6 must-do things to do in Times Square

6 must-do things to do in Times Square

1) Sit on the steps of the TKTS

6 must-do things to do in Times Square

6 must-do things to do in Times SquareThe nicest place to be amazed and undoubtedly the roof of the TKTS counters. You can't miss it, the roof is covered with 27 red steps, which allows hundreds of people to get a bird's-eye view of Times Square. Get away for a few minutes and take a picture of yourself so that this moment is unforgettable.

2) spend a few dollars in department stores

All over Times Square you will find huge brand name stores as well as souvenir shops. Whether it's fashion or beauty, Times Square has a lot to offer.

  • For fashion, you can go for a walk in the stores Levi’s Store, Aeropostale Store, American Eagle Outfitters or the gigantic store Forever 21, the latter two also being on the east side of Times Square.
  • For the kids, there is plenty to see and do when it comes to shopping in Times Square. Take it Disney Store and the store Toys R Us (not for a very long time), and add a Ferris wheel to it, and you'll get two kids favorites, just like the M & Ms store a little further north.

3) Discover your photo in Times Square

During this moment of "window shopping", do not hesitate to take a tour of the clothing store American Eagel. The peculiarity of this store is that customers who buy for a minimum of $ 10 can present their receipt on the top floor of the store and can have their picture taken! 15min later, the result appears on the huge outdoor screens of the store!

4) Go and sip a cocktail at "The View" bar / restaurant

After your numerous expenses in the shops, nothing like going to sip a tasty cocktail in the "The View" panoramic bar. Access to the Bar is by a lift in the heart of the hotel which brings you to the 48th floor of the Marriott. At the top, the panoramic view is very pleasant. The bar turns on itself, so you will have the opportunity to see the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Metlife, the Hudson… It takes an hour to make a complete tour. It's quite expensive, rather touristy but definitely worth a look.

5) go see a musical

6 must-do things to do in Times SquareDuring your stay in NYC, you absolutely must go to a musical. For many years the city has been famous for its musicals and shows like The Lion King, Spiderman, Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia !, The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and still others. No need to be bilingual to understand and have fun, just let yourself be carried away ...

6) Don't miss the Naked Cowboy

The last must-do thing in Time Square and without any draw is taking a picture with the "Naked Cow Boy". This character with a cowboy hat, white kangaroo underpants, a guitar singing in the streets of Times Square is world famous. You can then approach him and take a picture with him ... for a few dollars.

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