Visit New York in 3 days: 2 example schedules!

The cultural itinerary to visit New York in 3 days

Day 1: the Upper East Side

Le Metropolitan Museum of Art

First of all, visiting New York in 3 days without any hesitation involves the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An emblematic New York museum, it includes more than two million works from around the world. These last sometimes go back more than 5000 years!

Also, this is the second museum on most visited in the world. Getting there early in the morning may save you from a crowded crowd.

Find out about the different collections that might interest you in order to save time. No need to remember that you won't have time to see everything!

Note that entry to the MET is via donation and that it is included in the New York City Pass and New York Pass.

Central Park

Then, head to Central Park, located right next to the museum. Big of 341 hectares, you can cross it on foot or by bike and enjoy its many activities.

Do not forget your camera to immortalize your meeting with the squirrels New Yorker !

Also, do not hesitate to organize a picnic to have lunch there if the weather permits. Otherwise, you will find many restaurants in the surrounding area.

The Guggenheim Museum

Then, if you still have the energy and motivation, go to Guggenheim Museum, famous building by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The latter is a true masterpiece not to be missed. Indeed, its construction is in the shape of a helix and it includes a fun spiral staircase.

The museum offers works by Chagall, Kandinsky, Pollock and Modigliani in particular, and admission is included in the New York City Pass and New York Pass. Enjoy it, even for a short time!

Le Top of the Rock

Then, after walking well, go up to Top of the Rock, located at the top of Rockefeller Center. Take in the view at sunset if possible, it's beautiful! You can admire the view and the Empire State Building from the 70th floor. Access normally costs $ 30, but it is also included in both passes.

And then, if you are present during the winter period, do not miss the rink, at the foot of Rockefeller Center!

Jour 2: Lower Manhattan, Ellis Island, Chinatown et Little Italy

Ellis Island and its Immigration Museum

Take advantage of the calm of the morning to go to Battery Park, in order to board the ferry to Ellis Island. The latter, located about 1,5 km from Liberty Island, offers a superb view of the Statue of Liberty. In addition, the price of the ferry is included in the New York City Pass and New York Pass, why not?

The first ferry leaves at 9 am, so be a little early to get a seat.

Take advantage of the free guided tour and go visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum once arrived. You will retrace the journey of millions of immigrants who came to live the American dream. Note that the Ellis Island Museum is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 17 p.m.

The September 11 Memorial and its museum

On the way back, take a stroll through the business district of Wall Street. After you have refreshed and taken a break, walk to the One World Trade Center. This tower, built in place of the twin towers, will impress you with its size and design.

Then, check out the 11/XNUMX Memorial, which consists of two pools of water with the names of the victims engraved on them. You can then go to underground museum of September 11. Admission is free on Tuesdays from 17 p.m. to 20 p.m., and is included in the New York City Pass.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Then head to the superb Brooklyn Bridge and cross it if you wish. At 44 meters high, you can admire the city skyline. The crossing will take approximately 30 minutes (one way).

Chinatown et Little Italy

Finally, why not get away from it all? As paradoxical as it may seem, Chinatown is very emblematic of New York City. The district is therefore a must if you want to visit New York in 3 days. So go for a stroll and discover many shops, objects and dishes that you are not used to.

Cross the Columbus Park and you might see some locals doing Tai Chi lessons there.

Then take a short detour through Canal Street in order to check the box "souvenir gifts" from your list, before heading to Little Italy, to dine there and close this beautiful day.

Day 3: Midtown and Chelsea

Le Museum of Modern Art

To start this last day, meet at MoMA! If you are a modern art lover and want to visit New York in 3 days, you will be delighted to go there. Open since 1929, this museum contains magnificent paintings by Matisse, Picasso, Lichtenstein and even Andy Warhol. Don't miss it!

The Natural History Museum

However, if modernity is not your hobby, I strongly recommend the Natural History Museum. The latter is very interesting, both for young and old. Archeology, a dinosaur skeleton or a 28-meter-long whale are just examples of the surprises that await you! Its entry is also included in the two passes mentioned above.

Note that visiting New York in 3 days involves a limited time. Also, you definitely won't have time to do these two museums. So choose according to your tastes and moods.

Times Square

Then, head to Times Square so you can admire it with your own eyes. This intersection known for its giant illuminated screens and its many shops will entertain you. You will find brands like American Eagle, H&M, Forever 21, as well as a Disney Store. And then, it will be the perfect place to buy your souvenir gifts, such as “I love New York” t-shirts and mugs!

You might even be lucky enough to be there when organizing an outdoor yoga class. In this case, unroll your mattress and enjoy the unusual experience!

Also, don't miss M&M’s World and its thousand flavors or derived products. In particular, you can have your candies personalized before leaving with them.

The Empire State Building and the Highline

Finally, who says "visit New York in 3 days" says climb to the top of theEmpire State Building ! Then take Broadway to New York's most visited monument! Climb to the top of its 102 floors, 443 meters high, and contemplate the city. Once again, admission is included with the purchase of a New York pass. Otherwise, you can also buy a single ticket.

