What to do in New York in November 2019: unmissable activities you should not miss

New York in November: mild temperatures

Like other cities, the month of November marks the early winter in New York. During the day, temperatures are fresh as a whole (12 ° C maximum and 5 ° C minimum on average) which will allow you to stroll through Big Apple and explore the famous districts of New York or symbolic places like Central Park. Don't forget your camera, because the landscapes are still magnificent at this time! If you plan to go for a walk in the evening, be aware that the temperatures are rather cold. So pack warm clothes in your suitcase.

From November, the SNOW can also point the tip of his nose. Do not forget to bring gloves, a scarf and a hat to enjoy your walks without getting cold.

Public holidays in New York during the month of November

Veterans Day

Le 11 November will be held on Veterans Day in New York, a memorial day in honor of the veterans who served the American nation. During this day, several activities are organized including the Veterans Day Parade, a parade that attracts more than 20 people every year. The latter has been taking place since 000 and is held on 1929th Avenue (between 5rd and 23th Street) in 11 hours. If you are in New York in November, do not hesitate to go and see this grand parade! Many floats, brass bands and marchers will be waiting for you! The participants are still serving officers, veteran families and veteran groups.

Before this parade, you can also attend a ceremony in Madison Square Park at 10 a.m..


Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the United States. This party takes place on fourth Thursday of the month (November 28 this year) and is celebrated as a family by Americans. While some families want to enjoy a good meal in peace, some prefer to attend the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a annual parade organized by the Macy's chain of stores starting at 9 a.m. If you are in New York during this period, I strongly advise you to go see this colorful parade!

For more than 3 hours, floats parade and balloons representing famous personalities fly over. This parade attracts many people. I therefore advise you to arrive a few hours before the start to ensure a good seat.

In the evening, you can start your Black Friday Shopping !

New York in November: the various unmissable events

The New York marathon

On November 3, 2019, the New York Marathon will take place. This race was launched in 1970 and every year athletes from all over the world come to try their luck. The participants run 42,195 kilometers and cross the streets of the Big Apple while enjoying the buildings that surround them. The New York Marathon is one of the most famous races in the world. If you want to participate, it is therefore important to register very early in the year. You will be sure to have your bib number!

The NY Comedy Festival

Le NY Comedy Festival is a laughter festival that takes place from November 4 to 10. During this event, you will have the chance to see more or less famous American comedians perform on stage. What to have a good time! In total, these laughter professionals will perform in 5 different venues on Broadway.

Holiday Train Show

In November (dates not communicated), you can attend the Holiday Train Show in the Bronx Botanical Garden, the New York Botanical Garden. Here you can admire models of New York landmarks built with natural materials surrounded by plants.

Black Friday

Are you passionate about fashion? Love to go on sale and find the best deals possible? Are you in New York on November 29? The Black Friday will please you! The latter represents the best day to do the sales, and for good reason ! You will enjoy exceptional discounts up to -80%! While Black Friday usually begins the day after Thanksgiving, some stores put it in place the same day (around 22 p.m. to midnight). Take the opportunity to do your end-of-year shopping!

Note: in general, these sales last all weekend.

Sports events for the month of November

Attend an NBA game

In November, the NBA is in the spotlight! So if you are a fan of this sport or if you want to experience a 100% American experience, I really advise you to attend an NBA game. The atmosphere that reigns during each meeting is simply magical! You will leave with memories in your head, that's for sure!

In New York, two basketball teams are on the bill: the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. If you want to attend one of the matches, I strongly advise you to book your tickets in advance on the superbillets.com website.

Go to an ice hockey game

If you're in New York in November, feel free to check out a ice hockey game. In New York, the two teams are the Islanders and the Rangers. If attending a meeting tempts you, I also advise you to book your tickets in advance directly on the internet. You will then be able to receive your tickets either in your mailbox or in the form of an e-ticket. Thanks to this system, you are sure to have your seats and watch a spectacular hockey game!

Go to an American football match

Le football is a sport unique to the United States. In New York, there are two famous teams: the New York Jets and the New York Giants. To reserve your seats, I also advise you to buy them on the internet on the Superbillets.com site.

Watch a soccer match

If you want to support the NY Red Bulls or New York City FC, there too, remember to book your seats on the internet!

New York in November: other must-see activities

A little night visit

Cette night visit is actually a in-depth Manhattan neighborhood tour. During this, you will have the chance to admire magnificent sites such as the Highline or the Top of the Rock and to enjoy grandiose landscapes such as the skyline. Do not forget your camera to immortalize each of your passages!

A little trip to the ice rink

If you are in New York in November, do not hesitate to go for a walk to one of the ice rinks settled in the city. There are two in Central Park : the Lasker Rink dedicated to ice hockey and the Wollman Rink dedicated to family moments. If you are not equipped for this sport, rest assured! Skates can be lent to you and lessons are even organized for those who wish.

To be able to skate in full, direction Bryant Park also! Located just steps from Times Square, access to this ice rink is free.

A little time on Broadway

As you have seen, during the day you will always find something to do in New York. In the evening, I advise you to go see a musical on Broadway. You can have a good time with family, couples and even friends. The sets are simply magnificent, the settings grandiose and the costumes sumptuous.

You will have the choice among many famous shows like The Lion King, Aladdin, Cats… To reserve your place, I advise you to go through the Superbillets.com site. This site is in French and offers you all the shows at great prices. Enjoy it!

With this short guide to what to do in New York in November, you now know what to do during your stay. Have a good trip!

Also, for people going to New York in September or October, do not hesitate to take a quick look at the activities not to be missed!

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