Shopping on the Upper East Side

Shopping on the Upper East Side

Upper East Side Thrift Stores

The Upper East Side may be the district for the most influential men and women in NYC, thrift stores are very trendy there as in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn. Thrift stores, or Thrift Shops, are run by charities. And yet, these stores are stormed by young people from both sides of NYC. It must be said that the thrift store, a real fashion phenomenon in the Upper East Side, offers the most fashionable clothes and accessories. The Thrift Shops, perhaps influenced by the prestige of the neighborhood, do not sell counterfeit items. Try to buy an item of clothing or an accessory from a thrift store and wear it on the street. No one, not even the locals, will know that this is a thrift store.

So enhance your sightseeing tour and go to Arthritis Thrift Shop (3rd Avenue and 81st Street) or the Cacer Thrift Shop (3rd Avenue and 82nd Street). Among other things, Chanel jackets and Prada dresses will be there to have a look in line with the luxury of the district but at a lower cost.

Upper East Side, a typical Manhattan luxury

If some say that the Upper East Side's fault is that it is not crowded. To blend in, 5th Avenue is only a few minutes from this neighborhood. But we admit, we find almost the same brands as in 5th Avenue. After all, standing is the key word in all of Manhattan. Grand luxury is not the preserve of the Upper East Side alone. Nevertheless, the Upper East Side, admittedly less famous than Central Park, intrigues and appeals to visitors for its tranquility. Everything is impeccable, as if to remind strangers that we are not just anywhere. In any case, a must-see place for a tour of the United States. Victoria 'Secret, Aldo or Sephora are sanctuaries of the biggest brands. You will find these stores on Lexington Avenue, 62nd Street. The windows of Lanvin or Oscar de la Renta will not leave you indifferent either. And great luxury reaches its peak in the windows of Christian Louboutin and Dolce & Gabbana. But don't forget to stop by Madison Avenue. This shopping street is full of chic stores where you can only breathe great luxury. If you can afford it, shop at Barneys: men, women, teens and children will find what suits them.

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