The best paellas in Barcelona

The best paellas in Barcelona
The best paellas in Barcelona

A simple rice dish that servants would have prepared with the leftovers from the royal banquets of Moorish Spain, paella is undoubtedly the most famous dish in Spain and is eaten out of the pan by tourists.

corn don't take the fork yet, because here in Barcelona, bad paellas are legion… Let me point you in the right direction with some tips for finding the best paella in barcelona.

6 tips for a paella in Barcelona

  • Spaniards eat around 22pm, often you won't need to book around 20pm / 20pm
  • The prices indicated in the menus are usually per person (minimum 2 people).
  • Paella is traditionally eaten on Thursdays, so specialty restaurants are usually crowded on that day.
  • The socarat ("burned from below") or the rice hanging from the bottom of the pan is the most popular part among amateurs.
  • Most restaurants serve frozen paellas - avoid multilingual menus with photos ...
  • The traditional bomba rice can be substituted for small noodles (noodles) and paella becomes a classic of Catalan cuisine: the fideua.

Where to eat the best paella in Barcelona?

Joan winery

Neighborhood: Eixample | Calle Rosselló 164 | Metro: Diagonal (L3 / L5) | Web

is Historical The paella restaurant in Barcelona is a pearl of traditional cuisine where you will find all the culinary classics. So try a bite of their Mixed paella (land and sea) and you will understand that it is their specialty!

Il ya the best waiters from the city, it is ideal for a lively local atmosphere, and the only one of the best restaurants in Barcelona where you can enjoy a football game while having a glass of wine.

We have reached an agreement with Bodega Joan that offers our readers a exclusive 25% reduction on a paella tasting menu which includes: 3 tapas among the great classics, paella, wine and coffee!

Click on the banner below for more information and to book:

Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela

Neighborhood: Arc de Triomphe | Paseo Lluis Companys 2 | Metro: Arc de Triomf (L1) | website

La Ciudadela restaurant recently entered our list of the best paellas in Barcelona, ​​and it immediately became one of our favorites!

The Citadel is located a few steps from the Arc de Triomf and very close to the Parc de la Ciutadella. Inside it has two medium-sized rooms, perfect for dining with friends, family and even in a group.

The strong point of La Ciudadela is the Product Quality he uses and the dishes he offers that are closely related to Catalan tradition.

When we went there we ate the Arroz Señorito, like a paella but without the shellfish, and the duck paella (duck) was delicious too.

They also have the option of Catalan wines Excellent and a long list of desserts, among which I remember with pleasure the Catalan cream, cheesecake and chocolate coulant.

Chiringuito Type

District: Barceloneta | Litoral Avenue 42 | Metro: Laguna (L4) | Web

Probably the best paella in Barcelona with view over the sea. The restaurant is located directly on the beach, perfect if you spend the day lounging on the sand. For seafood lovers, don't miss their famous black paella, but beware! the portions are generousRemember to save a small place for dessert.

Reservations are strongly recommended due to the risk of having to wait at least 30 minutes.

Perfect for an after-beach meal or a romantic dinner.

7 doors

District: Barceloneta | Paseo Isabel II 14 | Metro: Barceloneta (L4) | Web

Here is the charm first of all. Picasso was a regular at this paella restaurant, which opened in 1836. It owes its name to its 7 huge entrance doors where not only are some of the best paellas in Barcelona, ​​but the pianists create an atmosphere similar to that of Casablanca to bring a refined touch to your food.

Ideal for couples outings or a company lunch paid for by the company ...

The xativa rice field

Neighborhood: Gracia | Torrent d'en Vidalet 26 | Metro: Fontana (L3) | Web

Finally, a paella restaurant in Barcelona apart from the tourist absurd. This family business is away from the tourist crowds. The variety of dishes is impressive although the specialty of the house is still the sea and mountain paella.

Let the "celiacs" be calm, all the frying is done with a gluten-free breading made with chickpea flour.

The whole menu is suitable for allergy sufferersAs long as you are intolerant to lactose, gluten or simply vegetarian, you will be perfectly catered for.

Ideal for an evening in the picturesque neighborhood of Gracia or for a family dinner.


District: Barceloneta | Paseo Maritim 1 | Metro: Barceloneta (L4) | Web

Its motto "Rice and the sea" is quite explicit. This urban beach restaurant, located in the touristy neighborhood of Barceloneta, is supervised by the two-star chef Xavier Pellicer, who serves one of the best paellas in Barcelona. Make sure you have a table upstairs to enjoy the incredible view.

Expect to pay 30 to 35 euros, which is a Excellent value for the neighborhood. Paella with organic vegetables is an excellent vegetarian option.

Ideal for lovers of the panorama or simply to see life in Barcelona take its course.

The fund

Neighborhood: Gothic | Calle Escudellers 10 | Metro: Liceu (L3) | Web

With interesting prices Normally reserved for frozen paellas, this Barcelona paella restaurant has exceptional lunch menus that will keep you happy for around 10 euros per person. It is also one of the few places with a full children's menu.

Close to the famous Rambla, but don't be fooled by the touristy aspect, the locals go there every day. The traditional Valencian paella (paella with rabbit and chicken) is our favorite.

Ideal for bargain hunters and those who want a night out in Gotico.

Can solé

District: Barceloneta | San Carlos Street 4 | Metro: Barceloneta (L4) | Web

This restaurant was recommended to me by my local friends. If you don't trust them, I can only say that a hundred years of history doesn't lie! It is a bit pricey due to the location, but the Grandes portions and the presentation The chef's are second to none.

A small place in a two-story house that is a true throwback to a time when Barcelona was more than tourism. The owner came over to chat, which was a Personal Touch nonexistent in the most touristy restaurants.

Ideal for a little Barcelona real with a modern twist.

Marta with you we cook

Neighborhood: Eixample | Gentlemen square | Metro: Tetuán (L2) | Web

If you are looking for adventure and knowledgeLook no further than Marta's apartment! More than a cooking class, Marta explains the history of the dish and guides you step by step in its preparation. In the end, you will dine the best paella in Barcelona on its sixth floor patio overlooking Plaza Tetuán.

The value for money here is amazing as bring your wine. It's a restaurant-priced meal, but you'll leave Spain knowing how to recreate the dish at home, after meeting new friends and maybe even going to some great bars together.

Send Marta a message on Facebook and she will prepare you.

Ideal for lovers of food, authenticity and socializing.

More paella in the comments

Now you know where to find the best paella in Barcelona, ​​but perhaps something is not entirely clear? If you need help with paella, or some of the best things to do in Barcelona, ​​don't hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments below.

And don't forget to tell me ... How was your experience with paella in Barcelona?

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Enjoy your meal! ?

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