Take a walk in Central Park

Take a walk in Central Park

Central park or the change of scenery in the heart of New York!


Take a walk in Central Park

Central Park is a green space with an area of ​​341 hectares (3,41 km², approximately 4 km by 800 meters), located in the borough of Manhattan in New York.

This immense green space is the lungs of New York, so do not forget to go to get some fresh air, revitalize, have a picnic or simply rest. Well maintained, it is worth it to linger there, feed the squirrels, admire the migrating birds that have come to stop at the large reservoir, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere a few hundred meters from the frenzy of New York!

Central Park can be visited mostly on foot, but also by bike, carriage or rollerblading. You can also go horseback riding or rent a boat. A 9,7 km long road surrounds the park. It is the quintessential place of relaxation for New Yorkers, which makes it a great tourist spot to study their way of life.

To know: Central Park is not a natural park at all, it is a green area created, maintained and preserved by man. Indeed, each lake, each tree were placed according to a very precise plan. The park has been developed over the centuries and is the result of the work of several thousand workers.

Where to walk in Central Park?

Take a walk in Central Park

Central Park offers a bike path, a jogging course, lakes, and many areas for games, relaxation and pic-nik. You can also book a table at the excellent restaurants in the Park or simply taste the succulent and renowned New York Hot Dogs, offered by street vendors.
Do not hesitate to take a picture of the little squirrels in the park, it can be easily approached to take a break :).

Whatever the season, the park offers us magical moments. A peaceful and mythical place that contrasts with the coldness and noise of the city. For my part, I love to sunbathe there while reading a good book… 🙂

What to see in central park?

– Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir: generally called Reservoir, is the largest body of water in Central Park. It spans almost the entire width of the park, and from 86 ° to 96 ° Street from south to north. the Reservoir was named “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir” in honor of Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, wife of the 35th US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy1, who lived nearby.

-Alice in Wonderland Statue: Installed in 1959, it is a representation of the film Alice in Wonderland, creation of Lewis Carrol. This statue is usually covered with kids playing on it. It is located at 74th Street, west of the park, north of the "Conservatory Water".

Take a walk in Central Park

– Central Park Boathouse: since the closure of its competitor, the Tavern on the Green, the boathouse restaurant in the heart of central park has become a benchmark of its kind. The view is magnificent, a very nice romantic getaway. price: between $ 55 and $ 75 per person.

- Belvedere Castle : Its neo-Gothic architecture reproduces that of a Scottish castle. Its plans were drawn in the 1869th century by Calvert Vaux and sculptor Jacob Wrey Mold. Its construction began in XNUMX. Today, it houses the premises of the New York Meteorological Observatory

– Bethesda Fountain: it is located in the center of Bethesda Terrace. The sculpture of the fountain was designed by Emma Stebbins in 1868 and inaugurated in 1873. The four cherubim represent the virtues: temperance, purity, prosperity and peace. They refer to a passage in the Gospel of Saint John, chapter 5, which gives a description of an angel blessing the Bethesda basin in Jerusalem.

– Strawberry Fields: Do not forget to visit the famous "Strawberry Fields", the memorial dedicated to John Lennon, near where he lived and was murdered.

- Le Zoo du Central Park: The Zoo is one of Central Park's top attractions. The Zoo is home to more than 130 different species. For more info click HERE.

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