11 reasons to visit New York at least once

11 reasons to visit New York at least once

1. Because you'll want to have a New Yorker as a friend

The best way to feel good in a city, whatever the city, is to make new friends. Having a New Yorker friend will allow you to have crazy parties in his apartment (possibly with his roommates). He can show you New York from a different angle than that of the guides and thus make you discover magical places.

In addition, New Yorkers are most of the time very helpful and welcoming, which is important if you want to come back and avoid paying for an AirBnB or a hotel room.

2. Because you can travel all over the world while staying in New York

Why go to Italy when you can go to Little Italy in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue? Why go to Beijing When you can go to Chinatown or Flushing? One trip to this city and you can taste all the cultures of the world (African, Greek, Russian, Italian, Arab, Jewish, Mexican ...) As a bonus: the museums of New York certainly have the most beautiful cultural vestiges of the whole world !

3. Because the many buildings will give you chills

No sooner does the name “New York” come to mind than images of skyscrapers, gigantic buildings, huge buildings, more or less similar. This city offers unmissable viewpoints perched over 200m in height. The diversity of New York monuments in terms of architecture is surprising. The best known remain the Top of the rock and the empire state building, day or night the panorama is your glance.

4. Because you can surely share a metro ride with the next music star 

In the subway in New York, there are many musicians playing on the platform or in a train. Avoid ignoring them and you may run into the next music star. rap group Wu-Tang Clan started out on the Staten Island side subway as did Miles Davis, arguably the most influential jazz musician of all time, educated in the subway and seedy jazz clubs.

5. Because you can start conversations with “When I went to New York…” 

6. Because all the food in New York is authentic

Like it or not, the food in New York remains authentic and generous (sometimes too much in some cases). As New York is a cosmopolitan city, you can find all kinds of food from far away countries. There is something for every taste. You will find a rich and varied food: be it Maine lobster, Italian ravioli, a good American burger or a small French brasserie. You are spoiled for choice !!!

7. Because if you love sports, you're going to love New York

If you are a big sports fan and you want to be amazed, you have several solutions. Go to Madison Square Garden or Barclays Center to see an NBA game or even experience the thrill of an American football game. All the factors are there to have an unforgettable moment.

8. Because when you see a movie or a series, you will recognize the place where the scene was shot. 

10. Because the city will make you feel small 

11 reasons to visit New York at least once

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