M & M's World in New York: a gourmet and oversized store!

A few words about the history of M & M's

The famous M & M's brand was founded by Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie in 1935. It was after a trip to Spain that Forrest Mars had the idea of ​​creating the M & M's brand. Indeed, during the civil war, he discovered that the soldiers ate small candies made of chocolate and coated with sugar. To avoid confusion with possible imitations of his candies, he added the letter "M" on it.

M & M's were marketed in 1940 and it was from 1950 that they became famous. The two mascots are yellow and red, but over time other colors have appeared.

Today, M & M's are very popular treats for young and old!

M & M's World: the store of excess

If in France, we know the red and yellow M & M's, know that these little peanuts are available in a multitude of flavors : almond, pretzel, peanut butter, coconut, cinnamon, cherry… But where to find all these flavors? At M & M's World in New York!

Located in the center of Times Square, M & M's World is a huge store that does not go unnoticed: its sign is multicolored and a giant screen shows animations of the characters of the sign. Once inside, you will be surprised by the colors present in front of your eyes and by all the combinations of M & M's possible !

This store consists of three floors and spans 2320 sqm. In addition to M & M's chocolates, many other M & M's products are sold: jewelry, kitchen utensils, bath items, clothes… So you have the choice!

But New York's M & M's World goes even further. Since 2012, the store has a printer allowing you to customize your candies with text or image in just a few minutes! A perfect souvenir of his visit to the shop!

M & M's World New York: a very surprising store!

As soon as you push through the door of M & M's World in New York, you will be totally spellbound! At the start, take the time to explore this store by surveying the shelves and the different floors. Who knows ? You may meet the mascots of the sign and you might leave with a photo by their side!

Otherwise, on the ground floor, you will find products derived from the brand: cups, T-shirts, plush… and on the top floor, decorations, kitchen accessories and other items of all kinds. And on the second floor? Here is the highlight of the show! You will discover many huge tubes filled with M & M's and going up to the ceiling! There are all colors and flavors, just amazing! So help yourself and make all the combinations you want! But beware, because faced with all these colors and flavors, we quickly get caught up in the game and the final score will be in accordance with the weight of your bag. The sum can therefore quickly climb.

Another surprise offered by this store: the view it offers on Times Square. So take advantage of it!

Finally, if you want to know which M & M's suits you best, this is possible! A machine available in the store will tell you which color is 100% suitable for you.

A store - museum

The M & M's World store in New York is therefore an ideal store for the most gourmet among you. He will introduce you to new flavors of M & M's, sometimes unusual. But if you don't go there for the pleasure of the taste buds, a trip to M & M's World is nevertheless to be expected for the pleasure of the eyes. Indeed, this store is exceptional and will make you live a magical experience in the middle of chocolate peanuts!

During your visit, you will not be disappointed and you will be amazed: between the colors, the tastes, the scents and all the objects… you will not know where to look!

Useful information about this M & M's World store

Opening hours

M & M's World in New York City opens daily from 9 a.m. to midnight. But as you can imagine, this store attracts a lot of people. If you want to go at a "quieter" time, go during opening hours.

Later, the crowd will be there and you will have a hard time moving forward.


New York's M & M's World is located in Times Square on Broadway Avenue :

A word of advice: take the opportunity to discover the famous Times Square district and who knows, you might come across the Naked CowBoy, an atypical character who has become a real tourist attraction!

M & M's World in New York is a must-see store on your trip to the Big Apple. Both impressive and gourmet, this shop will delight young and old, whether they like these famous sweets or not. Whether inside or out, you will be simply impressed and you will not know where to turn in the face of these multiple treats. In just a few bites, the M & M's World in New York is mind-blowing and during your discovery, let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of the store, you will not regret it!

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