La Guardia Airport: all you need to know about New York's smallest airport

La Guardia Airport: all you need to know about New York's smallest airport

La Guardia Airport: presentation and history


La Guardia Airport: all you need to know about New York's smallest airportLaGuardia (LGA) is the smallest airport in New York. It is located in the district of Queens at about 13 kilometers from Manhattan Island and has neither customs nor immigration services. It does not serve any international flights except those coming from four airports: Bahamas, Canada, Bermuda and the island of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea.

LaGuardia can also accommodate medium-sized planes, but despite its small size, this airport has one advantage: its proximity to Manhattan. It is therefore very busy.

In total, LaGuardia counts four terminals : A (US Airways Shuttle Terminal), B (le Central Terminal Building), C (US Airways Terminal) et D (Delta Terminal).

Note: terminal B is the largest and to move from one terminal to another, free shuttles are made available.


Until 1929, the current site of the airport was occupied by an amusement park, the Amusement Park Gala. It was then transformed into a private airfield and before taking the name of LaGuardia Airport, it was first named Glenn H. Curtiss Airport then North Beach Airport.

A few years later and after it was taken over by New York City, construction of a new airport began. The works began 1937 and in October 1939, this airport took the name of New York City Municipal Airport before becoming New York Municipal Airport-LaGuardia Field on November 2, 1939. This name refers to Fiorello LaGuardia, mayor of New York from 1934 to 1945.

The first flight took place on December 2, 1939 and in 1947, the management of this new airport was entrusted to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey like the other airports serving the metropolis of New York. It was then renamed by LaGuardia Airport.

How to reach your destination from this airport?

To ensure the transfer between LaGuardia airport and your destination, several means are available to you:


Taking a yellow taxi is the best way more practical to reach your destination, because at the exit of LaGuardia airport, there is a line! On the other hand, this solution is not the most economical : on average, it takes between $ 35 and $ 55 depending on your exact address and road traffic. At these prices, the tip (about 15%) and the price of tolls must be added.

Tips for taking a taxi properly when leaving the airport: locate and get into a real yellow cab. To do this, check that the driver's number is indicated on it.

Advantages of the yellow taxi:

  • The taxi will take you to your exact address.
  • If there are three of you, this is an advantageous solution.
  • The yellow taxi allows you to travel in a 100% New York mode of transport. So it's an incredible experience!

Disadvantages of taking a taxi:

  • If you are alone or two, this is not the cheapest solution.
  • If there are four of you or more, the taxi may refuse to pick you up.

The shared shuttle (or shuttle)

The shared shuttle combines two major advantages: the practicality and the economic side.

But why La Guardia Airport: all you need to know about New York's smallest airportshared shuttle? Quite simply, because you are making the trip with other travelers and the driver drops you off at your respective addresses.

Practical information: your address must be in Manhattan, as the shuttle does not serve other neighborhoods.

The shuttle is therefore a practical solution to reach your destination, but note that the journey is longer compared to a taxi. On the other hand, the walk through New York is very pleasant!

Price wise, the shared shuttle costs just over $ 19 per person (tolls and taxes included). If you are interested, book it now directly by clicking here!

Benefits of taking the shared shuttle

  • The shuttle will drop you off directly at your address.
  • The price is affordable (free for children under 3).
  • The drive through New York is pleasant.

Cons of choosing the shared shuttle

  • It is possible to wait a few minutes at the airport (while the driver arrives).
  • The journey takes longer than with a taxi.

The bus

It is an economical solution, but not always practical. But if you want to opt for this means of transport, opt for the bus service New York Airport Service Express whose buses go to Grand Central Station or Times Square. It will be more convenient for you (especially with the luggage). For this solution, the price is $ 16 for a one-way ticket (free for children under 3).

Otherwise you can take the M60 line towards Manhattan. There is a stop in front of each terminal and buses run from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Benefits of choosing the bus

  • Interesting price.
  • Buses pass frequently.

Cons of taking it

  • Few stops are served.
  • A little more restrictive, because you may have to take a second means of transport (metro, taxi, etc.) to reach your final destination.

What about the metro?

Economical solution, the metro is however the most restrictive way. Indeed, around LaGuardia there is no metro station. To reach one, you will have to walk 15-20 minutes or take the Q33 bus line to Roosevelt Island, then the E or F line to Manhattan.

The car

If you want, you can also choose the car. This is convenient and allows you to travel at your convenience and at your own pace. But remember to book it before your departure!

Where is LaGuardia Airport located?

LaGuardia Airport is located in the Queens neighborhood. You can view its exact location on the map below:

LaGuardia is a small airport, but one that sees millions of passengers every year. If you land there, you now know what solutions can be considered to reach your final destination and don't forget: if you want to go from one terminal to another, free shuttles are available to you!

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