What is the price to pay for your ESTA application?

What is the price to pay for your ESTA application?

What is ESTA?

ESTA is a mandatory document to enter the United States. You have to make your request directly online 3 days minimum and 2 years maximum before your flight to New York (or to any other American state).

Your This will be valid for 2 years from the date of acceptance of your request. However, your stay in the USA must not exceed 90 days.

ESTA price: how much does an ESTA authorization cost?

Initially, ESTA was free. But since 2010, it has become paid. This change took place after the United States government changed its system under the Travel Promotion Act of 2009. From this period, a fee was established and divided into two parts: $ 10 for fees. authorization and $ 4 for the costs associated with processing the request.

What is the price to pay for your ESTA application?

Good to know: as long as you have not fully completed and validated your ESTA application, no payment will be required.

For each ESTA request made, the cost of the ESTA set up by the United States Department of Homeland Security is therefore 14$.

In order to avoid delays, some people decide to go through agencies that offer to apply for them. For this service, the agencies charge a fairly high price: between $ 70 and $ 100. But they guarantee an error-free request and address on your behalf to the United States government.

If you want to use an agency to apply for ESTA, be careful about the prices they apply. If they offer their services to you for less than $ 70, the service may be unprofessional.

On the internet, some sites also offer you to make your ESTA request at a high price. Be suspicious! To request your authorization, therefore only go through the official site: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/.

Why do the prices differ from one site to another?

There are several reasons for the price differences between providers:

  • The processing time for requests : some sites offer you to process your request immediately, unlike others, which can take several days.
  • Support in the process : on some sites, you can take advantage of live support. This allows you to avoid mistakes and ask all the questions you want.
  • The services offered in addition : some sites may offer to send your ESTA to you.
  • Guarantees in case of refusal : if you do not obtain your authorization, providers offer reimbursement of the fees paid. Others, on the contrary, do not reimburse.

What payment methods are accepted to pay for my ESTA request?

The most common way to pay for your ESTA application is the credit card. This payment method is also the fastest and most secure.

Are special rates applied for specific travelers?

If you are wondering if there are special prices for children, seniors or for certain professional situations, know that this is not the case. Whatever your situation, the price of ESTA remains the same.What is the price to pay for your ESTA application?

If you are traveling with more than one person, remember that each person must apply for an ESTA (infants and babies included).

Do I have to pay each time I renew and use my ESTA?

You have applied for ESTA for your first trip to the United States and you plan to leave soon? There is no need to reapply for ESTA if it has not reached its expiry date. Indeed, ESTA is valid for 2 years from acceptance. But before leaving for New York, remember to check the information provided on the ESTA website. If some of your answers need to be changed, you will need to make changes.

On the other hand, if the 2 years of validity have elapsed, you must re-apply for ESTA. For this, the steps are the same as those of your previous request. Note also that if your first request has been accepted, your second will not necessarily be validated. Indeed, if certain rules have changed or if your situation has changed, the authorities are entitled to refuse your request.

If you are planning to go to the United States, do not forget to apply for ESTA as soon as possible. This will allow you to prepare for your trip with peace of mind and to be sure that you will receive your ESTA on time. For your request on the official website, you will have to pay $ 14, which remains affordable.

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