Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

Madison Square Garden upcoming events

Also, here is the upcoming schedule of all the events taking place at Madison Square Garden in the next 25 days. If you are looking for events that will take place during your dates of stay, use the generator instead, by clicking here.

This will allow you to plan your trip to New York in advance and get your tickets for the show of your choice.

Now, here's a little rundown on what Madison Square Garden is, its history and the various events that helped build its reputation.

What is Madison Square Garden?

Madison Square Garden (or MSG) is a huge New York venue where events of all kinds take place regularly. The latter can accommodate up to 20.000 spectators, depending on the event, and is located at 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, a stone's throw from the 34th Street Penn subway station.

The place is particularly known for being the official stadium of the New York Knicks basketball team. This is also where the New York Rangers team plays, in ice hockey.

There are also rooms dedicated to other events, such as a theater, a cinema, a restaurant and even several meeting rooms.

Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

The history of Madison Square Garden

A stadium built and rebuilt

For the record, know that the current stadium in Madison Square Garden is not the original. The stadium that we know today dates only from 1969. Indeed, the first stadium of Madison Square Garden was inaugurated in 1879 and destroyed in 1890.

A second stadium is then built, at the crossroads between 26th Street and Madison Avenue. The latter was the work of architect Stanford White. For the record, the latter was also assassinated on the roof of the building.

A few years later, the third stadium of Madison Square Garden was rebuilt on 50th Street, at the junction with 8th Avenue.

Currently, the fourth MSG is a stone's throw from Pennsylvania Station. It is located at the intersection of 33rd Street and 7th Avenue. In fact, many people are confused because of the name of the stadium when it is not located on Madison Avenue at all. Indeed, the name is only there to pay homage to the place of origin. That said, it has nothing to do with the latter anymore!

Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

In the past, Madison Square Garden stadium served as a velodrome, circus, and hosted many wrestling and boxing matches. Indeed, great boxers clashed there. This is where Muhammad Ali made his first fight with Joe Frazier.

Nowadays, it plays host to men's and women's basketball, and ice hockey. It can accommodate 19 people for a basketball game, a little over 033 seats for ice hockey, 18 for a concert and 000 for theater performances. 

Many renovations for an extraordinary stadium

Madison Square Garden as we know it today was built by George Lewis Richard in just over 8 months, and was inaugurated in December 1925.

It was renovated in the early 1990s, costing the owner over $ 200 million. A large bulletin board has been added, along with 89 suites.

New series of renovations were launched in 2008, then in 2010 requiring 500 million then a billion dollars. These have resulted in the installation of more luxurious suites. In addition, suspended gangways with additional seating were installed, as well as a new notice board even larger than the previous one. The entrance hall, where the counters are located, was also enlarged.

Madison Square Garden events

Sporting and cultural events

Many historic events have taken place at Madison Square Garden since it opened. Indeed, the first stage was mainly used as Racetrack and place of cycling. And in 1879, it hosted the first artificial ice rink on the continent, an unforgettable record!

Then, after becoming a circus and hosting many sporting matches, Madison Square Garden became more and more open to cultural events. This is the case for example of many concerts, like those of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. Moreover, it was at MSG that George Harrison organized his first charity concert, to help Bangladesh.

Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

Wrestling matches are also still organized there. Moreover, the Cirque du Soleil has already taken over the place for frenzied shows!

More recently, the MSG has hosted musicians like Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, Stromae and Justin Bieber for memorable concerts.

Political meetings

Incidentally, Madison Square Garden was also used as a political meeting place. In fact, in 2004, “The Garden” hosted the Republicans' Convention, led by the country's former president, George W. Bush.

Visit Madison Square Garden

Take a guided tour

If you just want to visit Madison Square Garden, know that it is possible. Indeed, guided tours The Madison Square Garden All Access Tour is organized there. During your visit, you will also learn a little more about the history of the famous stadium and the events that forged its solid reputation.

The guided tour lasts about an hour and a half, and your guide will provide you with many anecdotes about the place and its actors. You will pass through the hall, the entrance, then the first floor as well as the VIP boxes. Of course, you will also visit the hall where the various shows take place. And then you can even walk into the locker rooms of the famous Knicks and Rangers teams.

Also, be prepared to practice your English a little, because the visit is not in French! That said, if you have some gaps, don't worry: a sheet will be provided to you, in order to succeed in following!

Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

One visit included with the New York Pass

Also, the good thing is that if you have a New York Pass, this tour is included with it. Thus, you will not have to pay anything once there! Another good reason to opt for this pass!

Visits take place every day between 11h and 15h. You can buy your tickets on the internet, on site, or simply use your New York Pass, as mentioned earlier.

If you don't want to take a New York Pass, the ticket to visit the MSG will cost you around $ XNUMX per person. In addition, note that you will benefit from a 10% discount on the entire store with your admission ticket for the visit.

Finally, my advice will of course be to take part in this very interesting and fun guided tour. Then, once you get a little more familiar with the area, go see an arts show or a sports match in the stadium. You will have seen both sides of this magical place, and lived a unique and 100% New Yorker !

Watch a New York Knicks game

Also, if you want to go see a basketball game, know that the Knicks season runs from October to April. A ticket will cost you about fifty dollars. As for the women's basketball team, the Liberty (which I recommend too), they play from May to August, and a ticket should cost you just $ 20.

Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

The little story of the New York Knicks

The famous New York Knicks team was founded in 1946 and is part of the NBA league. The team name pays homage to « Knickerbockers », name designating the typical New York families described by the writer Washington Irving in one of his books.

The team is adored by most New Yorkers. Also, it counts among its players celebrities like Carmelo Anthony, Ronny Turiaf or Amar's Stoudemire. Plus, the official team stadium is Madison Square Garden, which gives you one more reason to go!

Also, attending one of the team's games is a must-see while in New York. So I advise you to find out about the next matches taking place during your stay. So you can rbook your ticket as soon as possible ! To do this, click on the button below to obtain the best seats as well as a price adapted to your budget:

Reserve my NBA tickets with Superbillets

Don't miss Martin Luther King Day

By the way, if you happen to be in New York on Martin Luther King Day, which is the third Monday in January, consider yourself lucky! Indeed, during this period, the NBA organizes many important basketball games. The latter thus pay homage to Martin Luther King.

So if you dream of seeing a Lakers, Knicks or Bulls game, now is the time! Find out more and reserve your seats in advance to make sure you get yours!

Madison Square Garden Upcoming Events: The Must-See Shows

Getting to Madison Square Garden

To get to Madison Square Garden, go to the heart of the Manhattan borough. You can take the A, C or E subway lines to 8th Avenue station. Alternatively, you can also take lines 1, 2 or 3 to the station 7th Avenue – Penn Station.

Then, when you leave, I advise you to take a look at Macy's, which is on 34th Street. This huge shopping center houses the biggest brands and offers absolutely everything!

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