Go to Bloomingdale's Department Store

Go to Bloomingdale's Department Store

Bloomingdale's: a shopping institution for New Yorkers

Bloomingdale's is an American department store chain, owned by Macy's Inc., another larger American chain, also owner of Macy's. Bloomingdale's stores are renowned for being specialist in chic and trendy fashion. This store is a shopping institution for New Yorkers. It is very popular with New Yorkers and tourists, who nickname it “Bloomie's”. Like in most department stores in the city, you will find major brands of clothing, cosmetics, accessories and shoes. A more luxurious Galeries Lafayettes ...

Fans of the cult Friends series necessarily know this American brand (Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel works there for a season). The Manhattan store at the corner of 59th Street and Lexington Avenue remains the spearhead of the brand, which embodies a certain idea of ​​taste.

Bloomingdale's offers a fairly wide and diverse range of products for women but also for men. it is a very nice shopping place to stroll in the huge shelves of the stores, however your budget will have to be raised to give yourself a little pleasure ... You have to have an eye to find good deals.

Good to know

- 15 percent reduction thanks to the citypass. Many items remain on sale even outside the period. The service is impeccable

- On the floor of the great couturiers, models stroll with the novelties, just to make you want ...

The Bloomingdales is really well appointed. once in the department store we breathe, we are not on top of each other like in other century 21 type stores. 

Go to Bloomingdale's Department Store

The different floors of Bloomingdales's

- For all women who want to cause carnage, women's fashion is at level 1, 2 (known as the metro level) and 3.

- The men dress in the basement (lower level) and on the ground floor, 59th Street side.

- At level 4, you will find the furniture and interior decoration department. you can take full eyes with the beautiful decorations.

- If you are thinking of staying for a long time, the shopping center has thought of everything, you can indulge your sweet tooth in the grocery department and the super-bakery on the ground floor, or in the restaurant (Le Train Bleu) on the 6th floor , which is also home to one of New York's best sweets (Martine's Chocolates).

- Household linen also occupies level 6.

- The last two floors (level 7 and 8) are dedicated to babies and children up to their 16 years old.

Closest transportation to Bloomingdales's store

adresse: 1000 3rd Avenue Manhattan, NY 10022

59 St. (4, 5, 6, 6X)

Lexington Ave./59 St. (N, Q, R)

Lexington Ave./63 St. (F)

All Store Hours:

lun.-sam. 10:00 - 20:30

no. 11:00 - 19:00

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the site: http://www.bloomingdales.com

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