Good tips for going to see a gospel in Harlem

Good tips for going to see a gospel in Harlem

Gospel venues and times in Harlem:

Here are the coolest churches to go to see a gospel, you should know that most of the faithful of the church are delighted to be able to chat with tourists, do not be afraid to enter the church. Most churches offer mass on Sundays and Thursdays.

  • Canaan Baptist Church at 10 a.m. (225 E 60 th street and 2e and 3 ave)
  • St Peter Church 8h30 (54th street et Lexington)
  • Salem United Methodist Church à 11 h (2190 Adam Clayton Powell Jr boulevard / 7th av – 129 th Street)
  •  Abyssian Baptist Church à 9 ou 11 h (132 Odell Clark Place  New York, NY)
  • Cannan Baptist Church à 10h20  (132 West 116th Street  New York, NY)
  • First Corinthian baptisit chruch à 8h00 et 10h45 (1912 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard  New York, NY,)

The schedules may have changed since my visit, check before trying the adventure. I recommend the First Corinthian Baptisit Church or Abyssian Baptist Church which have a much more intimate, more underground atmosphere.

Good tips for going to see a gospel in Harlem

Rules to respect

  • It is strictly forbidden to film or take photos in the church so as not to interfere with the smooth running of Mass. you can try to take pictures but this is frowned upon.
  • To get a good seat, come at least one hour before the start of mass
  • In order to respect the faithful, it is strongly advised to attend Mass in its entirety, avoid leaving in the middle.
  • You must be dressed properly
  • Always have a smile, it's the Lord's Day you have to have fun ...

Good to know for a gospel in Harlem

  • In order to mingle with the crowd of faithful, go there in a small group (3 or 4 people)
  • Do not hesitate to give of your person by singing and dancing, it's really a show !!!
  • In order to take maximum pleasure, it is preferable to go to a lesser known and therefore less touristy church, which will allow you to speak with the faithful.
  • If you have occasion go to the first mass in the morning. The earlier you come, the fewer tourists there will be and therefore less queue.
  • Mass lasts a good part of the day, but for the singing part, only lasts more or less 3/4 of an hour
  • All Masses are free, however if you wish you can make donations

Organized tour

For those who wish, there is a circuit organized called the "Harlem Gospel Tour", here is a link that you may find useful Harlem gospel tour.

Small gift to get you in the mood:

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