TOP 10 of the most popular buildings in New York

TOP 10 of the most popular buildings in New York

Empire State Building

With its 102 floors, the Empire State Building is an impressive skyscraper that offers visitors a incredible view of the city ! Located on Fifth Avenue, this building is unique and is one of the tallest monuments in the world at 381 meters high. Built in an art deco style, the Empire State Building is a magnificent skyscraper that has already appeared in several films like King Kong.

And if you are in New York for a special event (like Independence Day) you will be able to see the Empire State Building all lit up !

TOP 10 of the most popular buildings in New York

To visit this skyscraper, know that it is open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.. You can therefore discover it as soon as you want, but to photograph beautiful colors, choose the sunrise or the sunset.

Otherwise, there is an entrance fee, but it is included in the New York Pass and New York City Pass, think about it!

One World Trade Center

Built after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the same location as World Trade Center Tower 6, One World Trade Center is tallest building in New York with its 541 meters high and 104 floors!

When discovering the Big Apple, it is impossible to miss this construction: its facade is in reflective glass and at the top, a huge arrow points to the sky.

Inside, offices have been set up, restaurants have been opened, but what makes this skyscraper so interesting is the One World Observatory, an observation post located on the 102nd floor and which offers 360 ° view of New York ! From here, the scenery is simply amazing!

Want to learn more about One World Trade Center? Here is a full article.

Top of the Rock / Rockfeller Center

Here is another New York building that promises to impress you: the Rockefeller Center and more particularly the Top of the Rock! From this observation post, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the city and another advantage: the Empire State Building will be right in front of you! You will also see Central Park and even the Statue of Liberty, as much to say as you take full eyes ! So don't forget your camera!

Entrance to Top of the Rock is chargeable, but is included in the New York City Pass. With this pass, you will save money and avoid the queues at the entrance!

Flatiron Building

TOP 10 of the most popular buildings in New YorkWhen we think of a atypical building from New York, the Flatiron Building immediately comes to mind! With its iron shape, this skyscraper is simply amazing and impressive! Located in the Flatiron District, it was built in just 24 months (1900 - 1902). It has 22 floors and its height is 86.9 meters.

Today, the Flatiron Building is an office building. So you cannot visit it, but do not hesitate to photograph it and once in front, push the door and enter inside to discover its entrance hall ! This little visit is worth the detour and in addition it is free! So enjoy it!

Building New York : Chrysler Building

Art deco architecture, 319 meters high, 77 floors, these are the main characteristics of the Chrysler Building! Formerly, this skyscraper was the tallest in town, but after the construction and opening of the Empire State Building, it lost that top spot.

The Chrysler Building is a magnificent monument where several decorations can be seen: eagles or wings; various ornaments referring to Chrysler cars.

The Chrysler Building was built with several materials: steel, granite, marble ... and its arrow pointing towards the sky lights up after dark. Today, this New York building cannot be fully visited (only its entrance hall can be discovered).

In the meantime, to learn all about the Chrysler Building, click here.

432 Park Avenue

In the Midtown neighborhood, 432 Park Avenue is a residential building 426 meters high and it is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the United States! It has 85 floors and it is one of the most more prestigious. Inside, 147 apartments were built! Their purchase price? Between $ 16.95 million and $ 95 million! Prices in accordance with the prestigious side of the building and its various luxurious facilities: cinema, private restaurant, spa, indoor swimming pool ... The furniture is also very design and another advantage of this building: the view it offers over the city is magnificent !

432 Park Avenue in two words? Astronomical and incredible!

Dakota Building

TOP 10 of the most popular buildings in New YorkThe Dakota Building is part of the oldest buildings in the city. It was built in a neo-renaissance style and in 1976 it was classified national historic monument. Back then, apartment rents were between $ 1 and $ 000, but today it takes an average of $ 5 a month to have the privilege of living in the Dakota Building.

Small anecdote: the Dakota Building was the residence of John Lennon and it is where he was assassinated in 1980.

Bank of America Tower

The Bank of America Tower is a New York building located in Manhattan. She is a office building and when it was completed in 2009, this skyscraper was the second tallest in the city (behind the Empire State Building). But with the construction of One World Trade Center, it lost its place.

The Bank of America Tower is easily recognizable by its particular form and its casing made of glass. Its silhouette also recalls that of the other buildings in New York that belong to the skyline. At the top, two arrows have been installed: one culminates at 293 meters and the other at 365.5 meters.

The Bank of America Tower was built with environmentally friendly materials and in accordance with energy standards; peculiarities that should make this skyscraper one of the buildings the "greenest" in the world.

40 Wall Street

TOP 10 of the most popular buildings in New York40 Wall Street (or Trump Building) is a old building built in 1930, but has undergone some renovation. Today it is an iconic skyscraper in the city. Its architecture was inspired by art deco style and its height is 282.5 meters.

40 Wall Street is intended for commercial use today.

To go further, a few figures on this building: it consists of 70 floors and has 36 elevators. He was bought in 1995 by Donald Trump for less than $ 10 million and today it is estimated to be worth $ 500 million.


The One57 is a residential skyscraper located in Manhattan in the Midtown neighborhood. This building is nicknamed "The Billionaire Building" because of the high prices per square meter. With a height of 306 meters, One57 is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city and until the construction of 432 Park Avenue, it was the tallest residential building in New York.

Le One57 to a modern design and this skyscraper has many facets: the first floors are occupied by 200 rooms managed by the luxury hotel Park Hyatt. Luxurious boutiques and gourmet restaurants have also opened and the top floors are occupied by private apartments (135 in total) purchased by wealthy people.

The One57 lobby can be visited for free and if your budget allows it, don't hesitate to shop in the luxury boutiques and / or book a table at the gourmet restaurant!

After seeing the most popular New York buildings, here are the 10 most famous monuments!

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