TOP 25 movies shot in New York

TOP 25 movies shot in New York

New York film: top 25 of those shot in New York

1 - Taxi Driver

TOP 25 movies shot in New YorkReleased in 1976, this film invites you in the back of a New York taxi and stars Robert De Niro, a former Vietnam War fighter who became a taxi driver at night. During his races, this veteran will cross the streets of Times Square, will pass towards Columbus Circle or Central Park.

With this film, you will be immersed in the Violent 70s New York, far from the current one and you will be able to observe the evolution of mythical places of the Big Apple.


2- Once upon a time in America

This film released during the year 1984, you will immerse yourself in 30s New York. Once Upon a Time in America tells the story of two gangsters played by James Woo and Robert De Niro and highlights several themes: greed, lust, love, childhood friendships and betrayal.

A few scenes from the movie were shot on Washington Street, but to see a featured image from the movie, head to Dumbo in the Brooklyn neighborhood and head towards Front Street. You will see the Manhattan Bridge there and you will have before your eyes the image appearing on the film poster!

3- The next day

The planet is undergoing major climatic disturbances and it is in Big Apple that the temperatures are the coldest, transforming New York into a real ice floe: the East River is completely frozen like the famous Empire State Building. The inhabitants are also frozen with cold.

The next day takes place on the Fifth Avenue in front of the famous New York Public Library. So if you enjoyed the movie, you have no more excuses for not entering this library!

4- Leon

Léon, played by Jean Reno is a contract killer who lives in the district of Little Italy. When not in action, he spends his time caring for his green plant and doing exercises. One day, he meets Mathilda, 12 years old and whose family has just been murdered. To avenge her little brother, this young girl asks Leon to teach her her "trade". The film Léon was released in 1994 and combines action, suspense and emotion.

If the district of Little Italy can be seen, also know that several scenes were shot in the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

5- The gendarme in New York

French comedy which still makes people laugh years after its release, Le gendarme à New York features the famous gendarmes of Saint-Tropez who came to attend an international congress of the gendarmerie. The gendarmes therefore left their Côte d'Azur and arrived at Manhattan aboard the liner France. But as we know, with the gendarmes of Saint-Tropez, nothing will go as planned...

During this film, you will see the district of Little Italy, the old New York taxis and the skyline that has changed a lot over the years. With Le gendarme à New York, giggles guaranteed and a return to the New York of the 60s guaranteed!

6- Men in Black

The Men in Black are men dressed in black, wearing sunglasses and having the latest technology. Their mission? Protect the planet from any extraterrestrial crime with the utmost discretion. But a huge cockroach will give them a hard time.

If the film takes place on the streets of New York, you will see that some scenes were shot on the Fifth Avenue and the Guggenheim Museum.

7- Wall Street

TOP 25 movies shot in New YorkThis Olivier Stone film tells the story of a newly graduated trader, Bud Fox and a major investor, Gordon Gekko, who decides to take this new kid under his wing. But in this film, will the student be stronger than his teacher? Will his lack of experience harm him?

Released in 1987, the main theme of this film is the excesses of finance. And if you liked the movie Wall Street, go to the heart of Financial District !

8- Spider-man

Peter Parker is a student and lives with his aunt and uncle in the Queens neighborhood. One day, he gets bitten by a genetically modified spider and acquires extraordinary and superhuman powers. He thus becomes Spider-Man (the spider man) and decides to use his powers in the service of good and to fight a creature of his kind.

During the film, you will see that some shots take place at the New York Public Library or at the Flatiron Building. The Roosevelt Island Tramway can also be seen, so keep your eyes peeled!

9- Love at first sight in Manhattan

Released in 2002, this film tells the story of Marisa, a single woman who works in a posh hotel in Manhattan, and Christopher Marshall, a rich man. These two opposing beings fall in love with each other, but can their story last despite their different lives? Can their difference in status separate them?

The hotel where Marisa works is located on Park Avenue and some scenes of the film were filmed in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in Central Park.

10- Ghostbusters

With Ghostbusters (or Ghostbusters in the original version), you will follow the stories of three researchers who have decided to launch a “Ghostbusters” company whose goal is to track down specters. This company will be successful and for these researchers, New York will become an incredible hunting ground ...

The Ghostbusters team is located at SoHo, specifically at the corner of Varick Street and Moore Street.

11- I am a legend

As New York City is struck by a virus, Doctor Robert Neville (played by Will Smith) is the city's lone survivor. He then tries to find other people alive.

When you visit the Brooklyn Bridge, you will inevitably think of the movie poster showing this famous destroyed bridge. You can also go near Grand Central Terminal to remind you of the scene where mutants stalk Will Smith.

12- Hitch, expert in seduction

TOP 25 movies shot in New YorkAlex Hitchens is a "love doctor" who does not hesitate to use particular methods to coach men and women. With Alex Hitchens, everything is possible to unite people and for love to triumph! But if he succeeds his bet with others, Alex Hitchens does not believe in love, until the day when ...

The film was shot in several locations in New York : Park Avenue, Ellis Island, Central Park, Broadway… So pay attention!


