Visiter le Hall of Fame for Great Americans

Visiter le Hall of Fame for Great Americans

it is a monument erected in honor of famous Americans, located on the grounds of the Bronx Community College of the University of the City of New York. It is the first monument of this type. Since then, several other Hall of Fame have appeared to honor various illustrious figures in specific fields. the architecture is magnificent, a place that is worth a look ...

What to see at the Hall of fame for great Americans?

Between the granite colonnades of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, stand imposing bronze busts which represent the greatest men that the American nation has known. Politicians like Abraham Licoln and Theodore Roosevelt, writers like Edgar Allan Poe, scientists like Benjamin Franklin… a hundred busts located near an equally sumptuous library. In a Renaissance style, the one that now serves as a memorial is built around an interior rotunda supported by Corinthian columns and decorated with gold leaf.

The personalities of the hall of fame for great Americans

To be eligible for nomination, a person must be born in the United States or have been naturalized. She must have been deceased for at least 25 years and have made a significant contribution to the economic, political or cultural life of the nation. Mac Cracken wanted this memorial to contain only really famous people, not just famous people. He establishes a committee of electors, made up of men and women known for their sound judgment. This system functioned in a democratic fashion, with proposals and arguments published in the newspapers, and ceremonies which celebrated the nominations.

You can admire the bronze busts of: Abraham Lincoln, Georges Washington,

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Jonathan Edwards for the most famous ...

Prix du Hall of Fame for great Americans

For anyone who is a little short financially, here is a culturally rich place that is free.

Horaires du Hall of Fame for Great Americans

You can visit this museum every day on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Address: 2183 University Avenue, New York, NY

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