How long is your ESTA authorization valid for?

How long is your ESTA authorization valid for?

Validity of ESTA: what is it?

The ESTA is valid for the 2th anniversary from the date of acceptance of your request. Thus, if you get your ESTA on May 1, 2018, it will be valid until April 30, 2020.

Also, if you plan to travel to New York (or the United States) several times before the 2-year deadline, you are no need to reapply for ESTA and repay the $ 14 (to be paid when you request online).

How long is your ESTA authorization valid for?

Before any trip to the United States, it is still necessary to check the validity of your answers provided on the ESTA application form. If certain modifications are necessary, it is important to carry them out before using your ESTA again so that they are in accordance with your situation.

Duration of the 2 years: are there any exceptions?

In some cases, your ESTA application must be renewed, even if it is still valid. You will therefore have to reapply if:

  • Your passport is expired and you are traveling with a new one because the ESTA is linked to your passport number.
  • You have changed nationality and you are traveling under your new one.
  • Your name, address or marital status has changed.
  • You must modify an answer to one of your questions on your application form.

If you need to reapply before the expiry date of your ESTA, be aware that you will have to fill out the online form et pay the administration and transfer fees. The response will then be sent to you under 72 hours.

In which cases can the validity of the ESTA be called into question?

As previously indicated, the ESTA is valid for 2 years (the latter is indicated on the authorization). All the information given during your request must also be exact. If these have changed since your last request, your ESTA will no longer be valid and a new request will then have to be made. This happens in particular in the event of a move or if you have changed jobs and employers.

It is also important to distinguish between the period of validity of the ESTA and that of your stay. Indeed, even if your ESTA is valid for 2 years, the duration of your stay must not exceed 90 days. Once this deadline has passed, you will have to leave American soil at the risk of being arrested by the immigration services, of being banned from staying in the United States and of seeing your next ESTA applications refused.

How to check the validity of your ESTA?

How long is your ESTA authorization valid for?Did you apply for ESTA for the first time some time ago and are planning to travel to New York again? Before leaving, you must check the validity of your ESTA and be sure that your authorization is still valid.

To check the validity of your ESTA, several solutions are available to you:

  • Directly online by requesting consultation of your file. To access it, you must have your file number in your possession.
  • Search in your email the email that was sent to you during your previous request and where the authorization date appears. The date of receipt of your email corresponds to the start date of validity of your request. You just need to add two years to this date.

If you have lost your case number or can no longer find the email address corresponding to your request, you will need to re-apply for ESTA, even if your ESTA has not expired.

What if the ESTA is no longer valid?

As explained several times in this article, to travel to the United States and therefore to New York, your ESTA must be valid. At the end of the 2 years, you must therefore renew your request and in this case, no trace of your previous authorization requests will be kept by the American authorities. You will therefore have to carry out all the administrative procedures and fill in all the fields requested as in your previous request. The application fees will also have to be paid, even if your personal information has not changed since your last request.

It is also important to note that even if your previous request was accepted, there is nothing to indicate that your second will be. Indeed, if your situation has changed or if certain rules have changed in the United States, the authorities may refuse your ESTA application.

What to do if the ESTA expires during your trip?

In the event that your ESTA expires during your stay in New York, your trip will not be tainted. Indeed, ESTA is a request for authorization to enter American territory and not a residence permit.

Additional essential information

  • You can apply for ESTA whenever you want before your departure within a period of 2 years maximum.
  • If you enter the United States by ground route, there is no need to apply for ESTA.

As you can see, the ESTA is valid for two years. If you are planning to go to New York, don't forget to apply!

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