Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

Restaurant in New York: my 10 favorite places

Bemelmans Bar, New York cuisine with jazz notes

Considered one of the best New York restaurants, the Bemelmans is also an extraordinary bar! I strongly advise you to go there for a drink elsewhere.

If you miss your sweet France, you will be delighted to discover the wide selection of Champagne, where you will sip cocktails made with passion fruit, vodka, and Champagne, or pomegranate juice, Cointreau and orange juice. The cocktail menu changes very often, for your greatest happiness!Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!  At the same time, you can enjoy a jazz concert every evening. A really very pleasant and warm atmosphere.

As for dinner, you will have the choice between light dishes such as ceviche (typical dish from South America), foie gras, oysters or Mediterranean sandwiches. If your appetite is greater, however, you can also enjoy a selection of homemade burgers, including a vegetarian. The desserts, and in particular the New York Cheesecake, will not leave you indifferent either!

Note that the prices are quite high, even if they are worth it. So count a thirty dollars for a main course, $ 14 to $ 19 for a dessert and about $ 25 for a house cocktail. Add to that the $ 15 or $ 25 admission to enjoy the jazz concert.

To be discovered at 35 East 76th Street.

Rafele, the affordable Italian

Are you looking for a real Italian restaurant? Look no further, and head to Rafele's at 29 7th Avenue South. Taste of delicious antipasti and amazing pizzas. My preference is certainly for the "Funghi", with its truffle oil… A delight ! The spinach and ricotta ravioli with grilled tomatoes and basil are also to die for. The choice will be difficult!Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!Rafele's good point? It offers several "vegan" and gluten-free options. Something to satisfy everyone.

Count between $ 15 and $ 20 for a main course at lunch, and $ 25 to 30 at dinner. Cocktails and glasses of wine cost between $ 11 and $ 17.

French restaurant in New York: chez Daniel

Ranked # 1 on TripAdvisor, Daniel is considered the best restaurant in New York ! Located at 60 East 65th Street, this restaurant is a must-see if you are a foodie. Besides, this is a French restaurant, so do it proud!

Lobster with salad mango in Champagne, foie gras flambéed with vodka, nougat and melon biscuit are examples of the house creations. You will come away amazed for sure.Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

Its selection of French wines, rarely available elsewhere than at Daniel's, will also delight you.

That said, plan on a fairly substantial budget, over $ 100 for one person.

Nobu, luxury sushi

There are plenty of sushi restaurants in New York City, some of them downright delicious. That said, my favorite remains the Nobu, located in the heart of TriBeCa. Despite the high prices, the place is definitely worth discovering.Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!The sushi is delicious here, and you can also opt for other dishes like lobster or fish.

Tacombi, the warm Mexican

Tacombi offers different typical Mexican dishes prepared with love and fresh products. That said, even more than the food offered, I fell in love with the place.

En plein heart of NoLIta (267 Elizabeth Street) and housed in a former hangar, Tacombi hosts a pretty vintage and orange van between the tables. Luminous garlands and industrial but warm decoration, you will also be seduced.

Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

Go for lunch and share several servings of tacos with fresh products, and do not miss to sip the house soda in pop and vintage colors, the Lupita!

The best burger in New York: Shake Shack

I have already spoken to you and talked about the Shake Shack, and I repeat because it really has its place in this ranking.

Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

New York chain of fast food restaurants, it offers citizens, fries and milkshakes in particular. His products are fresh and the bread and seasonings are delicious! And then, its soft prices will do your wallet good too.

That said, everyone knows and loves Shake Shack, which is why there is always a line in front. Count at least 25 minutes before being served, do not wait to be hungry!

If you really love burgers, here are the 6 best places to eat them!

Burger & Lobster to enjoy a good lobster

If you like lobster, head to Burger & Lobster! Here, you can enjoy lobster, a lobster hot dog, burgers or even salads. The dishes are plentiful and very good. Price side, they are accessible. So you can have fun and taste a good lobster at a very competitive price (for example, count $ 34 for a lobster with fries and a salad)!

Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

You will enjoy your dish in an atmospheric room warm, friendly and authentic.

A Burger & Lobster restaurant is located near the Flatiron Building (39 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011) and one near Times Square (132 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036).

Roberta's: the address to eat a good pizza

Located in a former garage in Brooklyn, Roberta's offers you good pizza. The pizzas are really very good. In terms of decoration, you will not find shiny and flashy elements. It is very simple and authentic. On the roof, a vegetable garden has been installed where the herbs then found on the plates grow.

Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

Despite its entrance which does not necessarily make you want to enter, Roberta's is a restaurant where you will be sure to eat well. At noon, it's fairly quiet, but in the evening, there can be more than 2 hours of queue. So get there early, because first come first serve (there is no reservation).

Cupping Room Café: my 2020 discovery!

In SoHo, the Cupping Room Café won me over! This establishment dives into a New York atmosphere with its red brick walls and typical decoration. The atmosphere is there pleasant and relaxed. When parties are organized, artists come, which makes the atmosphere even more pleasant.

Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

In terms of cuisine, this restaurant offers a varied menu made up of fresh and quality products. On the menu are salads, burgers, meat such as chicken with olives and many more! For my part, I opted for the ravioli and it was a treat. To finish the meal, many desserts are also available. My brownie was delicious!

Cupping Room Café was a great discovery! You will eat in the middle of locals, ideal for total immersion!

Its address is: 359 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013.

Le Chelsea Market

Finally, if you can't decide on the type of cuisine you want, I recommend going to Chelsea Market. You will be able to taste different types of cuisine in small portions, and stroll from stand to stand while making culinary discoveries.

Meet at 75 9th Avenue and West 16th Street. Do not miss the Lobster Place lobster, cookies from Eleni's or brownies from Fat Witch.

Which restaurant in New York? 10 addresses not to be missed!

The prices are low, and the quality is at the rendezvous, so don't hesitate!

Do not hesitate to go and discover the food halls that the city has to offer. Especially Eataly, located in the heart of the Italian district, at 200 5th Avenue. There you will find stands of fresh pasta, cheeses and other delicious Italian dishes. That said, don't forget to book a table to dine there: the place is very popular.

Restaurants in New York: useful sites and mobile applications

Yelp and TripAdvisor To find the best restaurants around you and help with a map, download the Yelp and TripAdvisor mobile apps. You can of course just consult their websites, but an app will be much more practical once you leave the hotel.

Also, be aware that Yelp is very popular and used by everyone in the United States. So remember to consult this site first, where you will find numerous opinions concerning the restaurants of your choice.

Happy Cow or Vegman If you want to find vegetarian or vegan restaurants, go to Happy Cow or Vegman. These list many restaurants around the world, and will allow you to locate them and know their opening hours.

My preference, however, is for Vegman, whose application allows geolocate you and see all the veggie restaurants in the area. Practical, when you do not yet know the city well!

New York Restaurant: Open Table Many New York restaurants operate by reservation. Also, do not hesitate to visit the site of Open Table, an American internet platform that allows you to book online.

This will save you time and explore the city's most popular and top-rated restaurants.

Small tips

Always have fluid, because many small restaurants prefer cash to card or check machines.

Also keep in mind that the prices indicated do not include 9% VAT that you will have to add at the end with the 15 to 20% tip.

Also, don't forget that in the United States, no waste! So don't hesitate to ask for your doggy bag at the end of your meal if you haven't finished your plate.

Now it's up to you to choose what to eat in New York! Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures, and to go to small neighborhood restaurants that attract you. Trust your intuition, you will certainly have many other great surprises in New York! Treat yourself.

[Article was updated on 27/05/2020]

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