Top 5 best burgers in New York

Top 5 best burgers in New York

Burger joint

For my part, this is the best burger in New York, the attached burger restaurant is a little pearl hidden in the luxury hotel Le Parker Meridien. Go through the lobby and you will see a narrow hallway on your left after reception follow the little red curtain with the burger sign. that's it you are there !!! Top 5 best burgers in New York

New York magic, you walk into a hamburger cafe with a super nice setting, it's a real underground atmosphere. The burgers are excellent and prepared before your eyes. The best hamburger for my taste and without a doubt is the cheeseburger with all the works (all inclusive). A nice experience and a nice surprise, most hotels are jealous of the “Parker Meridien” for this little restaurant.

Top 5 best burgers in New York

Corner bistro

The Corner Bistro, on the 4th Street West and Jane Street, calls itself the "last bohemian bar in West Greenwich Village". When you open the door, you immediately feel a New York atmosphere as you like. A warm wooden decoration, the loud voices of neighborhood bars, very pleasant music and screens broadcasting American football give this place a typical character. This neighborhood staple has been around for decades and is the perfect place to relax with a good beer and a burger. Order it Bistro burger (around $ 8.75 topped with real American cheddar cheese and bacon.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a fast food restaurant chain based primarily in New York City. It offers cuisine based on hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and milkshakes. Know that fast food doesn't always mean bad food. Believe me, it is obvious that this restaurant will not leave you indifferent. The hamburger from Shake Shack is fresh, the bread soft and the prices are accessible to all budgets.

Top 5 best burgers in New York Top 5 best burgers in New York Top 5 best burgers in New York

Five Napkin Burger

An American-style dinner like in the movies, with striped benches and a fairly classic decor. the Five Napkin Burger restaurant is for you !!!! At first glance their burger does not seem appetizing but to taste, there is no picture. The meat is succulent, thick with a little sweet taste, for those who love real Burgers you would not be disappointed ... However it is very noisy at night but hey it does not matter we are in New York for s 'have fun.

Five Guys

Here is a small inexpensive fast food in New York with quality products. Sure enough, the sandwiches aren't great, but they're very good. For those who do not know the concept, it is a fast food where you compose your own sandwich in order to personalize it, you can add any 1 bunch of ingredient of your choice (for free).

Top 5 best burgers in New York

Top 5 best burgers in New York

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