How to make a helicopter reservation in New York?

How to make a helicopter reservation in New York?

Helicopter tour over New York: do you need to book in advance or directly on site?

If you have planned to fly over New York in a helicopter for a few minutes, you are probably asking yourself this question: should you reserve your place in advance or directly on site ?

How to make a helicopter reservation in New York?

Personally, I advise you to opt for the first solution, for several reasons. First of all, the helipad is located south of Manhattan. So you will need to allow some time to get there and buy your tickets. Then nothing tells you that there will be room in the helicopter.

En booking your ticket in advance and directly on the internet, you are therefore guaranteed to have your place on board on the desired day and you will also save time. You will also leave with peace of mind and you will be sure to experience an incredible helicopter ride!

New York helicopter reservation: what are the steps?

To help you reserve your place in the helicopter, here are the different steps to follow :

  • Look at the different flights offered by the companies, the sites flown over according to the duration and the prices applied directly on our dedicated article.
  • Go to
  • Choose the tour you want between the Classic Manhattan Tour, Deluxe Manhattan Tour, VIP Manhattan Tour, The Big Apple and New York, New York.
  • Then choose the date of your flight, the number of adults and children.

How to make a helicopter reservation in New York?

Small advice: for the date, choose one at the beginning or in the middle of your stay, because in case of bad weather, the flight can be canceled. If you decide to take your tour on the last day, you won't be able to fly over New York.

  • Click on “Book Now”.
  • Verify the information, then click “Proceed to checkout”.
  • Fill in the various fields requested.
  • As soon as the information is provided, you will receive a voucher directly in your mailbox.
  • Some time later, you will receive an e-mail asking you the time at which you wish to make your helicopter tour.
  • Choose your time and send the answer back.
  • Your place is reserved!

The day of the flight: what to do?

Has the day of your flight finally arrived? Do you have your ticket in your hands? All you have to do is get on board!

For this, it is advisable to arrive 45 minutes before your flight time at the helipad (address: 6 East River Piers New York, NY 10004). You will then go through some sort of recording. Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is sit down, buckle up and enjoy!

How to make a helicopter reservation in New York?

Note: during your helicopter tour, you will have an audio headset and a microphone allowing you to chat with the pilot.

Practical information for the day of the flight

  • Only your camera is allowed in the helicopter.
  • Your personal belongings (phone, bags, etc.) are not allowed (lockers are available to store your personal effects).

And here. Now you know how to book your seat on a helicopter tour over New York City. If you are planning to go, don't forget to book your tickets in advance!

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