13- King Kong

Back in the 30s with the movie King Kong. Ann Darrow is a young artist affected by unemployment. One day, she meets Carl Denham, an explorer-director and lets herself be drawn into a crazy adventure: in addition to wanting to finish his last film, Carl Denham also wants to explore Skull Island, a mysterious island that is home to dangerous creatures. By leaving for this island, Carl knows that something will change the course of his life forever ...

While part of the film does not take place in New York, scenes were shot in Central Park or to theEmpire State Building.

14- Thomas Crown

Thomas Crown is a famous financier who loves adventure and risk. For some time now, he has been visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art regularly to admire the works and more particularly one by Van Gogh. But one day, the curator presents him with an invaluable canvas by Monet. At first indifferent, Thomas will take advantage of an attack on the museum to steal the canvas.

If the film Thomas Crown will make you live a theft in a famous New York museum, this one will also take you to the heart of the financial district. Keep your eyes peeled, as New York Bay can also be seen during the film!

15- Black Swan

Black Swan is a fascinating and scary film at the same time. It brings you the story of Nina, a dancer with the New York City Ballet who is determined to land the lead role in Swan Lake. But a new recruit also wishing to have this role is going to put a strain on him… So who will win?

Black Swan was filmed in New York with scenes in the subway, at the National Museum of the American Indian or at Lincoln Center.

16- Marathon Man

A history student, Babe is training hard for the New York City Marathon. While running in Central Park, his brother Doc is killed in front of him. Babe will then find himself in the middle of a gear and he will have to start a mad race to save his skin while investigating why he has also become a man to be eliminated.

If you have seen the movie Marathon Man, you will no longer be walking around Central Park in the same way and if you want to follow in Babe's footsteps and practice, run alongside the reservoir!

17- Crocodile Dundee

Shot in the heart of New York, Crocodile Dundee was released in 1986 and tells the story of a New York journalist (Sue Charlton) who left for Australia to shoot a report. There, she will meet an astonishing crocodile hunter. Sue Charlton will then decide to take him to New York, but the latter will have difficulty getting used to his new urban life. But that's not all ! Since Sue Charlton will fall under the spell of this adventurer and will decide to follow him for better, but also for worse.

18- Requiem for a dream

TOP 25 movies shot in New YorkJunkie Harry Goldfarb spends his days with his girlfriend Marion and boyfriend Tyrone. All three wish for a better life, but little by little they sink into an infernal spiral leading them into anguish and despair.

For her part, Harry's mother, who lives alone in Coney Island in the Brooklyn neighborhood, is addicted to television and dreams of only one thing: to go to the other side of the screen. To achieve his dream, a draconian diet begins.

19- When Harry meets Sally

Harry and Sally are enemies, but after graduation they both move to New York. They will meet again five years later by chance and find out that each has become engaged. Five years later, they will meet again and see a change in their life: they are single and a real friendship will be born between them. Over time, Harry and Sally will find they are made for each other.

The whole movie was shot in New York. You can discover places like Central Park, Washington Square Park, Broadway or the MET.

20- The Year of the Dragon

Want to be immersed in the Chinatown area ? Watch The Year of the Dragon! This film was released in 1985 and tells the story of Captain Stanley White, transferred to Chinatown where a wave of violence has just hit. Faced with this, he thinks of the development of a mafia in the heart of the neighborhood and decides to tackle it. A duel between him and the neighborhood godfather will begin!

21- The freedmen

Ever since he was little, Henry Hill has dreamed of belonging to the mafia and becoming a gangster. As a teenager, he started working for Paul Cicero, a local boss, and for his partner Jimmy Conway. Ambitious, he gradually wins the respect of the environment, marries Karen, a Jewish woman and whom he regularly cheats. But while he is involved in drug trafficking, Henry's life will change ...

Les Affranchis was filmed in the neighborhood of Queens and certain areas of Long Island.

22- The attack on metro 123

TOP 25 movies shot in New YorkNew York subway switchman Walter Garber ensures the proper functioning of the subway every day. But one day, train 123 stops without explanation: Ryder, a criminal has taken his passengers hostage and threatens, with his accomplices, to execute them if he does not receive a ransom. Between Walter Garber and Ryder then begins an incredible face to face, each with secrets and strengths. The race against time is on!

The filming took place mainly in Manhattan, but also in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. You can also see the Manhattan Bridge and Grand Central Terminal.

23- Once upon a time in the Bronx

Once upon a time in the Bronx you will meet in New York in the 60s with Calogero, a 9-year-old boy who hesitates between two totally different lives: that of his father, an honest and hard-working man and that of the freed " more promising ”. So what will be his choice?

24- Working girl

Working Girl traces the adventures of Tess, a secretary who works in a large New York company and who one day wishes to achieve executive status. But while her boss is away for a few days, Tess is bold and plays one of her cards ...

With Working girl, you will be immersed in the jungle of Wall Street!

25- Cosmopolis

Released in 2012, Cosmopolis shows you a New York in full swing! While the President of the United States is visiting Manhattan, billionaire Eric Packer decides to go to the hairdresser at the other end of town. But over the course of the day, it is the upheaval and the latter has to face the collapse of his financial empire. Because of the president's visit, many roads are closed forcing Eric to change his route.

This top 25 is of course incomplete, as many other films have been filmed in New York. If you have others, please let us know in the comments! Good viewing !

And if you are a fan of series, here is a top 10 of those also shot in New York!

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