Baseball match duration: how long does a match last?

Baseball match duration: the time of a game

For a baseball game, there is no defined duration. Indeed, the part is divided into nine rounds called "innings", themselves cut into half sleeves. During these last, the two teams pass in attack and defense (this is called the innings).

On average, a baseball game lasts between 3 and 4 hours. The duration varies depending on the match, as the last half round may not take place if one of the two teams wins in advance.

A baseball match is therefore quite long (especially in France, sporting matches last on average between 1 and 1h30)! But if you are afraid of getting bored or finding the time too long, fear not! In the USA, sports meetings are very lively : on the ground as in the stands, the animations are not lacking. And while the match is stopped, small games are also organized on the giant screen, which helps pass the time. Also take advantage of downtime to take some souvenir photos!

The Yankees and the Mets: the two flagship teams of New York

In New York, you can support either the Yankees or the Mets; the first being the legend of the city! The Yankees play at Yankee Stadium (located in the Bronx) and the season runs from April through October. They also play several times a week, day and night; so you can easily find a niche in your schedule to attend a meeting!

Here's everything you need to know to watch a Yankees game.

- Mets are another iconic Big Apple team that play at Citi Field, a stadium in the Queens neighborhood.

Whatever team you decide to support, you will live a 100% New York experience and you will leave with memories in your head!

Practical advice to be ready on D-Day at Yankees stadium!

The essentials to experience the meeting like a local

Before the big day, think of yourself equip in the colors of your team ! You will also agree with all the locals who have come to support their players! Indeed, many are those waving their hands in foam, banners, wearing a cap or a t-shirt with the effigy of their team!

To mingle with the crowd and feel like a New York supporter, don't hesitate to equip yourself! To do this, go to the various New York stores such as Century 21 or directly on site (be careful, because the prices charged are much higher).

Finally, don't forget your camera to immortalize your passage and keep plenty of memories of the match!

When to arrive at the stadium?

As you can see, the duration of a baseball game varies between 3 and 4 hours. A meeting therefore lasts a long time and it is important to arrive well before the start of the match. Indeed, if you arrive at the last minute, you will face an endless queue and you may wait a long time before entering Yankee Stadium.

So remember to arrive in advance (about half an hour). You will be among the first and you will not have to wait a long time before entering the stadium.

Soak up the atmosphere once there

As soon as you enter the stadium, do not hesitate to explore and admire it. Descend to get a closer look at the stadium and go to stand popcorns, hot dogs and drinks to buy some snacks for the game. It will also be a good occasion to eat typical American specialties.

All you have to do is reserve your place for the desired match directly on this link and equip yourself before the big day! On D-Day, all you need to do is settle in and make the most of the 3-4 hours of meeting! Enjoy it and above all have a good game!

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