New York baseball: the 2017 regular season is on!

New York baseball: the Yankees return to the track

In the United States, baseball is a very popular and the 2017 National League Baseball Championship began this Sunday, April 2.

In New York, the famous Yankees team face, first the Tampa Bay Rays away and then continue their momentum with three games against the Baltimore Orioles, still away. But if you're heading to New York soon and want to catch a baseball game, you'll have to wait for the Monday 10 April, date of the Yankees' first home meeting. They will face, once again, the Tampa Bay Rays team.

A unique 100% New York experience

Watching a baseball game in New York is truly a once in a lifetime experience while staying in the Big Apple. Even if you are new to the sport or you don't follow MLB and the Yankees team, the atmosphere of the Yankee Stadium is simply magic!

You will be able to discover the American anthem sung live at the start of the match but also the famous mascot so much appreciated and interactive games during the breaks. This sport is king in the United States! If you are lucky enough to watch a match, you will experience a american atmosphere colorful!

Usually, locals come to watch a game with the family and the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium is synonymous with fun and relaxation.

Long-awaited baseball games

Throughout April, the Yankees will meet the Tampa Bay Rays, but that's not all. They will also face the St Louis Cardinal, Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox teams at home. The season will continue with away matches against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and many more! The baseball championship will continue until October 2017.

Typically, baseball games are held in the early afternoon or evening and last between 2 and 3 hours. If you have some spare time, don't hesitate to come see a baseball game in New York!

If this experience tempts you, do not hesitate to consult the schedule of the next Yankees games and to book your ticket online.

So ready to go see the Yankees play? My final tip would be to book your tickets in advance. You will be able to choose the place you want! Good game !

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