Discovering the New York Museum of Natural History

Discovering the New York Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum, one of New York's finest museums

With its giant dinosaur skeletons and dioramas resuscitating humans and animals from prehistoric times, the American Museum of Natural History is as exciting for parents and children. This huge museum, a complex scientific and educational institution, occupies no less than four blocks of the upper west side and houses 40 million specimens of terrestrial flora and fauna.

The wealth of the New York Museum of Natural History is impressive. It has a collection of more than 32 million pieces distributed in the 45 permanent exhibition halls. Mammals from all continents, the most varied insects, birds from all over the world, the Museum tackles all themes, whether it is marine or terrestrial life, the evolution of the earth and animal species or astronomy. Each year more than 3M visitors are expected to see the different works.

What can you see at the Natural History Museum?

  • One of the most beloved rooms is the one where the reconstruction of a life-size blue whale is located. She appears to be swimming over the visitors.

  • Rooms dedicated to human cultures and civilizations show anthropological collections of African, Asian, Pacific and American Indian peoples (Mexico, North, Central and South America).

  • Mineralogy also has its place in this museum; rare stones and precious stones are presented in a huge room that fascinates with their sparkle. The visitor will also be charmed by the star of India, the largest sapphire in the world.

  • On the top floor (the 4th) is the room concerning African mammals, the various rooms on dinosaurs (which made me think of Ross from Friend's for connoisseurs) as well as by the planetarium where he broadcasts great films.

More information

The opening hours are every day from 10:00 a.m. to 17:45 p.m.

Option Super Saver Ticket, the “Supersaver” ticket gives access to exhibitions such as the Butterfly Conservatory, the Biggest Dinosaurs in the World, Frogs: a Chorus of Colors, IMAX films and more!

Price per adult $ 35.00
Price per child $ 22.00
Departures every day at the time of your choice during the service

Option Museum only

Price per adult $ 22.00
Price per child $ 12.50
Departures every day at the time of your choice during the service

Note that you can purchase either option of tickets by clicking here. Also note that the museum is part of the New York City Pass and that it is probably more advantageous for you to buy the pass directly if you also want to visit the main attractions of the city (Empire State Building, etc.). To see the details of the pass, you can consult the official website at the following link. Plus, if you're a fan of cultural tours, check out what the New York Pass has to offer, which offers 80 attractions.

Important: the entrance fee is NORMALLY at the visitor's discretion. If you are in need, you can very well enter for free, but you have to request a ticket anyway.

Note: there is a dedicated application for Apple iPhone allowing you to plan your visit (in English: here).

Visit also the site of the interactive map of the museum: here.

Discovering the New York Museum of Natural History

Where is the Natural History Museum located?

Central Park West, 79th Street. The museum has its own subway station (81st Street, lines B and C). If the weather is nice, I advise you to cross Central Park on foot

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