Top 10 series filmed in New York

Top 10 series filmed in New York

New York the City of Light

A city of many faces, New York offers the many writers of the series a perfect and authentic setting for intrigues. Look at a big bite by television.

Magnified in cinema, in literature, and even in music, over time New York has become a playground for series creators who do not hesitate to set their sets in the mythical districts of the Big Apple. Between the towers, the parks or the avenues, multiple stories unfold with an atmosphere always marked by the diversity that characterizes the city. Even if showrunners are investing more and more in cities less known for economic reasons, the big apple remains and will undoubtedly remain for a long time the ideal place as well for the comedies as for the dramas. A place where the spectator can project himself more easily. New york is a character in its own right.

Here is my list of series which are set in New York, I deliberately discarded series like "Friends", "How I put your mother and others which are shot in the studio and only have plans for transitions in New York."

1) Sex & the City – 6 saisons (1998- 2004)

A cult series that follows the adventures of 4 New York Singles, the heroine Carrie Bradshaw draws on her own experience, and that of her friends, to write articles on themes relating to sex and romantic relationships. Stylish and striking, these 4 heroines are in themselves the symbol of interplanetary femininity! What dusted your TV evenings and especially to make you laugh!

2) The Sopranos - 6 seasons (1999 - 2005)

I already hear some people say that the show is not shot in New York but in New Jersey, I know but I had to put on one of the best series of the last 20 years. This little gem reinvents the drama by penetrating the dark and violent universe of mafioso Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini).

Top 10 series filmed in New York

3) How i make it in America – 2 saisons (2010- 2011)

The series follows the journey of two 26-year-old young men trying to find their way to fashion success, determined to fulfill their American dream. Trying to make a name for himself in New York. We find a good story with endearing characters, an incredible soundtrack and a NY that we see too rarely in the series. it's my little crush !!!

Top 10 series filmed in New York

4) Heroes - 4 seasons (2006-2010)

All over the world, a certain number of apparently ordinary individuals are shown to be endowed with extraordinary capacities: cell regeneration, teleportation, telepathy ... They do not know what is happening to them, nor the repercussions that all this could have. . They are still unaware that they are part of an evolution that will change the world forever! History and perfectly conducted scenarios, of rare application. Heroes is Truly An “Out of the ordinary” series!

5) Louis - 4 seasons (2010 - in production)

Just single, a comedian tries to bring up his two daughters in New York while trying his hand at dating… A series at first glance which does not look too much and that we can follow on the screen of his cell phone to pass the time in the subway ... But after a few episodes you end up completely entering the series. Pure genius whose genre is difficult to define, between comedy with stand-up passages (a bit like in "Seinfield") but also a dark side without really pouring into the drama. 

6) Damages - 5 seasons (2007 - 2012)

This series is a pure treat, it shows us the legal background where all the blows are allowed to achieve its ends. In the ruthless world of Manhattan Lawyers, there is no room for the weak. The characters, the suspense and the twists and turns are on the menu.

7) Person of interest

A strong and interesting series telling the story of John Reese, a suspected dead CIA agent, hired by a billionaire to work on a top secret project. It is a computer program capable of identifying all the people involved directly or indirectly in the crimes and misdemeanors committed in New York. The scenario is really well put together, you sometimes have to hang on so as not to lose the thread of the story in order to fully understand all the ins and outs.

8) Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a mysterious young girl who maintains a blog recounting the escapades and latest fantasies of a group of young people from the Upper East Side, New York's posh neighborhood. Between love stories and plots to seize power, Manhattan's elite always find time to make a very noticed appearance at social gatherings. A very girly series that will surely appeal to women.

9) New York 911

New York 911 immerses us in the daily life of a group of police officers belonging to Brigade 55, and in the fire station just opposite. The atmosphere is strong, glaucous, realistic with sometimes humor. It's a series that shows the real side of rescuers (police or firefighter) and their frustration when they cannot save lives.

Top 10 series filmed in New York

10) Girls

The entry into the working life of four young girls in their twenties, from their humiliations to their rare triumphs. A cynical look at a generation lost between sexual freedom and difficulty in breaking down permanently… A sex and the City in addition to trash and less glam !!!

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