How many people live in New York and who are New Yorkers?

Number of inhabitants in New York

The most populous city in the United States

Since the 70s, New York has been the city with the most inhabitants in the United States. Indeed, it does not count less than 8,4 million, or nearly 40% of the population of New York State.

For reference, Los Angeles comes second, with 3,7 million inhabitants.

Regarding the American continent as a whole, New York is in third position, derrière Mexico et São Paulo.

If we take into account the New York suburbs (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut), its entire urban area reaches 24 million inhabitants ! Rather huge, isn't it? It is the third largest urban area in the world, behind Mexico City and Tokyo.

New York City has approximately 10.000 inhabitants per km2, which makes it the densest city in the country. It would even appear that the New York population could reach the 9,5 million inhabitants by 2030 !

Number of inhabitants in New York: a historical development

However, this has not always been the case. Until the middle of the 18th century, New York was not as populated. The cities of Philadelphia and Boston, for example, were ahead of it.

It was only thanks to the expansion of the industrial and commercial sectors that the city attracted many European migrants. This is how New York became the most populous city in the country in 1830, with 200.000 inhabitants.

How many people live in New York and who are New Yorkers?

Towards the end of the 19th century, the Big Apple had more inhabitants than Paris, but was still behind London.

That said, after the Second World War, the New York population has fallen sharply. Thus, between 1950 and 1980, the city had 821.000 fewer inhabitants, or 10% less than before the war.

Subsequently, New York saw the arrival of more and more immigrants, which again increased its number of inhabitants.

In fact, in the 19th century, immigration became intense in the United States and in particular in New York. Thus, 10 million Europeans arrive in the big apple during this century. These include Irish and Germans, but also Italians, Greeks, Russians and Poles. These immigrants will arrive moreover in particular by the famous Ellis Island, of which I recommend the visit of his museum. You will learn a lot more about the history of these immigrants who became New Yorkers.

Then, it will be the turn of African-Americans to come into the big apple, from the beginning of the 20th century.

The number of inhabitants in New York has therefore evolved a lot over the years. This is how New York City today exceeds 8 million inhabitants. That said, it should be noted that the towns of Miami and Los Angeles exceed it in immigration. And yes, the United States is very cosmopolitan, especially the big cities!

New Yorkers: who are they?

A relatively young population

New Yorkers are rather young, with just over 75% of the population being active workers. Just 12% of New Yorkers are over 65. The average age is the 36,4th anniversary. Rather young, isn't it? This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the city is so alive!

The majority of New Yorkers are women. They represent more than 52% of the number of inhabitants in New York.

The different ethnicities in New York

New York is a very cosmopolitan city, marked by immigration and the influence of different cultures, making it unique. This is also the case in some other American cities, including Los Angeles.

Also, its population is divided into different ethnic groups. Currently, the "Non-Hispanic whites" make up 33% of New York's population, making it the main population.

As to Hispanic American, they represent 29% of the population, which places them as the second most important population.

How many people live in New York and who are New Yorkers?

Then African American community represents 23% of New Yorkers, which is a 5% decrease since 2000.

Finally, the asian population, which exceeds one million inhabitants, represents 13% of New York's population.

Languages ​​spoken in New York

If English is the official language, many other languages ​​are spoken in New York, due to its international dimension and the different ethnic groups that inhabit it.

Also, only half of the inhabitants speak English once at home. The other half practiceSpanish, chinese, russian, italian, French, etc.

In short, the perfect city to learn a new language! Indeed, a hundred languages ​​are spoken in the big apple. Moreover, it is according to the different districts of New York that you will discover different cultures and languages.

For example, the most famous ethnic neighborhoods are Chinatown, Little Italy, or Harlem, which has long been a predominantly African-American neighborhood. However, there are many other neighborhoods with various influences, such as Irish, Russian, Senegalese and Jewish.

How many people live in New York and who are New Yorkers?

Studies and income

The number of New Yorkers graduating exceeds the national average. Indeed, the latter represent more than 32% of the population from the city.

Le unemployment rate in the big apple is also significantly lower than in the whole country.

Finally, and like all large cities, New York has great income inequalities. Also, the city of New York is divided into different districts according to the origins, but also the financial means of its inhabitants. Also, the Upper East Side for example is the most expensive of its neighborhoods. So to speak, the average income per capita per year is 90.000$ ! Rather practical, given the price of real estate in the area!

Some places in Brooklyn, Staten Island or Queens will be more affordable, attracting a lot of people to middle income. As for New Yorkers with relatively low incomes, they will generally tend to settle in Harlem for example.

And behold, you now know much more about the inhabitants of the Big Apple! Number of inhabitants in New York, origins, languages ​​spoken and average age, you should be (almost) unbeatable! So now, don't hesitate to explore these rewarding cultures. Stroll through Chinatown Little Italy and the many others typical neighborhoods.

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