24 hours in New York, what to do and see absolutely?

24 hours in New York, what to do and see absolutely?

New York in 24 hours, is it possible?

New York is so huge, rich in culture and full of many tourist treasures. It took at least a month to see it all and experience New York life. But if you only have 24 hours in this Big Apple, what to do and see?

1) Enjoy Manhattan in 4 hours

One of New York's must-see places, Manhattan Island is a must-see during your short stay in New York. Two sites are worth a visit, including Times Square on Broadway where you can find exceptional retailers and the Empire State where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Manhattan. 4 hours are more than enough for these visits.

2) have a good lunch

You can take an hour's lunch break in one of Manhattan's fine restaurants, eat one of the typical New York dishes, enjoy unparalleled service from a professional staff. But if you want to save some time the best option is to feed on some good hot dogs which you can get on every corner.

3) Take a tour of Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in 6 hours

One of the places often mentioned in the Friends series, an American series that never goes out of fashion, Central Park is certainly not to be missed during a circuit in New York. A green space that covers 341ha, this park is a green oasis in the heart of Manhattan's skyscrapers. As you stroll along the park, make your way to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts next door. One of the largest museums in the world, this museum collects a multitude of works of art that arouse great admiration.

4) go shopping

There is something for everyone in New York, possibly one of the most popular cities in the world to shop. From the famous department stores of 5th Avenue and midtown Manhattan to the small farmer's markets in Brooklyn, the city has a multitude of trendy products for all tastes.

5) have a pleasant evening

Even if you start to feel tired after such a day, don't waste your time sleeping if you only have 24 hours in New York. Seeing the Statue of Liberty at night and having dinner in the panoramic restaurant, The View, is a better way to spend a pleasant evening. You can also head to Broadway to enjoy a musical.

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