New York baseball game: go support the Yankees team!

New York baseball game: go support the Yankees team!

New York baseball game: how to buy your ticket?

Buy tickets on site or online

If you want to buy tickets to see a Yankees game in New York, there are several options available to you. You can of course buy them once on the spotat the counters at the entrance to Yankee Stadium.

Having said that, this is an option that I don't really recommend. In fact, you would first risk not having any available space at all. Then it's a safe bet that all reasonably priced seats will be unavailable, leaving you only with the option of very expensive seats. And that's not to mention the incredible time you'll have to spend in the waiting line !

New York baseball game: go support the Yankees team!

That is why I highly recommend that you buy your tickets online. You will find the best prices on the Superbillets website, by clicking here. Superbillets is the biggest seller of sports tickets in the United States and they have the advantage of offering an interface in French. Whether it's basketball, baseball or hockey, every time I go to a game in New York, I pass by them.

It's quick, simple, and your tickets can then be mailed or emailed to you. I advise you to choose the e-ticket option, which you can download directly to your mobile, without even having to print it. This will prevent you from looking for your ticket everywhere at the last moment, if you are head in the air!

Take your tickets in advance

Of course, we cannot say it enough: plan ahead! This will often allow you to obtain more advantageous prices, and to gain in organization. Also, I recommend that you buy your tickets as soon as you know your dates of stay in New York.

The schedule of the next Yankees matches

Here are the dates of the next New York Yankees games that will take place in New York, at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees team, favorite of New Yorkers

Arguably the most famous baseball team in the world, the Yankees or “Bronx Bombers” team was formed in 1901 as the “Baltimore Orioles”.

The team plays very regularly (up to 6 games per week) and holds 27 world titles as well as 40 national titles.

So if you want to attend one of their matches, know that you can book your tickets online. This will save you time, and probably money!
New York baseball game: go support the Yankees team!

New York baseball game: see the Yankees play

An extraordinary experience

Going to see a baseball game in New York is an experience that I recommend to everyone. Indeed, during these matches, which last 3 to 4 hours, the atmosphere is totally unique. The stadium is packed with locals and tourists alike, and everyone has fun supporting their team with t-shirts, foam hands and other gadgets of all kinds.

The match itself is divided into 9 “innings” (the sleeves), sub-divided into half-sleeves.

But hold on tight, because the show doesn't just end with sport! Indeed, from many shows and entertainment will take place throughout the match. Cheerleader show, mascot parade and other 100% American fantasies await you!

Frequent matches

If you want to catch a baseball game in New York, be aware that the game season runs fromApril to October. Also, some matches take place in the evening, and others during the day. It is therefore a safe bet that you will find the match perfectly (or almost) suited to your tourist schedule!

Besides, if you plan to visit New York during the summer, I recommend that you attend a daytime match. This will allow you to enjoy the good weather at the same time! That being said, plan to wear sunglasses, a hat or even a light vest to protect yourself from the sun.

Below is a preview of what you might be lucky enough to admire in the match you will attend:

Yankee Stadium, an impressive stadium

The Yankees team play at Yankee Stadium, in the heart of the Bronx Borough. The latter, inaugurated in 2009, is simply incredible and has some impressive anecdotes. For example, did you know that the latter welcomed the Pope in 1979 or Madonna in 2012?

So when it comes to choosing your seat to watch a New York Yankees game, it can get a bit tricky.

New York baseball game: go support the Yankees team!

The best seats to watch a Yankees game

Obviously, the more the places are well located, that is to say of central position and close to the ground, the more the prices are high. Also, the higher up you are in the stadium, the less up-close you will see the action, that goes without saying. Nevertheless, the stadium is very well designed and even the top of the stadium allows you to enjoy the show.

Personally, I advise you to make a good compromise between the two, and go for numbered seats in the 300s. If you get there early enough, you can find seats for around $ 50 in its rows. Hence the importance of booking your tickets as soon as you know your travel dates. The cheapest seats are in the 400 sections, prices are usually between $ 7 and $ 25 in these rows.

Ideally, find yourself a place on the right side of the field because they are cheaper than the central places and offer a direct view of the first base. This is where most of the points are played. If you want to be close to the action, then I highly recommend that you choose a seat from the following sections:

  • 412-419
  • 312-219
  • 212-219
  • 114A - 119 (but it usually takes a hell of a budget to find a place in these sections)

To better understand, take a look at the stadium map below. To access the interactive stadium map, go to the Superbillets website, by clicking here.

New York baseball game: go support the Yankees team!

Tickets at all prices

When looking for tickets to see the Yankees, be aware that you will find a wide range of prices. Do not be afraid ! Indeed, the prices depend largely on the type of game and the opponent that the Yankees will face. Also, the location you choose in the stadium has a very important part in the price of your ticket.

For example, the price of a single ticket to a baseball game in New York City can be between $ 7 and nearly $ 1000. Then you will undoubtedly find a ticket adapted to your budget.

That said, these are extreme cases and you will usually be able to find tickets around $ 20 / $ 25 for a Yankees game.

Useful information

Take it with you

You finally have your tickets in your pocket, and are ready to have an unforgettable and fun time? So go for it, equipped with at least one Yankees-like accessory, just to mark the occasion and blend in with the crowd.

My little advice will be to stop by Century 21 beforehand, in order to find the famous Yankees cap at a reduced price. Don't forget to bring a cardigan or a coat depending on the season you plan to visit New York. Because, believe me, temperatures vary enormously between seasons! Also, while the winter can be very cold, the sun's rays in the summer could just get you sunburned if you don't plan ahead!

Also take your camera with you, because you will undoubtedly want to capture certain moments!

How do I get to Yankee Stadium?

Located in the heart of New York's Bronx Borough, Yankee Stadium is right next to the 161st Street subway station. You can therefore take the subway from downtown Manhattan, and get there easily in about 25 minutes.

Also, note that the metro lines B and D go there, and once out of the metro, the stadium is right in front.

On D-day, remember to arrive well in advance, that is to say at least half an hour before the start of the match. Usually, I try to arrive about 45 minutes before, just to have time to go for a walk, buy myself a few snacks and settle down quietly. Having said that, you don't need to arrive more than an hour early, you might get bored.

New York baseball game: go support the Yankees team!

Enjoy the stadium and the unique moment

After entering the stadium, take a little tour so you can enjoy the different points of view. Who knows, you might just come back for another game one day!

Then settle into your seat, after going through the snack box! Having said that, if you get hungry after the game starts, don't panic… Many vendors of hot dogs itinerants will circulate, for your greatest pleasure.

Here you are ready to wave your foam hand while tasting your hot dogs while enjoying the game. Keep your eyes open and admire the locals having fun. And who knows, you might even see a proposal, as it sometimes happens in big games!

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