Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

Baseball New York: how to buy your ticket?

Buy tickets on site or online?

In order to buy your tickets to attend a baseball game in New York, you have two options: buy them online or on site, at the counters provided for this purpose. This second option allows you to be a little more spontaneous and to decide at the last moment, according to your desires once there. That said, be prepared to wait a long time in the queue if you choose this option!

Do it in advance

Also, I strongly advise you to book your tickets online as soon as possible, in order to get the best rates and to be able to organize yourself easily afterwards. You can pay by credit card and receive the tickets directly at home, by mail, or by e-mail. My advice ? Prefer the option of e-tickets, since this will allow you to have your tickets directly on your mobile. It is more convenient, and it avoids the risk of losing tickets.

How does a baseball game go?

A baseball game usually lasts 3 to 4 hours in total. The match is divided into 9 main rounds, the "innings", themselves divided into two half-rounds.

It may sound like a long time, but trust me, you won't have time to get bored. Indeed, many activities are organized throughout the match, everywhere.

Also, here's a video below to give you a little preview of a New York Yankees game:

New York Yankees' schedule of upcoming matches

Here are the dates of the upcoming games for New York's flagship team, the Yankees:


The New York Yankees team

The history of the baseball team

The Yankees team is quite simply a New York City legend. The latter, also called the "Bronx Bombers", was founded in 1901 in Maryland. At the time, the team was known as the "Baltimore Orioles". In 1903, the latter moved to New York City and changed its name to " Highlanders" page (in French).

To date, the Yankees team holds 27 world titles and 40 championships US.

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

Go to a Yankees game

If you want to watch a Yankees baseball game, know that it is absolutely possible. Indeed, the team plays several times a week, sometimes even up to 6 games. You will therefore normally have the opportunity to attend one of their matches. The match season takes place fromApril to October, and you can find their calendar just above.

The Yankee Stadium is quite impressive considering that it can accommodate up to 50.291 spectators!

Also, be aware that you don't have to attend a game in the evening if you plan to do other activities. Indeed, some matches take place in the afternoon. So, and if you plan to go to New York during the summer (between May and September), enjoying a game at the same time as the rays of the sun can be very pleasant! That said, keep in mind that it will take you several hours, so if your stay is rather short, maybe prefer an evening game, so that you can make your sightseeing during the day.

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stayAnd if you plan ahead, the tickets shouldn't cost you that much. Of course, everything is relative, and it depends on the importance of the matches as well as the opposing team. Thus, the price of a ticket can vary between less than $ 10 and more than $ 1000. So find out well in advance.

The best seats to watch a Yankees game

Have you made up your mind and want to attend a baseball game in New York, and more specifically a Yankees game? So when it comes to choosing your seat, make no mistake. Indeed, the Yankee Stadium offers a wide choice of seats, and you have to choose wisely!

Also, to see well, I advise you not to be too high or too far, just to see well throughout the match. So take a look at the stadium map below to get an idea of ​​the location and to be able to choose your seat.

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

Personally, I advise you to place yourself close to the first base (on the right of the field) because these places are less expensive than the central places and it is here that 70 to 80% of the points of the match are played.

Useful information

How to prepare for the big day?

While attending a baseball game in New York City is a relaxed and open activity, a little preparation is required. Indeed, know that New Yorkers are very fond of everything that is derived from their favorite team. Thus, it will be very common to observe them waving their foam hand with the effigy of their team, wearing a T-shirt and a team cap, banners and other gadgets.

So don't hesitate to take yourself for a real New Yorker by doing the same thing! So buy yourself a Yankees team t-shirt, and don't miss out on buying a Yankees cap at a knockdown price at Century 21. A great souvenir from New York! Of course, you can also buy your Yankees accessories once there, but the prices may be higher!

And of course, don't forget your camera or camera, so you can immortalize the moment!

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

How do I get to Yankee Stadium?

The Yankees stadium is located in the borough of the Bronx, which I recommend you visit. To get to the stadium, you can take metro lines B and D to the station 161st Street. From midtown Manhattan, the journey will be approximately 25 minutes. And when you get out of the metro station, open your eyes: the stadium is right in front!

When to arrive at the stadium?

In addition, I strongly advise you to go to the stadium well in advance. This will allow you to avoid an incredible crush, and you can pick up some snacks before settling down quietly before the national anthem. Also, I think that to happen between a half hour and an hour in advance is necessary. No need to arrive earlier, you might get bored.

What to do once there?

Once you get to Yankee Stadium, and if you have time, I recommend exploring the surrounding area a bit. Also, go through the alley of the low stand, even if your place is not there. You will be able to see the field very closely, and keep beautiful memories of the stadium.

Then, be sure to take a look at the hotdogs, popcorns and other typical American snacks, just to be able to stock up for the whole game!

The New York Mets team

Have you seen the Yankees play, or want to see another team? Then think of the New York Mets, the city's second emblematic team!

The history of the team

Founded in 1962, the New York Mets have played at Citi Field since 2009, after long playing at Shea Stadium in the borough of Queens. The team's name comes from "Metropolitans", a name chosen in homage to the New York baseball club founded in the 1880s.

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

Also, the beginnings of this team, nicknamed "The Amazin's", were somewhat deplorable. However, it is quite different now, since the team has two world series victories, and one national league victory.

Citi Field stadium

The Citi Field stadium in Queens is located on Roosevelt Avenue, right next to the Mets' former home stadium, Shea Stadium. They are both near Flushing Meadows Park, which I recommend you visit.

Inaugurated in 2009, Citi Field is now the training and game venue for the New York Mets team. Also, it can accommodate up to 45000 spectators, a little less than the Yankees stadium. Nevertheless, the stadium remains just as impressive!

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

Buy tickets to see the Mets

To attend a New York Mets game, I recommend that you, like the Yankees, buy your tickets online rather than on site. This will allow you to compare the different options available to you, and to organize yourself in advance. In addition, your tickets can be sent to you by post or e-mail, which is very convenient and fast.

Generally count between $ 20 and $ 80 for a Mets game between April and October. Also, if you want to save some money, prefer a match during the week rather than the weekend. Places are indeed quite popular at this time, and therefore more expensive.

Choosing the right place for the match

As with Yankee Stadium, you will have to choose your seat for Citi Field. Also, prefer a strategic place, neither too close in order to save some savings, nor too far in order to see the match.

Take a look at the stadium map below to see the locations available to you. Places ranging from 309 to 330 are quite nice and close to the field, just like 406 to 425. Forget the numbered places in the 500, which are a bit too far from the field for my taste.

Baseball New York: catch a game during your stay

Schedule of the next Mets matches

Here are the dates of the next New York Mets games:


Getting to Citi Field

To get to Citi Field, you can take the subway from Manhattan. The Online 7 goes to the metro station Mets-Willets Point Station. The latter is located opposite the stadium.

Also, just like for a Yankees game, I advise you to get to the stadium between half an hour and an hour before the start of the game. This will allow you to sit down quietly.

Finally, after the game, you can take line 7 back to midtown Manhattan. Indeed, the subway stops at Times Square, Fifth Avenue and Grand Central Terminal.

So, ready to live an experience 100% New Yorker ? My final little tip will be to bring a sweater with you if you are in New York during the cooler months. And if you are there in the summer, take a light vest to protect you from the sun. Good game !

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