona. I recommend them Fajitas with vegetables and cheese or risotto with three cereals.

At lunch, they make a menu at € 10,00 at noon and € 15,00 at night; in both cases, you will be packed! One of the most popular vegetarian restaurants. economic from Barcelona.


District: Raval | Calle de San Antonio Abad 52 | Metro: San Antonio (L2) | website

This is how vegetarian tapas should be prepared. The good thing here is the daily specials menu on the blackboard and the staff super useful to help you make your decision.

Le tasting menu it is also a great option to dine with creative dishes like gnocchi with beets, the curry almonds and aubergines and mushroom croquettes.

This is a great vegetarian restaurant for a romantic evening.

Bar for cats

District: Born | Carrer Boria 17 | Metro: Jaume I (L4) | Website

This place on the subject of cats he's a bit young, rock'n'roll and alternative. The friendly staff will find craft beer or the perfect cider to accompany your vegetarian dishes. They say you'll find here the best vegetarian burgers in Barcelona.

I opted for the black cat at € 8,50 (a tasty bean galette with caramelized onion, aubergine and garlic) and it almost makes me forget the meat. Add some patatas bravas and the best hummus in town and you are in paradise.

Woki Organic Market

Neighborhood: Eixample | University Round 20 | Metro: Catalonia (L3 / L1) | Web

Ce ecological restaurant you are in a market where you can eat 100% organic. They make pasta, salads, quiches, and much more.

Le organic market Vegetables and other fresh produce can be found around the restaurant tables. You can even watch the chef come out of the kitchen and grab some eggplant, zucchini, and an onion.

Although the place is a bit pricey, you usually get what you pay for. And this is quality . They take out and you can even go get some fruit or a smoothie.

Ground level

Neighborhood: Gotique | Palau Street 5 | Metro: Jaume I (L4) | Web

Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, this is the only vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona that calls itself pub. A good place for refined and curious palates. Here you will find innovative vegetarian tapas and an impressive dinner menu.

For those who say that meat has more flavor? They probably didn't go to Rasoterra. Dishes are made with seasonal vegetables and cultivated within 10 km.

They also have a good selection of organic Catalan wines. You will spend around € 30-35 per couple.

Quinoa bar

Quartier: Grace | Travessera de Gracia 203 | Metro: Jaume I (L4) | Internet site

Ce Charmant small restaurant with old school decor offering honest cuisine and rustic. They specialize in salads, quiches and veggie burgers of the highest quality and freshness.

With € 10,00 - € 13,00 you will get an excellent dish with a delicious Smoothies with fruits or vegetables.

If you are looking to eat in your vacation condo or can't find a seat, they can even bring. I also suggest having your delicious vegetarian food on the tree lined street of the Paseo de San Juan.

Teresa Carles

District: Raval | Jovellanos Street 2 | Metro: Catalonia (L3 / L1) | Web

I haven't been there yet, but my friend Pedro makes me put him on the list. This is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona and therefore advance reservations are recommended.

It's a restaurant for extremely refined vegetarian palates, get ready to spend between € 30,00 and € 35,00. Even Pedro, a meat fanatic, swears by this place, so there must be a good reason!

Breakfast and brunch are highly recommended as well as homemade pasta.

Barceloneta Sangria Bar

Quartier: Barceloneta | Seville Street 70 | Metro: Barceloneta (L4) | Internet site

Located in the heart of the Barceloneta neighborhood, this vegetarian tapas bar also offers a wide selection of Identation red, white and pink, made of high quality.

On a hot summer day, after swimming at the beach, I think a quick stop at this bar to cool off with a good aperitif is mandatory.

I tried the Monnalisa sangria and its delicious paella, A perfect alternative to classic paellas!

Enter the comments, he is a vegetarian.

Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona in one article! All you have to do is decide what to eat tonight.

If you have any questions about restaurants or anything else regarding your visit to Barcelona, ​​go to the comments below.

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Have a good meal ?

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