Itinerary of an evening in New York

What to do until 20 p.m.

After a tiring day, indulge yourself and enjoy the spectacle between the New York skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, and other places like Hudson River Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Staten Island Ferry, are the perfect places to see the New York sunset live.

After this first glimpse, let's start the evening with a jazz or urban dance show as the Bam Café offers. Then, if you fall during the season period, go see a baseball game or an NBA game.

A Night Walk in New York from 21 p.m.

Tourist places like Central Park or even Times Square are great places at night for a first stay in New York. On Time Square most stores are open all evening, see even part of the night for some people. Do not hesitate to walk around and at the same time spend a few dollars.

After you've walked, it's time to drink! I don't really have addresses to give you, the trendy bars often change from year to year. But don't worry you will have a choice and there will always be places to drink in NYC.

For people who want to spice up their evening and splurge, indulge in the experience and rent a limousine during your stay in New York City to arrive at a nightclub like a star.

Come party in New York until the early hours of the morning

You have just arrived at New York, and you just want to do the Party !!! As in movies or series, the great classic of parties in New York takes place in nightclubs. The places that you are going to enjoy vary according to the tastes and the colors of each one but one thing is on do not miss the rooftop. New York is known for its many buildings, take the opportunity to spend your evenings high up and admire the view while dancing.

You may have heard of a few of these nightclubs already like The Park, Numer Eight, Webster Hall, Ganswort, Chuck Bass Hotel Empire in Gossip girl, etc, there is no shortage of places to go a crazy evening.

Good to know

  • If you are a man, I hope you saved the money because nightlife in New York is not cheap. For women, it's easier, everything is almost free (entry, alcohol). Yes gentlemen, life is unfair ... As in many other countries you have to NYC promoters. For those who do not know it is quite simple. The promoters come with girls in boxes, they do not pay entry, and have a table with a bottle generally reserved, in return the girls stay around the table to encourage men to consume alcohol (in which world lives on 🙂).
  • Do not forget to take your identity card during your night trip otherwise you risk remaining at the door of the club.

These are only suggestions, to each his own. For example, others would prefer to spend their evening in casinos. But the thing to remember is that there is no shortage of activities in New York. In any case, I already wish you a very good evening.

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