A restaurant to eat alone and without any interaction

A restaurant to eat alone and without any interaction

Eating alone and without any contact: something that has become possible in this unusual restaurant!

If you want to try an unusual restaurant in the heart of New York, go to restaurant Ichiran, an establishment specializing in ramen (Japanese noodles) and offering you to eat alone without any interaction. Here, 46 individual cabins are made available.

Your dishes are to be ordered directly via a form before joining one of the booths. Once chosen and installed at one of the numbered individual tables, you will just have to wait for your dish which will arrive through a window.

At Ichiran restaurant you are separated from the others and even the waiter is not allowed to speak to you. You are alone and do not argue with anyone; a good point for those who like to eat in peace and in silence 🙂

What is the purpose of such a concept?

Eating alone without any interaction in an individual cabin, here is an unusual concept that does not fail to amaze! But why did you put it in place? With such a restaurant, the goal is simple: focus on your meal et savor what's on your plate. Here, the idea is not to eat like a hermit, but to enjoy your dish and discover all its flavors without any entertainment around. So you eat face to face with yourself and enjoy your plate in good conditions without being disturbed.

A restaurant to eat alone and without any interaction

A unique concept against American habits

Ichiran was created in response to the noisy ambience and distractions of a typical restaurant specializing in ramen. To face these “disturbing problems”, Ichiran has therefore set up a concept which offers you to eat without any distraction and interaction.

Interesting, the unusual concept of this restaurant is very different from the way Americans eat their meals. However, this idea seduces and attracts more and more people who are curious and / or eager to enjoy a moment of calm. By tasting your ramen dish alone, you will be able to fully enjoy it without being disturbed by your neighbor at the table or by a waiter.

If you want to try this atypical restaurant, know that two establishments are open in New York. The addresses are:

  • Midtown : 132 W 31st St New York, NY 10001.
  • Brooklyn : 374 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206.

Are you ready to give it a try?

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