New York Knicks tickets: where to buy tickets at the best price?

New York Knicks tickets: where to buy tickets at the best price?

New York Knicks tickets: how to buy a seat?

If you would like to attend a New York Knicks game, you can either purchase your tickets by line, either directly on place at the counter. For my part, I advise you to opt for the first solution. Indeed, if you decide to buy your tickets on site, you may be disappointed: you will have very little choice in terms of location and if you are in a small group, you may not end up next door. It would be a shame not to experience the game all together, don't you think? Tickets purchased on site are also sold at higher prices, think about it! Ordering your Knicks tickets directly online is therefore the best option. At a time practical and fast, you are also sure to have your ticket for the meeting you want!

New York Knicks tickets: where to buy tickets at the best price?

But on which site to order tickets? To buy your tickets for the New York Knicks, I strongly advise you to go through the site On this site, you will be able to have an overview on the availability of tickets and the upcoming NBA matches. is also in French, which facilitates the search.

To order your tickets on, simply click here!

Once purchased, you will receive your tickets either by post or electronically (your choice). Personally, I find the second option very practical. Indeed, places are sent by e-mail in the form of a e-ticket to print. No shipping costs are therefore applied, tickets are authenticity and are delivered on time.

On, tickets are also sold at the best price !

New York Knicks tickets: how much does a seat cost?

The price of a ticket depends on several criteria : the chosen place and the importance of the meeting. On average, prices vary between 70 $ and 90 $ for a classic place. But if you want to be as close as possible to the field, some tickets can cost as high as $ 500 and even several thousand dollars for the most popular matches.

NBA game: support the New York Knicks

Who are the New York Knicks?

In New York, the two flagship basketball teams are the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. If these two teams are very popular with New Yorkers, the Knicks remain theiconic New York team. If you're looking to catch a basketball game in New York City, I highly recommend the Knicks at the Nets. The latter plays in the NBA and plays at Madison Square Garden, a very popular and legendary place that hosts many events (sporting events, concerts ...).

Madison Square Garden: a legendary room

As mentioned beforehand, Madison Square Garden is a very famous venue in New York which organizes concerts, sporting events and more. Moreover, big international stars (Madonna, Michael Jackson…) have already performed in this room!

New York Knicks tickets: where to buy tickets at the best price?

Madison Square Garden can accommodate over 19 spectators and is located near Penn Station (000 Pennsylvania Plaza) in the city center. It is easily recognizable thanks to its cylindrical shape and his twinkling lights in the colors of the Knicks on game nights. So you can't miss it!

If you want to attend an NBA game, feel free to take a look at the schedule of upcoming Knicks games directly on the following link. You will be able to have an overview on the next opponents of the Knicks and choose the date you want!

How to reach Madison Square Garden?

Getting to Madison Square Garden is very easy, from all parts of New York. Here is how to reach the room by metro:

  • Lines A, C, E or 1 : get off at 32nd Street.
  • R, N or Q lines : get off at Herald Square.

Knicks game: which seat to choose?

To get the most out of the meeting, it is important to choose a good place. To help you, here are some tips:

  • Block 100. These are the best seats, but also the most expensive: prices are between $ 150 and $ 500. If you want to choose this block, prefer a place in the middle of the zone in order to make the most of the match.
  • Block 200 : these are the most interesting (and my favorite) and best placed places. Ticket prices are between $ 75 and $ 200. The price / quality ratio is therefore excellent!

A word of advice: choose seats from 208 to 214 or from 221 to 227.

  • Block 400 : these are the cheapest places, but from here, the view on the ground is less good. However, you can enjoy the whole atmosphere of the stadium and, rest assured, you can still follow the match. The players are not small dots in the distance 😉

New York Knicks tickets: where to buy tickets at the best price?

Also, if you want to have a better overview of the different places, do not hesitate to watch the 3D animation offered on the Madison Square Garden site.

Additional information for a successful match

here are some practical and useful information to take into account before the day of the match:

  • Do not hesitate to order your tickets for the New York Knicks in advance to find the best price.
  • Consider arriving 30 minutes or even an hour before the start of the meeting. This will allow you to settle in, buy something to eat during the match ...
  • Do not forget some essential equipment to get you in the mood on the day of the meeting: Knicks t-shirt, cap, foam hand, flag… This will allow you to support the Knicks as it should be and like a new- Yorker! To find all these accessories, head to the NBA Store (590 5th Ave New York), a basketball lover's paradise!
  • At Madison Square Garden there are several entrances available, but the main one is between 31st Street and 32nd Street (on 8th Avenue).
  • Once installed in your place, simply enjoy the meeting and all the activities offered: between cheerleaders, mascots and others, the good atmosphere will be there!

Now you know how to order your tickets to see a New York Knicks game. As you can see, this is very simple in itself and especially very fast if you opt for the e-ticket version. All you have to do is choose the match you want directly on the site, buy your tickets and wait for the day of the match. On D-Day, simply enjoy every moment of the match and the various shows present before your eyes! You won't be disappointed, that's for sure!

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