End your day like a local, enjoying the sunset in Chelsea, from its Highline. The latter is an old railway line converted into a very pleasant green promenade.

The great classics to visit in New York in 3 days

Day 1: Upper East Side, Chelsea and a dinner cruise

Le Metropolitan Museum of Art

As with the cultural route, you owe it to yourself to Metropolitan Museum of Art if you want to visit New York in 3 days and see its great classics.

Second museum on most visited in the world, the latter has more than two million works from all over the world! So choose in advance the collections you want to see.

Entry to the MET is included with New York City passes, so carry yours with you.

The famous 5th Avenue

Then, towards the famous Cinquième Avenue, where you can find all the major luxury brands. Cartier, Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and many others await you on these 4 kilometers long.

Stroll on the 4 kilometers that make up this avenue and enjoy this 100% New York experience.

Don't miss Niketown, at the junction with 57th Street, where you can customize your pair of shoes before leaving with them!

Central Park

Then take a break at Central Park, where you will appreciate the immense expanse of greenery and the activities on offer. Do not hesitate to take a roller-skating ride, or even ice skating if you are there in winter!

Grand Central Terminal

Located near the Empire State Building, the Grand Central Terminal station is a real romanticism symbol. Its architecture is remarkable. Also, do not miss to enter and admire its superb clock while walking from store to store.

Do you know that many marriage proposals took place there? Something to give you ideas if you are visiting New York as a couple!

The Empire State Building, the Highline and a cruise

After taking the must-see detour in Times Square, now head to theEmpire State Building. Climb to the top of its 102 floors, 443 meters high in order to admire the city. Once again, admission is included with the purchase of a New York pass.

At the end of the day, head to the Chelsea Highline, in order to walk like a local. Formerly the railway, the Highline is now a long green promenade where New Yorkers meet to enjoy the sunset. Romantic, isn't it?

Once hunger kicks in, board the Spirit of New York for three hours of dinner cruise on the Hudson. The view will be splendid, and the atmosphere romantic and festive. Enough to end your day in style!

Note that boarding is at Pier 61, just next to the Highline.

Day 2: Soho, Tribeca, Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty

Quieter than 5th Avenue, the districts of Soho, West Village and Greenwich offer several quirky shops and small local designers. You will also find many international brands there.

Lose yourself in the small streets, stop in a café to regain your strength, and set off again!

Wall Street et Battery Park

After having lunch, then get off at Wall Street to walk around and see the famous charging Bull. Do not miss to meditate for a few moments near the 11/XNUMX memorial, and admire the One World Trade Center.

Continue to Battery Park, in order to walk around and admire the famous Statue of Liberty from afar.

Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty

Finally, board the ferry for Liberty Island. Indeed, visit New York in 3 days without visiting the Statue of Liberty is almost unthinkable!

Visiting the Statue is free, you will only have to pay for the ferry crossing. My advice: meet at the Battery Park ticket office after 14 p.m. to avoid the crowds.

The good tip: sit at the back to admire the skyline during the journey. And wait until nightfall to take the return ferry. You can enjoy a beautiful illuminated skyline!

Jour 3 : Brooklyn, Chinatown, Midtown et Little Italy

Brooklyn and Prospect Park

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge very early in the morning is arguably the best time of the day. This allows you to watch New York City slowly awaken. So try to set your alarm clock, even if you are on vacation!

Once in Brooklyn, stroll the streets and hipster shops, take your time. Continue until Prospect Park and stop to sip a coffee and take a well-deserved break.

With a 35 hectare meadow, it is one of the largest parks in New York. Quiet and wooded, it will offer you a privileged moment. Do not hesitate to take a horse ride or a pedal boat ride.

Le Flatiron Building et Madison Square Park

Take the subway back to 23rd Street (N and R lines) and admire the Flatiron building. Dating from 1902, this building takes the form of an iron and is 87 meters high. Beaux-Arts style, it is world famous, and you owe it to yourself to walk past it and take a nice photo.

Take a few more steps to reach the very pleasant Madison Square Park. Place of artistic exhibitions, it offers several activities for children in summer. That said, you will especially go for a burger at the Shake Shack located there, one of the most famous burgers in the city!

Also, enjoy the connection Free WiFi that is available there.

Macy’s et Little Italy

Then, if you are want to go shopping, go to Macy's. This huge shopping center 10 floors offers many international brands. You will find for example Donna Karan, Burberry, DKNYC, Vera Wang or Michael Kors.

Remember that the brand offers 10% discount for 30 days to all foreigners. To do this, go to the Macy's website to obtain your voucher and print it. However, do not forget to present your identity card when you want to use your voucher.

Finally, spend the evening in the romantic district of Little Italy and stop at an authentic restaurant!

You are now ready to visit New York in 3 days! Remember, despite the itineraries organized according to the neighborhoods, this may involve some travel. Also, find out about the New York subway, or its famous yellow taxis. And then, plan on good shoes and a bottle of water!

Finally, try to plan ahead as much as you can. This will mean savings in time and money.

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