Arthur Avenue: the Little Italy of the Bronx

An Adventure in the Heart of Italy

The Bronx is known among other things for its very Italian neighborhood. Arthur Avenue ("Little Italy in the Bronx" as it is called) is a must see place with many Italian shops and restaurants that are worth a look!

It is here, wedged between the Albanian and Puerto Rican blocks, that the real Little Italy can be found, more authentic and friendly than the “Little Italy” of Manhattan, this district has existed for about fifty years, and the atmosphere is really Italian style! Homemade products or products imported from Italy, which are very difficult to resist, especially after the tasting session under the benevolent eye of the chef.

American and European styles blend in harmony, between Parmesan, olive oil, Neapolitan pastries and tomato sauces. There you will find many grocery stores selling Italian specialties and you can even take a break in one of the cafes or restaurants on the street. The value for money is very interesting.

Good to know

  •  it is important to be lightly equipped when going to the Bronx even if the neighborhood has evolved in the right direction, it is better to be wary ...
  •  It's a bit far, but definitely worth the trip. You will find everything on your own there to eat very well, but be careful because everything is closed on Sundays!
  • You can buy the official Arthur Avenue book so that Italian recipes are no longer a secret to you.
  • The first families settled here at the end of the XNUMXth century to participate in the construction of the botanical garden and the skytrain.

Visit the Arthur avenue Retail Market

A visit to the covered market is a must during your getaway in the Bronx. The famous Arthur Avenue Retail Market is an unusual place where people speak more Italian than English… This small covered market is full of colorful stalls and charming shops. Among the most fascinating things to see is New York's last cigar factory where cigars are rolled before your eyes. A little compendium of the whole street and all the flavors of Italy.

How to get to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx?

To get to Little Italy in the Bronx, you have to take the line of Metro B or D (orange line) get off at Fordham Rd or metro 2 (red line) is get off at Pelham parkway. Once you arrive at one of these two stations, take bus n ° 12 (for the more motivated, you can walk there from the stations but count at least  15 to 20min).

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