New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

History of the New York Marathon

The first edition of the New York Marathon took place in 1970. At the time, only 127 runners, having paid $ 1 in registration fees, had lined up at the start line. Since its creation, this race has experienced a spectacular rise. Each year, this marathon welcomes athletes from all over the world who come to try their luck. In 2016, 52 runners took to the streets of New York!New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

At first, the route of this race was presented as a loop around Central Park, but faced with the growing number of participants, Fred Lebow, the co-founder of this event, decided to redesign the route in order to give the chance for runners to cross the 5 major districts of New York : Manhattan, le Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn et Staten Island.

Every year, thousands of people soar through New York's neighborhoods. Note that the winner is awarded the tidy sum of $ 100.

New York Marathon: the route

The New York Marathon course is very unusual, between town planning and nature. This route starts uphill at Staten Island near the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Every year, this bridge is flooded by runners rushing into the race. This image goes around the world every year! The peloton will continue its race towards the neighborhoods of Brooklyn then Queens. Participants will then cross theEast River via the Queensboro Bridge to reach the famous borough of Manhattan. The runners will continue their route towards the north and the First Avenue where a 5 km straight line awaits them! The peloton will then make a brief passage through the district of Bronx before returning to Manhattan via the famous Fifth Avenue ! The New York Marathon will end with an all-around loop Central Park.

New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

Of course, the New York City Marathon route is marked by numerous drops, crossing famous bridges and the last five hilly kilometers in Central Park.

How to register for this New York race?

While the New York Marathon takes place in November, registrations begin at the start of the year! On the other hand, be aware that for a large majority of participants, registration will be done by chance. In fact, once the champions, the regulars, the “VIPs” and the other so-called “boosted” runners have been registered, the organizers of this race will use their computers to choose the lucky ones.

It is therefore strongly recommended to register as soon as possible directly online on the site (if you are 18 years old) to have the chance to participate in this race. When you register, you will need:

  • Your TCS New York City Marathon login and password (if you have them).
  • Your New York Road Runners (NYRR) number (if you have it).
  • The name of the marathon you have run in the past two years and the time taken to complete it.
  • The number of your credit card which must be valid during validation.
  • The telephone number of your banking institution.

Note: registrations start at the beginning of January and end at the beginning of May

New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

New York Marathon: how to maximize your chances of having a bib?

Do you want to participate in the New York Marathon at any cost? Please note that you have the possibility to subscribe to the Lottery to get your place anyway, but this famous Lottery is based on a system of drawing lots. Be aware, however, that there are certain cases where you will be sure to get your bib:

  • You have already run 15 New York Marathons.
  • Acceptance for the current year's marathon has been postponed to the following year.
  • You have not been selected for this race for three consecutive years.
  • Your participation in this marathon aims to support a charity.
  • You have already run and completed a marathon or a half marathon (time in brackets) in the following times (depending on your age group):

Please note: the marathon or half-marathon must have been run between January 1 and May 1 of the year preceding your registration for the New York Marathon.

Otherwise in France, many travel agencies organize the trip to New York and the registration to the famous marathon. As mentioned before, its registration to the race is often difficult to obtain, so tour operators are an interesting option that should not be overlooked if you want a place at all costs. Among the organizing agencies, you can find: Contrastes Running, Ouest Voyages, Planet Tours, Thomas Cook Marathon or L'Amicale Française des Coureurs de Fond (AFCF).

How much does it cost to register for the New York Marathon?

The New York City Marathon is not free. Here are the rates applied:

  • 11$ administration fees. This sum is essential and is not refundable (even if you are not qualified for the race).
  • 216$ for residents who are members of the NYRR.
  • 255$ for residents who are not members of the NYRR.
  • 347$ for non-residents.

These prices include official documentation on the New York Marathon, entry and access to the various refueling stations, medical aid, medals, bibs, small equipment ...

Participation in this New York race

Have you passed the registration mark? Is your trip to the Big Apple organized? A crowd of spectators will then come to encourage you during your race! Whether you rank well or not, you will receive a authentication certificate which will prove your participation in the New York Marathon. A nice souvenir to keep preciously!

New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

New York Marathon: tips

Everyone is looking for good deals, and that's normal. To help you participate in the New York City Marathon, here are two other great solutions:

  • Automatically become a volunteer. This will allow you to actively attend this event and may give you the chance to be selected for the next edition.
  • Every year, the number of participants continues to increase, so think of you register very early !

Where to train to be ready on the big day?

Before running the New York City Marathon, it's important to train so you're ready for the big day. If each participant has his favorite route to train, a very busy circuit exists: " jogging from l'UN". The day before the marathon, thousands of runners gather in front of the UN headquarters (in the East River district) to train.

If you want to participate in this training, know that you will be surprised by the atmosphere that reigns there. Indeed, music groups and many supporters dancing in the streets will cheer you on with joy and good humor! A very warm and pleasant moment before the great effort!

New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

Where to see the marathon runners in action?

Do you dream of participating in the New York Marathon, but on the grandstand side? To see the peloton well, it is therefore important to be in a good position. For this, I recommend 3 strategic places:

  • 92nd Street and Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn : it is a very popular place where you can see a mass of participants. The spectators being very numerous, it will be necessary to make a small place among the crowd, but the advantage is that you will be able to pass from one point to another without difficulty.
  • The exit of the Queensboro Bridge where you can easily cheer and cheer on tired runners.
  • South Central Park. If you have to choose a place, this is it. There you can watch the runners in the home stretch. All spectators cheer on the athletes and the atmosphere is worth seeing. The latter is a spectacle in itself! In addition to the spectators present on site, you should know that the arrival of the New York Marathon is followed each year by nearly 300 million viewers.

New York Marathon: How to participate? Where and when to see it?

And behold, You now have all the essential information about the New York Marathon in hand. If you participate, all I have to do is wish you good luck!

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